The Angel of The Lord / The Angel of
Specific References, Complete List
This references a unique and specific angel who has
a special relationship to Yahweh. The following refer-
ences are exhaustive in the Bible cannon to this special
angel and an identity is therefore proposed based on
provided references and Biblical evidence. Concordances
referenced are The Hebrew English concordance to the
Old Testament identified as (K) and Strongs Concordance,
Strongs Hebrew identified as (H) and Strongs Greek iden-
tified as (G).
Basic Function, Nuts and Bolts: This table is presenting
the method of transliteration and locating specific word
combonations. Kohlenberger and Strongs are both dictio-
naries and Concordances of Hebrew and Greek Bible text.
When the Hebrew can be translated into Greek, via the
Septuagent's equivelancy of Hebrew to Greek translated
words, the Greek word is also shown. The first reference
is listed. This can be be applied in searching the English
Bible text when the Strongs Numbers are in text, that kind
of Bible is called an Interlinear with Strongs Numbers.
Have fun!

Hebrew Word Kohlenberger Strongs Hebrew Strong
Yahweh K3378 “H3068 = LORD H3069 = GOD” Kryios
Adonai K151 H136 Kryios
Yah K3363 H3050 X
El K446 H410 Theos
Elohim K3363 H430 Theos
Mal'ak K4855 H4397

And this is Yahweh who commands the angelic armies of Heaven. 22:24. 22:11. Ex 14:19. Num 22:22. Then every combonation of these words is listed below the name. Basic Function. 31:11. Some references have specific notes. Have fun! . so that the Angel of the Lord is not confused with Yahweh. 16:10. 22:15. Some references have specific notes. 32:34. Nuts and Bolts: This table is presenting the combonations of The Angel of the Lord's Names and the Kohlenberger / Strongs Numbers associated. Ex 3:2. Defined here. 16:9. Ex 23:20-23. Jug 6:20. Nuts and Bolts: This table is presenting the combonations of Yahweh's Names and the Kohlen- berger / Strongs Numbers associated. (Gen 17:22) The Aramaic Targum of Onkelos. found below the reference list. 2 Combinations of these words and searching the text of Hebrew Masoretic text and Greek Septuagint text have been searched to make this list. Then a list of the combonation of these words is listed below the name. 24:7. 13:9. 22:23. the Aramaic version of He (Matt 1:20) The Greek text does not include definite article “The” in (M Judaism likens “Wonderful” in (Is 9:6) with The Angel of the Lord found ha mal'ak Elohim = the Angel of God K4855 + K3363 = H4397 + H430 Gen 21:17. Basic Function. Mystery Angel = Unique angel defined by context All References: Gen 18:1-2. 19:1. 33:2. 16:11. 18:16-17. Have fun! ha mal'ak Yahweh = the Angel of Yahweh / the Angel of the Lord = K48 Gen 16:7.

22:16. F Yahweh Elohim Tzva'ot = Yahweh God Commander of heaven’s armies 1 Sam 17:45. ch 28. 22:11-12. Ps 59:5. Samson’s Mom (Judges 13:16-22). burning bush (Ex 3:2-4). “You shall be over my house. 80:4. 35:1-3). in similar way as Joseph did for Pharaoh. 19:14. 84:8. Ballam (Num 22). 80:19. Ex 3:2-4). the rock that gave water (Ex 17:6. Deut 5:8. Amo Breif Summary of the Actions and Duties Assigned to “the Angel of the Lord” The Angel of the Lord bears the name of Adonai in Him (Ex 23:20-23. in order to accomplish the works that God purposes (Hagar and Ishmael) (Gen 16). 34:10). 13:16-21). Num 12:8. The Angel manifests glorious things that are attributed to God (God’s glory) (Gen 17:22). 14:14. 32:30. only in the throne I will be greater than you” (Gen 41:40). The Angel of the Lord facilitates worship unto Yahweh (Judges 6:20-21. Gideon (Judges 6). Ex 33:11. one in the same manifestation (Gen ch 16. 89 Elohei Tzva'ot = God Commander of heaven’s armies = K3363 + K3363 = 2 Sam 5:10. The Angel is speaking and it is said God is speaking (Gen 17:22. 1 Cor 10:4). 3 Yahweh-Tzva'ot = Yahweh Commander of heaven’s armies / The Lord o Multiple references begin appearing at 1 Sam 1:3. Hos 12:5. 19:14. The Angel of Yahweh is associated with doing the actions of “saves and redeems” the people of . The Angel of the Lord is referenced concurrent with Yahweh speaking to humans. 38:17. 1 Sam 15:2 onward. Jer 5:14. 1 King 19:10. and according to your command all my people shall do homage. This Angel stands in the way of people. 44:7. 2 Sam 5:10. He speaks in the same authority as God (Gen 17:22) and (Gen 31:11-13. 35:17. pillar of cloud and of fire (Ex 14:19). going ahead into Canaan (Ex 32). Ex 3:2-4). Joshua (Joshua 5). 1 King 19:10. Is 63:8-9). ch 17. Maybe even speaking to humans “face to face” (Gen 17:1-3.

The Angel of Yahweh has a unique job description and unique relationship to Yahweh God. actions that are associated only with God or the Servant as Redeemer and Savior (Is 43:11-12. 4 Israel. different than all other angels. 2016 . Original Work Presented by Thomas Robinson for One Unity Resource Bible. even the cherubim who cover the glory of God. 49:5-10. 63:9).

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