Lesson Planning Structure

Subject: Propaganda
Time/Duration: 55 minutes

Students will compare and contrast Nazi Propaganda to The Hunger
Games. Students will be able to complete a Venn Diagram comparing
the two.

a. Analyze a particular point of view or cultural experience reflected in a work of literature
from outside the United States, drawing on a wide reading of world literature. (CCSS:

Anticipatory Set
I will do a quick write about the word “propaganda.” (5 minutes)

Teaching: Input/Mini Lesson
I will teach explain to my students what propaganda is and show a few
examples from different places/times in history. (10 minutes)

Teaching: Modeling
I am going to pull up a movie poster for The Hunger Games and a Nazi
propaganda poster, then I am going to do a venn diagram. (5 minutes)

Teaching: Checking for Understanding
I will ask students if they see any other differences or similarities that
I may have missed. (3 minutes)

Questioning strategies:
If you were to create a propaganda poster for Nazi Germany or Panem,
what would you include?
What does the comparison between these two imply?
How might knowing these insights help us in the continuation of the
How did Hollywood build off of people’s prior knowledge?
(2 minutes)

Guided Practice
Students will be in groups where each will receive Nazi propaganda
and an example from the novel. As a group they will complete a Venn-
Diagram. (20 minutes)

Students will then share out groups.
We will recap the questions asked earlier.
Lingering questions.
Explain independent practice.
(10 minutes)

Independent Practice
Students will look up an example of some sort of propaganda that is
not Nazi Germany and compare it to the novel through a Venn-Diagram.

-Propaganda posters
-White Board

*Madeline Hunter-various Internet sources