Traditionally, American History has been primarily focused on white people and their

culture. American History has left out many stories and people, including that of African

Americans. In fact, African Americans have been historically marginalized, and history has not

been told from their perspective. It is time that the history of African Americans is told. Children

should know the history of all groups of people in order to get a holistic education. If children

are taught about the wonderful, extraordinary things African Americans did, rather than only talk

about how they were slaves (as is usually taught), it will enable them to see them as contributors

to society and the world, instead of people who were oppressed. Additionally, learning about

accomplishments from African American people will give students the opportunity to hear/learn

about the stories of these people through their own voices, rather than reading about it in a

textbook that is dominantly written by white people. The purpose of this unit is to educate young

children about some Important African American Figures in history.

This unit is designed for second grade students. This unit will concentrate on Important

African American Figures, and will be six weeks long. Specifically, Rosa Parks, Harriet

Tubman, and Frederick Douglass, will be focused on. Through this unit, students will be

focusing on the following essential questions: “How can individuals make change?” and “Why is

equality important?”. Additionally, students will also focus on the following enduring

understandings: “Students will understand that African American people contributed to America

history” and “Students will understand that African Americans were able to make great change

when they were faced with inequality”. Moreover, at the end of the unit, students will have a

Performance Task, which will ask them to participate in a Nobel Peace Prize Simulation.

The hopes for this unit is to give young children a differing perspective, and to help them

realize that equality is important!