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Of all miraculous systems of Spiritual Technology, Aspectics is the greatest miracle of all! It is the most
revolutionary system that rapidly and effectively transforms any unwanted state.

Of all miraculous systems of Spiritual Technology, Aspectics is the greatest miracle of all! It is the most
revolutionary system that rapidly and effectively transforms any unwanted state. This system is unique in that it
teaches you an instantaneous and most powerful process for changing your worst shortcomings, fears, phobias and
self-defeating behaviors into your best allies. Imagine the very things you most dislike about yourself becoming
alchemical transformative gift from God within. That's ASPECTICS!

Discover in minutes how to use your limitations as a door to your deepest sense of True Self, connecting yourself
and the rest of the universe.

Fundamentals Of Aspectics

Aspectics is a very easy and very efficient system of elimination ofunwanted emotional and psychological states.
It's also a very efficient method of Spiritual self-development and integration. It could be applied to all kind of
Clients and to ourselves as well (so called solo processing).

There are 6 fundamental elements of Aspectics:

1. Working with aspects of personality

This is an operational basis of Aspectics. We work not with the whole of personality, (although the wholeness is our
goal), but with aspects of our Being which have some kind of separate consciousness about their own goals,
relationships with other aspects and the whole of our Being.

2. Positive direction and value of so called unwanted aspects

That means a significant insight that our shortcomings, hang ups, problems and unwanted states are not our
nemies which we should put under control, defeat and subdued or eliminate from our life forever, but as faithful
allies which bring to us most precious presents n keys to our freedom and Spiritual development.

3. Goal structure
For understanding and implementation of Aspectics you should know two substantial elements of Goal Structure:

a. Present state of a person and

b. Goal the person wants to attain

Until the person gets his/her goal fulfilled, the person feels a tension. When the goal is attained, the goal structure
disappears, tension vanishes and there is a short lasting feeling of satisfaction and relaxation. The most important
is an insight that the realization of a goal has as a result disappearance of goal structure.

4. Moving up the chain of higher goals

In the Chain Technique, which is the basis of ASPECTICS, we go up the chain of higher and higher goals up to the
Highest Goal (Megistostelos).Oriental philosophy teaches us that everything in this manifested universe tends to
the highest, that means tends to return to fundamental Source of Everything. That means that even our unwanted
states want the same, Source of Everything. When one gets to that point (Void, Dynamic Emptiness, Quantum
Vacuum... etc.), one gets the clear understanding that all previous goals on the Goal Chain one experienced as the
final only because of limitation of one's perception.

5. Dynamic Emptiness (Void, Quantum Vacuum... etc.) as operational element of Aspectics process
Up till now, in all systems of Oriental and Perenial Philosophy discourses about Void or Great Unmanifest were
exclusively theoretical. Using this Void as operational element of processing has been realized for the first time in
Aspectics (at least, to my knowledge).

6. Goal realization in consciousness

The True Being or Atman could have his experiences in physical/social reality and in his/her own consciousness.
That is the last element of Aspectics: Experiencing one's own goals in one's own consciousness. That way one can
live through his/her experiences with the greatest speed. When a person realizes one of his/her goals in
consciousness, he/she can go to the higher one. That way the Being moves up the Goal Chain with unprecedented
speed until It gets the Highest Goal. Then the whole Goal Chain dissolves and together with him the unwanted
state we started from. Speaking precisely, that unwanted state integrates with the Void as the Essence of one's

Technique of Aspectics
1. Find unwanted Aspect your Client want to change.

2. Tell Client that communications from Aspect may come like human voice (not very often), as thought, feeling,
bodily sensation, or intuition. Tell the Client to nod his head or to tell you "Yes" when he does that what you are
asking from him.

3. In the beginning of the Process, let Client tell you his negative affirmation. For example, "I am tensed in contact
with unknown people."

4. Let him close his eyes. You ask him: "In which situation that unwanted state comes up? Remember typical
situations in which that state manifests itself!" Let him describe shortly a couple of such situations.

5. Now, tell to your Client: "Now, find out one SPECIFIC incident when such unwanted state happened? In your
imagination, enter that incident: See with your eyes what you saw that time, feel what you felt and hear what you
heard! In the same time start to notice your unwanted state coming up."

6. Then say: "Where do you feel that Aspect? If it is in the body, where is it in the body? If you feel it outside the
body, where is it ?"

