Relational Leadership Landmine Activity Write-Up

Frankie Watson and Marion O’Sullivan

Set up:
In a large room, such as the atriums, set up two parallel lines on the floor using tape about
10-15 feet apart. Between the two lines, place objects such as spots, rubber poultry, foam
squares, almost anything can be used. Fill the space.

NOTE: Have fellow peer leaders watch the group for landmine mishaps and call BOOM,
when someone steps on a landmine. Pay attention to the attitude of the group and the
things they say to make notes for the debrief.

Questions for Leadership Landmine debrief
Get into groups of 3, nobody from the same flite group should be together. Choose one
person to blindfold, Must guide them through the minefield, cannot touch them. If someone
touches a land mine, every group restarts including those who have already made it
Different groups will respond to the activity in different ways. One FLITE section was
extremely loud but ran through the activity multiple times, and another section was quiet
and took much more time. The debriefs were adjusted to account for the behavior that
change throughout the activity. The debrief can be done in one large group as well if you
feel the students are all comfortable sharing in the large group.
1. One word whip
2. Why did you choose to be with the people you were with?
3. What was your goal? What was the group’s goal? Did you reach them? (doesn’t
necessarily have to be completion of the task)
4. Did you feel like your voice was heard?
5. Did you encourage others? If so, how? Who needed to be encouraged and why?
6. What did you do after your group was done? If you agreed on a certain plan, did you
stick to it?
Thinking about your answers to those 6 questions… (large group)
7. What components of the model did you see in action? when/how? Give specific
8. How can you connect it to Knowing, being, and doing in any of these components?
9. Any final thoughts...