The Muslim Rohingya are citizens of Myanmar, who are suffering the reason for this is

because Myanmar is a Buddhist country. Buddhist are the Majority of Myanmar or Burma, and

they own the military and have had a civil war with all the minority. Requesting to stop the

abuse creates more conflict for the pleads and many are even murder. Many Rohingyas have

fled the country of Myanmar or Burma but it has only gotten worse for them and their families,

but the authorities only look the other way. How is this different from the Holocaust, or any

other war going on in the world, what can be done to make a real change not just for the

Rohingya but all other groups suffering the only thing they have to keep living is faith that one

day it will all end.

In 1948 Burma became and independent country and in 1962 the military became coup,

during this time there were different changes that went on in Myanmar. In 1982 the citizen law

was put effect, the reason for this is because Myanmar and the military were targeting Muslim

Rohingya. Myanmar’s majority religion is Buddhism, who believe that all Rohingya are from

Bangladesh and state that they should go back to their country. However, Rohingya are native to

Myanmar and should not be treated differently but they are. This is the same thing that is

currently happening in the United States, there are many different ethnicities who are Us citizens

that are being threaten to go back to their countries, but how is this possible when they are

already in their original country.

In 1824 when many people migrated from Bangladesh to Burma what is now known as

Myanmar, was functionalism. The reason for this to be functionalist during this time is because

Myanmar was considered a providence of India and the migration was internal according to the

HRW. After the independence of Myanmar in 1948 from Brittan the migration was consider

illegal, since the majority of the religions is Buddhism they agree with the government of
removing all Rohingyas from Myanmar. The reason for Buddhist to feel this way is because it is

not functional for them to be their if it’s a Buddhist country. According to Buddhist they should

go back to Bangladesh or to any other Muslim country, because they don’t belong in Myanmar.

When violence started erupting in Myanmar there were thousands of killings, not just

Rohingya’s were killed but also Myanmar’s military were killed. During the violent eruption,

there were homes burned down and forced expulsions of locals, but the Myanmar military were

ambushed, and many were killed by what they call the Rohingya militia. Thousands of people

were forced to escape to Bangladesh, which have caused a big problem because numbers exceed

the maximum allowed and they start forming camps for the refugees. Hearing about the stories

of women who have left their lives in Myanmar and left for Bangladesh, who have lost their

husbands state that they have been raped by the military. When people go to live a better life and

escape all the violence just to go to a country where they find violence but cannot go back to

their country is hard. However, they don’t lose their faith and continue being Muslim Rohingya.

Buddhism is teaching who you are and what you are, and it teaches you that the “Me”

does not exist. But isn’t it selfish for Buddhist in Myanmar wanting to have the country of

Myanmar all to themselves and think that the Muslim Rohingya should leave Myanmar because

they don’t belong there. Karma in Buddhism is the intentional action that and that anything bad

that is done it is pay in the same life, my question is if Myanmar Buddhist are the same as

Buddhist in other countries.

I looked on this issue through both functionalist perspective and faith perspective and I

understand one but not the other. As a functionalist, you would think that it is better because

there will not be a conflict of interest, just like other countries having the majority being one

religion this is what Myanmar Buddhist want, and since the military is majority Buddhist this is
what they want. Looking at the issues through faith perspective is harder because of the issues

going on and because of the many genocides going on in Myanmar because the Rohingya are

believed to be outsiders and not citizens of Myanmar. The Rohingya have more faith for staying

in a country that does not want them there, and the reason why is because they have faith that

some day all the suffering will change.

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