Blended Learning Lesson Plan

Lesson Title: Hitting the Slopes
 The students will be able to determine the slope and y-intercept of a line from its slope-
intercept equation.
 The students will be able to find the equation of a line given its slope and y-intercept.

State Standards:
8.F.4 Construct a function in slope-intercept form that models a linear relationship between two
Context: Why are you teaching this particular lesson? What comes before this lesson in the
larger unit? What previous knowledge will students be bringing into the lesson? What comes
after this lesson in the larger unit? What are you teaching in order to prepare students for the
next lesson topic?
The previous lesson and standard introduced the students to positive and negative slope. The
students can now determine the slope and y-intercept of a linear function from two points,
graphs, and equations. This previous lesson will flow seamlessly into our present standard, which
will focus on slope-intercept form. They will learn how to graph and write slope intercept
equations. The lesson of slope-intercept form will lead to the next standard of evaluating linear
graph world problems.
Materials: List all materials used (i.e. websites, apps, pencils, iPads, computers, worksheets,
diagrams, textbooks, etc.)
Shmoop video clip for

Kahoot application for
teacher directed station. games/id1131203560?mt=8
Interactive white board The students will be able to show their work and answers, from the
for teacher directed Kahoot game, on the board.
Jeopardy game for
collaboration station.
Graphs for battleship at
collaboration station.
Exit slips. 4 question exit slips that the students will complete during closure time.
Computers The students will use computers at the teacher directed, collaboration,
and independent station.
First video for
independent station from linear-equations-functions/modal/v/graphing-a-line-in-slope-intercept-
Khan Academy. form
Second video for
independent station from linear-equations-functions/modal/v/equation-of-a-line-1
Khan Academy.
Khan Academy quiz for
independent station. linear-equations-functions/modal/quiz/write-slope-intercept-equations-

Detailed paragraphs from here on down.
Introduction (15 minutes):
Once the students have taken their seat, I will go over the objectives and lesson for the
day. Then I will play a short, 3 minute video, that introduces the students to slope
intercept form ( After introducing the
students to the topic, I will review the instructions for each blended learning station. The
groups will be based off the exit slip scores from the previous lesson. Students that scored
low on the exit slip and seem to be having trouble with slope, will be grouped together,
starting at the teacher directed station. Students who have a general understanding of
slope will begin at the collaborative station. The students that received perfect scores on
the exit slip and are exceling with the content, will start at the independent digital station.
Teacher Directed (20 minutes):
At the teacher directed station, I will begin by giving a short lecture of slope-intercept
form (y=mx+b). I will review the structure of it and the meaning of the coefficients in the
equation. Then the students will play a 10 question Kahoot game that goes over the key
points of slope-intercept form. After each question, I will have one student come up to
the interactive white board and have them show how they knew their answer was correct.
Collaborative (20 minutes):
For the first 10 minutes at the collaboration station, the students will pair up and play a
slope-intercept form jeopardy game ( Then with
the same partner, they will begin a game of slope-intercept form battleship. Each student
will be given a worksheet consisting of a graph (battleship board). Each person draws 3
ships on their graph. To get a hit, they must write an equation in slope intercept form that
crosses through a point that their ship occupies.
Independent Digital (20 minutes):
At the independent digital station, the students will watch two, 3 minute videos, on
graphing and writing slope intercept form equations.
functions/modal/v/graphing-a-line-in-slope-intercept-form and
functions/modal/v/equation-of-a-line-1). Then they will complete a slope-intercept quiz
on Khan Academy that reviews what they learned in the videos.
Closure (5 minutes):
The class will meet back together and each student will complete a 4 question exit slip.
The questions will cover everything they learned in class that day. The scores of the exit
slip will determine the groups for the next class period.

Video Clip: Slope-Intercept Form by Shmoop
 This piece of multimedia is used at the beginning of class before the students split up into
their groups. The video gives the students a brief introduction to what they will be
learning in class. The video includes graphics that will keep the students engaged and
interested. It aligns with the learning goals.
Kahoot Application:
 This application will be used during the teacher directed station. Kahoot will allow the
students to complete an interactive quiz that tests their knowledge. The quiz scores, that
show up after each question, will keep the students motivated while they answer the
Online Jeopardy Game:
 The online jeopardy game will be used at the collaboration station. This website will
benefit the lesson because it enables to students to be immersed in the content through an
interactive game. The students can provide each other feedback and assistance when they
get questions wrong.
Khan Academy Videos and Quiz
 This website is used at the independent digital station. It benefits the lesson because the
videos provide content in an engaging manner. The quiz enables students to practice their
skills on an interactive quiz.