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Your tickets and itinerary receipt will be forwarded to you as soon as payment is made.

 Reservation Details

Booking Reference KCICCA ATM Payment Code 1880115172735

Date Of Booking 15 April, 2016 Please Pay By 15 April, 2016, 18:27 PM

 Passenger Details

Name Lion Passport No. Ticket Number Special Request


 Itinerary Details

Flight Departing Arriving Details Class Seat Meals Status

Surabaya (SUB) Jogjakarta (JOG) 0 Stops
IW 1811 Economy Check In
11:10 Thu, 21  12:20 Thu, 21 1h
Wings (V) Required
Apr Apr 10m

0 Stops
IW 1846 Jogjakarta (JOG) Surabaya (SUB) Economy Check In
 1h
Wings 15:00 Sat, 23 Apr 16:10 Sat, 23 Apr (X) Required

All Timings Are Local Time

 Payment Details

Name -

Form of Payment ATM

Base Fare IDR 681,000

Total Taxes IDR 188,100

Travel Insurance IDR 45,000

Total Fare IDR 914,100

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Bank BCA 10.We Make People Fly https://secure2.100 We accept ATM payment from the following banks: 1. CIMB Niaga 3. CIMB GoMobile. Bank Mega 14. All Rights Reserved 2 of 2 4/15/2016 4:35 PM . Print Done Terms & Conditions (http://www. Bank Mandiri.aspx) | Copyright © 2016 Lion Air.IDR 914. Bank Danamon 13. BRI PermataNet and Bank Sinarmas.lionair. Bank Sinarmas Bank NISP Or pay with your internet Banking at CIMB Clicks. BNI Bank Bukopin 8. Alfaexpress and Lawson) or Indomaret. Total amount payable at an Indonesian ATM . Bank Panin 9. ATM Mandiri 4. Bank BNI. BII 5. Bank BTN 11. AIR . Bank Permata 6.aspx  ATM Payment (Indonesia) Please pay for your ticket within 3 hours to avoid auto cancellation and bring your Payment Code to any nearest ATM or ALFA group counter (Alfamart.