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Jennifer Leonard



 Time Management  10 Years Customer Service Skills
 Problem Solving  Switching quickly from one task to another
 Sort and Maintain Information  Organizing People
 Flexible  Works individually and as a team
 Adaptable  Ethical
 Experience in sales  Organize and Manage Projects
 Data entry  Experience using Outlook and Lotus Note
 Experience with Microsoft Office  Tact


Pierce College-Puyallup
Goal: Associates In Business
2013- Present

This degree focuses on:

 Exercise and role modeling positive ethical behavior  Evaluating self and others
 Communications with others  Computation
 Identify, use and respect multiple points of vies  Examining the relationship between self, community
 Proactive behavior in project development and and environments
completion  Using technology to create, compile, and report
 Critical, creative and reflective thinking business information.
 Responsibility  Effective Communication
 Multiculturalism/Able to work with diverse ideas,
cultures and experiences

Professional Experience

Fred Meyer’s Burger King
Job Title: Cashier Job Title: Assistant Manager
Dates: 08/2014- Present Dates: 03/2013-09/2013

Dairy Queen KeyBank N.A.
Job Title: Assistant Manager Job Title(s): Online Banking Specialist,
Dates: 03/2010-09/2011 Personal Financial Management Specialist,
Sales and Service Professional
Dates: 05/2006-07/2009
ACS (Now Xerox)
Job Title: Customer Service Representative
Dates: 04/2004-05/2006