7. Now comes another instruction to Client in which you do the collapse of a quantum wave into the particle, so
that you can work with it: "Notice characteristics of that Aspect: How big is it? What form does it have? What is its
colour? What is its weight ? How old is it ? How strong is it? On the scale measuring its strength from 1-10, which
number you would give to that Aspect? Does it have any level of consciousness?"

If your Client says that he can't see it, tell him: "You give such characteristic to your Aspect yourself! If it had
some colour, which colour it would be? If it had the strength, how strong your Aspect would be?" Etc.

8. Tell your Client to ask his Aspect to manifest as fully and completely as it can. Let him say to Aspect: "I know
that you have good intentions toward me, because you are a part of me. Thank you. Now, manifest yourself
strongly and completely so we could communicate!"

9. Say to Client: "Ask your Aspect: 'What do you want for me with such behavior? What GOAL you want to attain
for me?' Then tell to the Client: "Pay attention on anything that comes like an answer: images, feelings, bodily
sensations. Accept the first one!"

10. Put on the paper the answer which Client's Aspect gives to him. That is the first goal on the Goal Chain.

11. Let Client thanks his Aspect for the answer. Push him toward it with words: "Say 'Thank you' to your Aspect."

12. Now comes this instruction: "In your consciousness create situation in which that goal of your Aspect has been
fulfilled. See it and feel it as realized completely the best you can." When Client says "yes", or nods his head, tell
him: "Ask your Aspect: "When you have realized that goal for me completely, as you wanted, which goal now you
want to attain for me which is more valuable and HIGHER ONE?"

When Client gives you the answer, write it down. It is the second goal on the Goal Chain. Let the Client thank
again to his Aspect.

13. Repeat the same question until the Client comes to the LAST GOAL on the Goal Chain. It must be some
Spiritual state, like "Peace", "Complete peace", "Truth", "My true being", "God", "Oneness", "Unity", "Love",
"Light", "Golden light" ", "Harmony with the entire world", "True I", "I am", "Grace of God", "All is as it should be",
"One", etc.

How would you know that your Client came up to the last goal on the chain? Well, he will tell you that there is NO
higher goal, there is nothing above it.

14. Ask the Client to describe with his own words that NOTHING, which is beyond his last goal, but give him some
suggestions. Tell him: "How would you call that NOTHING ? 'Emptiness'? 'Just Nothing'? 'Void'? 'Silence'?
'Light ...?" Accept any answer Client gives to you, then tell him: "Now, enter that Emptiness and feel it completely!
Identify with it, feel to be one with it! You should know that it is the Essence of your Being. Tell me, or nod your
head when you do that!"

15. After Client spend some time (1-2 minutes) in that Void (or whatever he said it was), tell him: "Let's see how
that Void (Emptiness...whatever) would change the previous goals on the goal chain? Just pass through that goal
and see how your consciousness about yourself being Void transforms and changes (...last goal on the chain) ?
16. Repeat that same question as Client goes down the chain until he comes to the Aspect that you started the
process with. Then ask the Client: "How your consciousness about Void, as an Essence of your Being, change the
Aspect we started the process from, that is (name the unwanted state you started from, his problem). If you did
the process well, the Client will tell you that problem (unwanted state) vanished, or that he never had something
like that.

17. Now the time comes for checking. Ask the Client to tell you the same affirmation he told you in the beginning
of the process. In our example it was: "I am tensed in contact with unknown people." Client will not be able to tell
that, or that affirmation will be completely empty.

18. Then you look for any opposing Aspect. Ask the Client to address all his Aspects at once and ask them: "Is
there any Aspect of mine which doesn't want this previous Aspect to be integrated?" If there is some, you must
repeat the same process with it!

19. If there is no opposition, but the beginning problem/aspect has not vanished, you must do the MULTIPLE
VIEWPOINT PROCESSING, that is Aspectics process from all other relevant points of view. For example, if it was
bad relationship with his wife, he should do the process from wife's point of view.

20. Last important step: Client should fill the place where his unwanted state used to be with light. Just tell him to
imagine the point of light in the place in his body where he feels himself most strongly. It is usually chest (or
sometimes head). Then let him breathe and with every inhalation let him make that light bigger and bigger and
make it in his imaginations the same form as unwanted Aspekt used to have. Then, let him place it to the same
place where his unwanted aspect used to be.
The technique is swift... and deals with what Zivorad calls Aspects (hence "Aspectics"), a term which I don't like.
"Aspects" would be best described in Scientologese as "Black masses", "BTs", "Counter-intentions in your space",
"Decayed Goal Ridges" and other "Soul Fragments/Splinters"

Once you ran a few Aspectics sessions you will see how Scientology techniques are always ANTI: It's always "the
BAD implants", "the BAD implanters", "the NASTY SPs", "the reactive BANK", "the PTSness", "Xenu's BTs", "the
criminal critics" etc. It's always YOU vs THEM. This is not too obvious when you are only in Scientology but it gets
more obvious once you run a few Aspectics sessions.

