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rtf file for Dongle protection

June 30, 2005





3.1. Materials supplied

3.2. Installation for standalone use

3.3 Installation of network dongle

3.4. Installation of network dongle on a Novell file server

3.5. Installation for individual use in a network environment


4.1. Installation of the Windows drivers

4.2. Running diagnostics

4.3. HL_SEARCH environment variable

4.4. Running the (network) monitor



You have been supplied with a product from Whittle Programming Pty Ltd that is protected by a
"dongle". This is a hardware device that the software uses to verify that this is a correctly licensed
version of the product.

Rental versions of this product have a built-in time-lock. When the time period has expired, you
will be required to delete the installed software and return the software media and the dongle. If
you wish to extend a rental period, a new license file will be sent to you.

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This means multiple backups can exist and the software can be installed on many computers ready to run as soon as the dongle is available.standalone or network (with standalone capability). Materials supplied • Dongle . The standalone dongle allows one person at a time to use the Whittle product and the network dongle allows multiple users (the maximum determined by the dongle) to use the Whittle product simultaneously. A network of computers can have a file server that is used as a central repository of files that are available to all users. This outlet will typically be at the back of your computer. If you already have a printer connected to your computer using this outlet. Page 2 of 11 . the network file server does not necessarily have to be used as the dongle server.0. The term. Except in the case of a Novell NetWare network. Depending on your license with Whittle Programming. This plug is designed to be connected to the printer (or parallel interface) outlet (or port) of your computer. WHAT IS "DONGLE" PROTECTION It is easy for a legal but unprotected program to be copied and used by a person who has not paid for the right to use the program.ReadHL. but many of these schemes do so by restricting the ability to copy the program. all references to a server will be qualified as either a file server or a dongle server. In the context of the dongle software. you will have been supplied with either a single-user (standalone) or network dongle with the Whittle product.rtf file for Dongle protection 0. is used in two different ways in this document. then the "dongle" is designed to fit between the outlet and the printer cable and will usually work without interfering with the operation of the printer. 0. but with some portable computers. server. To avoid confusion. INSTALLATION 0. The "dongle" method of protection doesn't restrict copying the program(s). The "dongle" itself is a piece of electronics in a device that is the size and shape of a plug connected to the back of a computer. Many schemes exist to try and restrict this activity. it will be at the side. the dongle server is the machine in the network that has the dongle attached and is running the appropriate dongle server software. but restricts executing the programs to those computers that have access to the dongle.

then unplug the printer cable from the computer and re-plug it with the dongle inserted between the computer and the printer cable.rtf file for Dongle protection • Dongle utilities supplied as part of the software package which allow the dongle software to operate in the Windows (95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP) and network environments.ReadHL. 0. • The end of the dongle with the pins must be connected to the computer's printer port. These situations are covered in the following sections. These utilities are supplied in the "hardlock" directory underneath the installed product directory and are installed from there to become operable.0. Installation for standalone use 0) Plug the dongle into the printer outlet (parallel) port of your computer. 0.0 Installation of network dongle Page 3 of 11 . 0) The appropriate Windows drivers will be installed automatically when the Whittle software is installed. Please note that for a network dongle in standalone mode. 0) No other preparation is required to run the Whittle software. Either type of dongle may be used in a Windows environment. The network dongle can be used as a standalone device as well as serve in a networked environment. • If a printer is connected. Once the dongle server program is started. then both the local user and other network users will be able to use the Whittle product (to the limit defined by the dongle). users on other computers will NOT be able to use the network dongle until the appropriate dongle server program is started as described below.

