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IS 3370 (Part 1) : 2009

11.7 Design Requirements 𝜎𝑐𝑡 > 𝑇/(1000𝑡 + (𝑚 − 1)𝐴𝑠𝑡)

M = modular rato=280/3𝜎𝑐𝑏𝑐 (Table 2 part2)
1 Concrete grade should not be less than M30 Where 𝜎𝑐𝑏𝑐 = permissible stress in crack in
2The structure retaining the liquid should be Bending.
designed as subject to such exposure conditio 𝜎c = σs /M ; 𝜎𝑠 = 𝑀 𝑋 𝜏𝑐
3 The cement content not including fly ash 1.3 > (124.95X103)/1000t(11-1)X1028
and ground granulated blast furnace should = 1000t+(10X1028) >124.95X103/1.3
not greater than 400 kg/m3 =1000t > 124.95X103/1.3–(10X1028)
4 Cracking controlled can by using the plastis t> 85.83mm
izers by using minimum amount of cement ∴ 𝑝𝑟𝑜𝑣𝑖𝑑𝑒 𝑡 = 100𝑚𝑚 𝑡ℎ𝑖𝑐𝑘 𝑤𝑎𝑙𝑙
content which results in reduced water conten =0.24% for HYSD bars (cl.8.1.1)
per unit of concrete mix. The minimu cement Ast min =0.35% for surface area
content from ductility criteria is 320 kg/m3 =0.35/100 X 1000 X (100/2) cl.8.1.1 part 2)
5 Cracking can be controlled by reducing steep =175mm2
change in tempt and moisture curing should Spacing >/ 300 mm or thickness of wall les of
be 14 days minimum these
6 Replacement of reinforcement bars use def Distribution steel provide 10 mm at 100 mm
ormed bars small size steel is used to reduce c/c Ast minimum =0.24% of surface zone for
cracking. HYSD bars =0.24/100 X 1000 X 100/2, 120mm2
7Crack width for reinforced concrete membe provide 8mm bars spacing 418 mm c/c
res in direct tension and flexural tension is provide 8mm bars spacing of 100 mm c/c as ds
considered satisfactory if steel stress under
service condition should not greater than 11.7.3 Design of base / flore slab
130 N/mm2 for HYSR bars.
8 The minimum calculated surface width of Since the tank is resting on the ground the
cracks for direct tension and flexure >/ 0.2m load gets transfer to the soil
m with specified cover. Hence providing a minimum thickness of
150mm and 0.35% minimum steel in each
11.7.1 Design Procedure direction ( cl8.1.1) a circular tank with flexible base for =0.35/100 X 1000 X 150/2 =262.5 mm2
a tank of 1 lakhs liter capacity, the depth of Assume 8 mm dia spacing is 191.48 mm
water tank in the tank is 5m use M15 and Provide 8 mm dia bars at 180 mm c/c in both
fe415 take unit weight of water =9.81 using the direction at top and bottom of floar slab.
approximate method. Drawing of reinforcement
Load distribution for circular tank with rigid
Volume of water in tank =100000/1000 ltrs joint
Depth or height of water H in meters 1.Tmax = 𝛾(𝐻 − ℎ)𝐷/2 per m height of the
Unit weight of water is = 9.81 N/mm2 wall
From Table 4 of part 2 2.on liquid retaining face of the tank wall the
Permissible tensile stress in steel =130 N/mm2 tensile stress should satisfy the following
Table 2 permissible stress in con =1.3N/mm2 condition
Volume of tank = 100 m3 𝜎1ct/𝜎𝑐𝑡 + 𝜎1bt/𝜎𝑏𝑡 ≤ 1
𝜋D2/4 X H =VOL D = 5.1 m Where 𝜎1ct =computed stress in concrete in
Hence provide a dia of 5.1 m direct tension
𝜎ct= permissible stress in concrete in direct Maximum hoop tension is developed tension
on the walls due to hydrostatic pressure is 𝜎1bt = computed stress in concretei n bending
given by tensioner
T =𝛾. 𝐻. 𝐷/2 𝜎bt = permissible
Ast =T/𝜎𝑠𝑡 mm2 assuming dia of bars 12 mm 2. design a circular tank of 1lakhs ltr capacity
spacing is calculated therefore provide 12 mm assuming it to have rigid joint b/w wall and
dia bars at c/c hoop rings. flore of the tank the depth of water in the
∴ Ast provide 𝜋D2/4 / spacing x1000 mm2 tank is 5m use M15 and fe415 steel take unit
At a dist of 2.5 m from the top T =𝛾. 𝐻. 𝐷/2 weight of the water is 9.81 n/m2 use
Then ast as above approximate method
11.7.2 Thickness of water tank Volume of the tank = 100000 leters D = 5.1m
𝜎𝑐𝑡 = 1.3 𝑁/𝑚𝑚2
IS 3370 (part 2) : 2009

