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Final Project

Argana, Erwin M., Avelino, Anne Loraine L.,Corbillon, Rio Glowee M., De Leon, Roeden
V., Mercado, Cristopher John M., Nañoz, Allona Jane M., Valencia, Ellen Mhae M.

College of Engineering
School of Technology
First Asia Institute of Technology and Humanities

ABSTRACT- The circuit consists of three NOT gates and
an AND gate. The circuit requires four inputs. Three of
these four will be inverted. The modified inputs will be
relayed into an AND gate. The end result of the
configured circuit is a single output coming out from the
logic gate.


The project consists of an AND gate which has four inputs.
Three of these inputs were inverter (NOT gate). The Figure I
digital Logic NOT Gate is the most basic of all the logical
gates and is sometimes referred to as an Inverting Buffer or The whole diagram consists of three NOT gates
simply a Digital Inverter. A Logic AND Gate is a type of and an AND gate. Inputs A, B, and C will pass through a
digital logic gate that has an output which is normally at logic NOT gate, also called inverter, while the input D will not.
They will then go through the 4-input AND gate and
level “0” and only goes “HIGH” to a logic level “1”
would produce a single output.
when ALL of its inputs are at logic level “1”. There are mainly
two applications of AND gate as Enable gate and Inhibit gate.
Enable gate means allowance of data through a channel while
inhibit gate is just the reverse of that process, i.e. disallowance
of data through a channel. NOT gates are also known as
inverter because they invert the output given to them and show
the reverse result. The objective of this project is to learn and
to understand the principle of the transistor.


The schematic diagram for the 4-input AND gate is
shown in Figure I. Figure II

Shown in Figure II is the input A connected to one of
the NOT gates. The gate sends 1 as output, if it receives 0
as input. Alternatively, if it receives 1 as input, it sends 0
as output. The same is true with inputs B and C. The
inverter consists of one of each the NMOS and PMOS
transistors. The PMOS transistor is connected to the

the output will be 0. which other ends are connected consequently to the ground. The input goes in the junction of the gates of both schematic for simulation. Therefore. using the 3-input AND gate. which is shown in Figure IV. it is done by connecting an NMOS transistor to the ground and the PMOS transistor to the source. 1 1 1 0 0 1 1 1 1 0 As we can see. The 1 0 1 1 0 single output of the whole circuit then comes from the 1 1 0 0 0 junction between the series of NMOS and the parallel of 1 1 0 1 0 PMOS. IV. transistor. The 1 0 0 0 0 four NMOS transistors are all connected in series to the 1 0 0 1 0 supply Vdd. AND gate Truth Table: A B C D OUT 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 1 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 1 1 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 1 0 1 0 Figure III shows the 4-input AND gate. four PMOS transistors to the . According to the AND gate that has 2 inputs the circuit will be short if and only if the inputs are all open(1) but since the first 3 inputs are all 0. the inputs are all short(1) that resulted to a short(1) circuit also. On the other side. The AND gate truth table will also be considered but since the circuit has NOT gates the output will be Vdd. RESULTS AND ANALYSIS The circuit is an AND gate that contains four(4) inputs: three(3) NOT/inverters and one(1) AND gate. Figure III III. This means that if 0 1 1 1 0 either or all of its inputs are 0. the result is short(1) but they are all inverter that’s why the result is inverted. Secondly. we tested sets of inputs and noted the corresponding output. This will result invert the Figure IV initial input. By the use of a LED as an indicator. The other end of the series is then connected 1 0 1 0 0 to the parallel connection of four PMOS transistors. the only output that has resulted to short circuit(1) is the inputs having (0. 1). 0. The first three (3) inputs are inverters wherein they are also considered as NAND gates because the result outputs are the inversed of the outputs of the AND gate. The first is an inverter. Each gate was manually created using transistors. the AND logic gate is composed off four NMOS transistors in series connected to the source. while the NMOS transistor is connected to the The schematic diagram is then translated to a ground. It will only 0 1 1 0 0 output 1 when all inputs are also 1. CONCLUSION The circuit is compose of two basic schematic techniques. 0.

. 0. possibilities of the output because it has more input Avelino. While the NOT gate output of 1. Anne Loraine terminals. there seem to be an [1] http://www. the output The circuit gives two combination of schematic. ECE students. The inputs given circuit are all NOT. gates.electronics-tutorials.electronics-tutorials. Three of these inputs were The formula 2n can be applied. and only when all its inputs are at logic 1. In this at logic 1 when its only input is at logic. and output. Using this connections. 1 represents an open circuit. from burglar alarms to disc drive read-write IC's. a proper schematic using transistor can be analyzed and done. The input can be short (1) or open (0).learnabout-electronics.electronics-tutorials. If input 1.2 will make the circuit short is the (0. This is what Nañoz. 0. Roeden In this project I conclude that AND gate need’s an all input 1 or short to get an output of 1. called an inverter.html unending call for new digital devices. 1). Therefore. REFERENCES As the I conclude that it is important to know the principle of the transistors and the logic gates (including Argana. which has four inputs. of an AND gate will get a result of 1 if and only if all of AND gate combines with the NOT gate schematic. meaning the only output that in the circuit are dependent to each of one. the truth table can be principle because it’s very essential for us. According to the truth table of an AND gate. done and by knowing the truth table.input gate increases the number of state of of the circuit. being adept in such concepts can be considered vital to both old and aspiring electronics practitioners. Ellen Mhae Corbillon. AND gate requires an all 1 input to produce an otherwise the output is at logic 0. The AND gate output is at logic 1 Rio Glowee VI. De Leon. Once the numbers of inverter (NOT gate). Cristopher John occur if and only if the four input switches will be Therefore. since the circuit have three inverters you need three input 0 or open therefore if the input pass through in the inverters it became 1 or short. learning’s from previous subjects can be applied. neglecting this condition will lead to a 0 output is at logic 0 when its only input is at logic 1. We need to understand fully the possible inputs are determined. Understanding the uses and characteristics of a particular transistor can greatly help in analyzing the proper output The four.html. In simulation. That’s why it’s project. Erwin its inputs and outputs). Allona Jane I’ve learned and can be concluded in making this project. age goes on. Numerous applications of such concepts range [4] http://www. A fundamental in [2] http://www.ground. a positive output will Mercado.html building digital circuits include the knowledge in logic [3] http://www. It has the input are short (1). and 3 is equal to zero and input 4 is equal to one the result will function which it indicates as one output as we consider our truth table. The project consists of an AND gate like in determining how many possible inputs are there. Since the first three input of the a four input that will produce only one input.