Installation for standalone use". Installation for standalone use"). 0) From the setup program on the Whittle software CD. Once installed. entering the Module address. it is accessible from the "Program Files\Aladdin\Monitor" directory. ) A Hardlock Monitor program is provided in the "hardlock" directory when the dongle network software is installed.ReadHL. This will install both the dongle server software and the Windows drivers. choose the "Hardlock Network Server" option. You can control all network dongle actions from this window.rtf file for Dongle protection ) If you have a dedicated Novell network file server. Page 4 of 11 . An install screen for the Windows Hardlock drivers will also appear during the installation process. 0.0. in the right hand panel and pressing the Add button. ) Choose a computer to run the network dongle server program. ) From the setup program on the Whittle software CD. This will install the dongle server software files on the file server. 6903.0. This program ("aksmon32. ) Plug the dongle into the printer port as described in section "0. then hand the installation of this package over to the network administrator (see next section). These are not needed and that installation can be cancelled. change the install folder to sys:\whittle and choose the "Hardlock Network Server" option. You may add a dongle to serve by highlighting the appropriate computer in the left hand panel.0. Installation of network dongle on a Novell file server 0) Plug the dongle into the Novell file server's printer port as described above (section "0.exe") must be manually installed on the computer that requires it.

NLM at the file server console (RCONSOLE) by typing: LOAD HLSERVER Note. the HLSERVER program continues to occupy the screen. By default. module address(es) are not required.NCF (batch) file is provided which can be called from the AUTOEXEC.NCF file during startup to automatically load the HLSERVER program. Whittle has supplied such a file with some default settings. start HLSERVER. ) An HLSERVER. the server program will automatically load it if it is available. Switch back to the system console by typing CTRL-ESC or ALT-ESC.CFG. Page 5 of 11 .ReadHL. It contains: LOAD HLSERVER -auto Where: -auto for automatic return to the system console screen. ) On the file server. When a Whittle program attempts to access a dongle.rtf file for Dongle protection ) Move (or copy) the files from the sys:\whittle\hardlock\NLM directory to the sys:\system directory. Parameters can be supplied in the configuration file. HLSERVER.

If you are having trouble running the Whittle software.0. Installation of the Windows drivers Normally.0. (If you get the message. TROUBLESHOOTING ISSUES 0. This was noticed using NetWare 4. 0. 0. the appropriate drivers will be installed automatically when the Whittle software is installed. or by using the HL-Server main menu. 0) No other preparation is required to run the Whittle software. 0) It is expected you will have already installed the Whittle software on your computer which would have also included installing the dongle Windows drivers.ReadHL. Installation for individual use in a network environment 0) The dongle must be connected to your computer.0x (not only when running HL-Server. then the problem may lie in the installation of the dongle. heavily loaded file servers. and may be turned off by "SET RELINQUISH CONTROL ALERTS OFF". "The Whittle Hardlock dongle Page 6 of 11 . the message "Process xxxx did not relinquish control frequently" may appear sometimes. Note: On very fast. This message is not critical. but also with NetWare built-in tools).rtf file for Dongle protection ) HLSERVER may be unloaded by typing: UNLOAD HLSERVER at the RCONSOLE.

which is underneath the directory where the Whittle software was installed (default is C:\whittle\FX‹rev›\hardlock). *** IMPORTANT – Windows NT/2000/XP users: As part of the installation process.EXE.EXE file can be found in the directory. Running diagnostics A diagnostic program has been supplied which can be run to help determine what or where a problem might be. you can perform the following: Page 7 of 11 .) Please use the following information to correct the problem.ReadHL.0. the support driver must be installed first. The program is available from the Start button / Whittle / Hardlock Diagnostics. "hardlock". an Aladdin Hardlock unit. you must abort the procedure and get the System Administrator to run it. This requires System Administrator privileges to complete correctly. The HLDRV32. Since you will probably only be reading this if you have had problems installing the Hardlock drivers. your first action should be to remove all references to Hardlock software in the Add/Remove Programs section of the Control Panel and re-boot to ensure all registry updates have been done. under Windows. The driver is supplied in the file HLDRV32. the registry database is updated. a Windows-based installation program. If you don't have those privileges. 0. Run this Windows-based program to install the new Hardlock drivers. Once started. In order to use the dongle. PLEASE NOTE: The following discussion is background to the installation procedure and is only needed if there are problems during installation or you need to remove the dongle driver.rtf file for Dongle protection is missing or inaccessible" or "Cannot open driver!!!" then the Windows driver did not install correctly.