11.7.4 Design contents Provide 10mm dia bars at 200mm c/c as hoop
Modular ratio m = 280/3𝜎𝑐𝑏𝑐 rings for top 2m of the tank wall
N-A depth factor k = (m 𝜎𝑐𝑏𝑐)/(m 𝜎𝑐𝑏𝑐+ 𝜎𝑠𝑡) Check for tensile stress
Lever arm factor j = 1-(k/3) 𝜎1ct = T/(1000t+(m-1)Ast)
Resisting moment factor R = ½ x 𝑏𝑐 . k . j =(83.21x103)/1000X150(11-1)655
(wsm) M =Rbd2 =0.55N/mm2 < 1.3 N/mm2
(lsm) Mu = k fck bd2 Table 1 of part 2
M25 and fe415 Design a base slab as done in the previous
Part 2 table 2 𝜎𝑐𝑏𝑐 = 8.5 N/mm2 problem
m = 280/3X8.5 =10.98=11 Reinforcement details diagram
k = (10.98X8.5)/(10.98X8.5X 𝜎𝑠𝑡) = 0.418
j = 1-(0.418/3) 11.7.5 Rectangular water tanks
R = ½ 8.5 . 0.418 . 0.86 =1.528
1) L/B < 2 case loads are divided into loads for
Bending moment and hoop tension frame action and loading for cantilever
Hoop tension is maximum at height H-h 2) L/B >2 case loads due to hydrostatic
Where h =H/3 or 1m whichever is greatr pressure
= 5/3 = 1.67m or 1m Mmax=1/2 𝛾𝐻 H/3
Maximum hoop tension Tmax = 𝛾(𝐻 − ℎ)𝐷/2 For horizontal bending frame action walls are
= 9.81 X (5-1.67) X 5.1/2 =83.30 KN per ht of designed for maxm moment with pressure
wall intensity P =𝛾(H-h)
Max BM will accure at the base of the wall c For short wall M centre=+PB2/16
(considering triangle loading) M corner=-PB2/16
M = ½ (𝛾𝐻)h X h/3 = 22.77 KN-M For long wall M centre=+PL2/16
Thickness of wall required t M corner=-PL2/16
M = Rbt2
trqrd =√𝑀/𝑅𝑏𝑡 = 122.07mm
assume cover of 30mm ∴ total thickness
T= 122.07+30 = 152=180mm
t=180-30 = 150mm
Ast required for BM =M/ 𝑡 . j .t
=(22.77X106)/130 X 0.86 X 150=1357mm2
Assume 16mm dia bars spacing is 148 mm
Hence provide 16mm dia bars at 140mm c/c
on inner face vertically upto the height of
1.67m form the base, half of bars can be
curtailed at this point and other half can
continue upto the cap , provide 16mm bars at
280mm c/c Develop length Ld = (∅ 𝜎𝑠𝑡)/4𝜎𝑏𝑑

𝜎𝑏𝑑 = 1.4𝑋1.6 = 2.24 table 2 of part 2
16X130/4X1.44 =361mm
Table 21 of is 456:200
M25 0.9X1.6 =1.44 361 > 1.67m
Ast required for hoop tension
T=83.21KN at 1.67m distance from base of the
udl Ast req A=T/𝜎𝑠𝑡 =83.21X103/130
Provide 10mm dia bars at 120mm c/c in hoop
rings for a height of 3m from base
Ast min = 0.35% of surface area
=0.35/100X1000X180/2 =315mm2 safe
Hoop tension at 3m from base= 𝛾(5 − 3)XD/2
=9.81(5-3)X5.1/2 = T=50KN
Ast required A= 50X103/130 =381.615mm2>315