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At every step of Here’s how it stacks up

your professional Microsoft Technical Certification is relevant at all

Journey, Microsoft stages of your professional career path. Staying up

to date with your certifications helps you prove to

Certification works. peers and employers that you are committed to

advancing your skills and that you’re a candidate
for new opportunities and career growth.

Whether you’re a newbie, an experienced

professional, or an IT veteran, Microsoft
Certifications add real value to your career.
That’s because they are designed to build both
new and advanced skills,—and to help sustain
your upward career momentum. Master Series


Proof Point No. 53:

of workers report that Microsoft

certification helped them find a Professional Series
job or led to a promotion.

IT Professional Professional

Proof Point No. 71:

of managers believe that Technology Series

certifications improve the service
and support given to IT customers.

Microsoft SQL Server 2008

® ®
Proof Point No. 93:

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Certification Paths of managers believe that
certifications are important
to team performance.

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Recommended Learning Resources
MCA for exams listed to the left
SQL Server 2008
SQL Server 2008
paths to mca paths to Master
certification Apply, attend and successfully complete a three week training
Successfully pass the MCA Review Board interview program, pass three computer-based-tests during the training, Classroom Microsoft Microsoft
conducted by Microsoft and industry experts and successfully complete the final qualification lab exam Training E-Learning Press® Books

Architect Microsoft Certified Master Master MCITP: 2 Certifications Course 6231:  ollection 6369:
C MCTS Self-Paced
 MCITP: Database Developer 2005 and above, and Maintaining a Microsoft Implementing and Training Kit (Exam
SQL Server 2008 SQL Server 2008 Database Maintaining a Microsoft 70-432):
MCITP: Database Administrator 2005 and above (5 days) SQL Server 2008 Database Microsoft SQL
Exam (16 hours) Server 2008­–
70-432 Course 6232:
Implementing a Microsoft Collection 2778: Writing Implementation and
SQL Server 2008 Database Queries Using Microsoft Maintenance
(5 days, partial coverage) SQL Server 2008 Transact- ISBN:
SQL (18 hours) 9780735626058
Database Administrator 2008 Database Developer 2008 Business Intelligence Developer 2008
Course 6232: Collection 6370: SQL MCTS Self-Paced
Implementing a Microsoft Server 2008 Database Training Kit (Exam
SQL Server 2008 Database Development 70-433):
Paths to mcITP Exam 70-450 (5 days) (20 hours) Microsoft SQL Server
Exam 70-451 Exam 70-452
PRO: Designing, Optimizing and Maintaining Course 2778: Writing Collection 2778: Writing 2008­– Database
PRO: Designing Database Solutions and Data Access PRO: SQL Server 2008, Business Intelligence Development
a Database Server Infrastructure using Exam Queries Using Microsoft Queries Using Microsoft
Using Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Development and Maintenance SQL Server 2008 SQL Server 2008 Transact- ISBN:
Microsoft SQL Server 2008 70-433 9780735626393
Transact-SQL (3 days) SQL (18 hours)

IT Professional Course 6231:

Maintaining a Microsoft
SQL Server 2008, SQL Server 2008,  SQL Server 2008, Business Intelligence Database
Implementation and Maintenance Database Development Development and Maintenance (5 days, partial coverage)

Course 6234: Collection 6233: MCTS Self-Paced

Implementing and Implementing and Training Kit (Exam
Maintaining Microsoft Maintaining Business 70-448):
SQL Server 2008 Analysis Intelligence in SQL 2008: Microsoft SQL
MCTS MCTS MCTS Services (3 days) Integration Services, Server 2008­–
SQL Server 2008, SQL Server 2008, SQL Server 2008, Business Intelligence Course 6235: Reporting Services and Business Intelligence
Analysis Services (24 hours) Development and
Paths to mcts Implementation and Maintenance Database Development Development and Maintenance Exam Implementing and
Maintaining Microsoft SQL
70-448 Server 2008 Integration ISBN:
Services (3 days) 9780735626362

Exam 70-432 Exam 70-448 Course 6236:

Exam 70-433
Technology  TS: Microsoft SQL Server 2008,  TS: Microsoft SQL Server 2008,
TS: Microsoft SQL Server 2008, Implementing and
Maintaining Microsoft SQL
Specialist Implementation and Maintenance Business Intelligence Development
Database Development Server 2008 Reporting
and Maintenance Services (3 days)

Course 6315: Designing,

Exam Optimizing, and
70-450 Maintaining SQL Server
MCITP Database Administrator 2008 MCITP Business Intelligence Developer 2008 2008 Servers (5 days)
MCITP Database Developer 2008
MCTS SQL Server 2008, MCTS SQL Server 2008, Business Intelligence
Implementation and Maintenance MCTS SQL Server 2008, Database Development Development and Maintenance Course 6316: Designing,
Exam Developing and
70-451 Optimizing SQL Server
2008 Databases (5 days)
UPGRADE Paths Exam 70-453 Exam 70-454 Exam 70-455
From SQL Server 2005 Upgrade: Transition your MCITP Database
Administrator Skills to MCITP Database
Upgrade: Transition your MCITP Upgrade: Transition your MCITP Business
Intelligence Developer Skills to MCITP Business
Course 6314: Designing
Database Developer Skills to MCITP Database Exam SQL Server 2008 Business
Administrator 2008 Developer 2008 Intelligence Developer 2008 70-452 Intelligence Solutions
(5 days)
Exam Requirements

MCITP MCITP MCITP Course 6158: Updating

Database Administrator Database Developer Business Intelligence Developer Exam Your SQL Server 2005
(SQL Server 2005) (SQL Server 2005) (SQL Server 2005) 70-453 Skills to SQL Server 2008
(3 days, partial coverage)