(0) On the System Info node. on not finding a local dongle installed. you can set an environment variable to constrain the search to the parallel port only: SET HL_SEARCH=378p (standard PC parallel port) Page 8 of 11 . select the "Both" radio button above. 0. the dongle software fails during its network search phase with the" file in the \whittle\FX‹rev›\hardlock directory (0) Email the "report. This means that the or to the specific person that you have already been communicating with. select the Hardlock node (left hand panel). HL_SEARCH environment variable The dongle software incorporated into the Whittle programs has been built to run with either a single user (standalone) or network dongle. Maybe protocol not loaded!" If you are not trying to access a dongle over the network.ReadHL. (0) To test whether the diagnostic program can see your dongle. will attempt to find one over the network. push the "Create Report" button to create a "" file to Whittle.rtf file for Dongle protection (0) View the data displayed for the System Info node. enter the Whittle Multi-element module address (6903) on the right hand panel. Under some circumstances. "A network error occurred. either to support@whittle. then push the "Check Key" button.

For example. The dongle software tries several protocols to make a connection to a dongle. then you will get an appropriate error message. the dongle software will use its available protocols to look for a dongle across the network. IPX or NetBIOS protocols. The Whittle engines are native 32-bit applications.rtf file for Dongle protection If the dongle has not been plugged into the parallel port.use NetBIOS protocol 378p . check that you have one of the protocols identified in the previous paragraph installed.use parallel port Page 9 of 11 . then Environment tab (NT/2000) or Advanced tab (XP). They can use the TCP/IP. If you get this symptom.ReadHL.use TCP/IP protocol IPX .use IPX/SPX protocol NETBIOS . If you have network software installed. HL_SEARCH specifies both what protocol(s) will be used to search for the dongle and the order in which that search will be conducted. Maybe protocol not loaded!" similar to the situation described earlier this in chapter. "A network error occurred. If you do not have an appropriate network protocol available. In Windows NT/2000/XP. It can have one or more of the following values with multiple values being separated by a comma: IP . define HL_SEARCH in Control Panel/System Icon. the search can fail with the message. This takes time and can be reduced by forcing the software to only use a protocol which you know will succeed in making the connection. use the environment variable command SET HL_SEARCH=IP to force the dongle software to only use the TCP/IP protocol.

If this is not the case. Page 10 of 11 . You will probably need to re-boot the computer at the end of each stage of this process. As of Whittle 2.rtf file for Dongle protection e. either locally or remotely. When you select a node. you will need to perform the next step on the computer identified in the left hand panel.0. The computer node should have a child node identified as 6903.g. The program is can be started from the Start button / Whittle menu / Hardlock Network Monitor. Running the (network) monitor When you are operating in a networked Hardlock environment. the Whittle module address. 0. You should have one and only one computer node defined.) Finally. in the left hand panel. if you are still having trouble with the Whittle software finding the dongle. Once started. the right hand panel displays information about the selected node. you have access to the HL_SEARCH environment variable through the Aladdin Diagnostics program under Hardlock / Hardlock Environment. HL_SEARCH=378p. then uninstall all Hardlock software (from Add/Remove Programs in the Control Panel) and reinstall them. a monitor program has been supplied to allow you view the Hardlock environment from any computer and manipulate that environment for you own computer. will be a node for each computer that is running the HL-Server service.50. under the HL-Server node.IP (Search only the local parallel port then the TCP/IP protocol.ReadHL.

Now in the right hand panel.386 driver in the SYSTEM. A child node labelled "6903" will also appear under the computer node in the left hand panel. WARNINGS/RESTRICTIONS This version of the software cannot co-exist with the Salford Fortran 16-bit Windows environment.ReadHL. The existence of the WDBOS. If the Hardlock has been correctly connected and it is a network Hardlock.rtf file for Dongle protection Select the computer node (under HL-Server in the left hand panel). 0. an entry should appear in the table. -oOo- Page 11 of 11 . enter "6903" in the module address text box underneath the table and push the "Add" button.INI file of Windows conflicts with the dongle software.