Why? BECAUSE A LOT OF BTs are actually your own creations (= you created them as a demon or a god) or are
simply a black mass consisting of your own decayed (failed) goals. It's interesting that there is a "Clear cog" (=
you mock-up your own bad bank) but not a "GPM cog" or "BT cog".
In MANY cases a BT will "reintegrate" = become a part of you again when you realize that it WAS part of you in the
first place but you simply split it off so that it could sit "OVER THERE".

However, there ARE "bona fide" demons (= real other thetans that cling to you) and in these cases Aspectics gives
you a nice tool to actually find out whether it's a demon or not and IF it IS INDEED a demon then you would switch
to anti-demon techniques. Thus the combination of Aspectics + a few demon-chasing techniques (which Zivorad
describes too) is the solution for the lower AND the upper bridge. But this is just a wild guess from me.

An example "session"

"What's your problem?"

"I have an urge to cut myself"

"Where is this urge located and how does it look like? Is it an emotion? A thought? A black mass? etc..." There are
approx. 10-15 categories you can go through, but usually you merely need to ask "Where is this urge located?
Behind you? In you? Above you?" and the PC gets immediately what you mean. You simply let him describe it as
much as possible: Color, position, form etc. A normal description would be "It's a ball in my heart area that has
spikes and rotates" or "It's a stuck picture in front of me that pulls me away" or "It's 7 monsters around me" or

"It's a really black spear that goes through my head" something of that sort. Describing ALONE can already blow a
lot of charge.

Then you go to the next step: You want to direct the PC's attention onto that "thing" he just described and ask that

"What is your goal for me?". Sometimes "What are you?" indicates more or "Who are you?" (hello, NOTs) or "What
are you doing there?" or ""What do you want?" There are a couple of variations but the main point is to find out
what the heck it is WANTING/DOING.

The answer will usually be something negative like "I want to see you suffer", "I want to see your head chopped
off" etc.

Then you imagine a complete and perfect fulfillment of this goal and ask the Aspect "If you will completely succeed
and my head will be chopped off.. then what will be your higher and greater goal (for me)?".
Usually there will be another negative answer like "Then I want to see the chopped-off head being eaten by
maggots" or something of that sort.

You again imagine the fulfillment of this goal and ask "If this will be completely fulfilled.. then what will be your
higher and greater goal (for me)?".

Now comes the fascinating part of Aspectics: When you go up the goal chain from lower goals (= decayed goals) to
higher goals you will see that the higher goals suddenly become friendly and the decaying makes sense.

Thus the next answer of the Aspect might be "After your head is eaten by maggots you can grow a new one that is
much better" (Aah, sounds already much friendlier)

And then "After you grow a new head you can finally start to think more clearly"

And then "After you start to think more clearly you won't be disturbed by bad people".

And then "When you won't be disturbed by bad people you can help others"
etc etc. This would be a typical goal chain that starts really mean/dark/sinister and then quickly (after 2-3 higher
goals) turns into something positive.
At this point either the Aspect completely vanished or you can goal-chain it higher and higher until you find a state
of completely goallessness for that Aspect.If you were to run NOTs on this Aspect ("A vicous BT wants to see my
head chopped off") then I bet you will go crazy after running a few hundreds of such Aspects, because most of
them will be your own Black Masses resulting from Decayed Goals. Thus I think that NOTs introduces NEW RIDGES
that seal away the old ridges. Thus aside from the few cases where you actually MIGHT blow a real BT you will
build up a superb Not-Is of every "Aspect" of your case AND possibly of normal body functions. No wonder there
are these cancer cases amongst NOTters.

If you were to run Aspects Creative Processing style then it would be "Now take this black spear that runs through
your head and make it red.. blue... green.. now make it small" etc. Thus Creative Processing WILL work at first but
will later again introduce BPC since you won't handle the GOAL that CREATED that spear.

I found, by the way, that "Who are you?" works not so well on real demons. It works well on Aspects because
"Who are you?" is basically a variation of "What is your goal?" (Who are you? A cook! = What is your goal?
Cooking!) but not too well on real demons. I found that real demons react better to "Who gives you the right to
bother me/be in my space?" and some other questions techniques.