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How to play Lulu… Or at least this guy’s

opinion on how to play Lulu.
By Lé Juke, or Le_Jukerino, or… well, just
read the second paragraph <3
Part 1: General introduction, and Support.


Contents for this weirdly large guide:
 Introduction: 3
 Who I am: 3
 Lulu’s Abilities 4
o Passive: Pix, faerie companion 4
o Q: Glitterlance 5
o W: Whimsy 6
o E: Help, Pix! 7
o R: Wild Growth 8
 Playstyles and Roles 9
 Support role 9
o Passive windspeaker’s support 9
 Masteries 9
 Rune setup 10
 Starting items 10
 Core items 10
 Ideal Build Path 11
o Aggro AP Support 12
 Masteries 12
 Rune Setup 13
 Starting items 13
 Core items 13
 Ideal Build Path 14
 Bot lane Matchups 15
o Support Vs Support matchups 15
 Alistar Karma 15
 Leona  Morgana 16
 Nami  Taric 17
 Thresh  Zyra 18
o Support Vs ADC matchups 19
 Ashe  Jinx 19
 Kalista  Tristana 20
 Twitch  Ziggs 21
o Support With ADC’s 22
 Ashe  Jinx 22
 Kalista  Sivir 23
 Tristana  Ziggs 24
 Finally the end 25


and some other stuff.. depends on what server you know me from. or what online source. I don’t know. Erm…. or C17 H21 N04. sometimes that too) then Lulu is a great champion to pick up and start playing! 3|Page . considering I’ve played over 1200 games on her since late season 4 and maintained (with a random guess at an average) about a 59% winrate. how to play her. or Majestic Disorder. As one of the highest ranked Lulu mains on EUW. however towards the end of last season I have been hardcore OTP’ing her. I’m a solo lane Lulu (predominantly top lane) main. or Le_Jukerino. I thought I could impart some wisdom. this is the first time that I’ve done a guide of any sort.Intro: Hey there guys! I decided to actually do something that I was considering doing for a while and write a guide for Lulu!. dependent on the situation at hand. but I dunno yet. But regardless. Honestly. stomping people with a support in top lane feels pretty badass too! I’m a firm believer that Lulu is one of the most versatile champs in the game. and that’s fine! I’m Lé Juke. then I’d feel like a bit more of a badass. if you want to get good at a learning any playstyle besides assassination (well. Feel free to give me some advice back in return. I…. I’ll be going over why I play her. and being the single highest ranked solo-lane Lulu player on EUW. I fell into playing her… Honestly if I could be as good as I am with Lulu on another hyper-montageworthy champ like zed. when to play her. or NA Jukerino. so I might need to improve on some stuff! Who I am: Some of you may already know who I am. but generally people who don’t know my actual name just call me “Jukie” (and then follow it up with some cute smiley face like (>’-‘)> or \_@(^-^)@_/ ). and has the capacity to be built in almost every way. but I’m certain a lot of you have no clue whatsoever. and in addition I do some low-key coaching. or Miss Positioning. all her matchups and build paths. and climbed up to D1 promos at the end of season 6 (no masters makes me cry at night) which exceeded my desired peak rank that season. If you’re wondering why I’m a Lulu main…. I guess I can safely say that I know Lulu pretty well.

they stop at the first neutral or enemy monster/minion/pet. Without further hesitation. Additional little bits of information that are good to know. it has applications in almost every role that are deeply beneficial. catering to a lot of different situations that can be thrown at you. so landing one auto with pix backing you up can give you easy access to relatively risk-free methods of gold generation early game. As I said. with some more in-depth examples maybe being thrown in for role-specific situations. and any abilities that apply on-hit effects) also have the Pix buff which can be a small but substantial enough increase in damage in a lot of cases. Every single auto you do is buffed because of this babe. Pix will normally (I won’t say always because I’m not certain. in what situations. the additional damage you can get from Pix. our beloved faerie companion. you can get up to 4 CS from one auto. let’s look at them! Passive: Pix. and the ways in which you can employ Pix are both great and interesting. and also can help you kill multiple minions with 1 auto. Pix’s auto’s don’t travel through every target. Pix counterbalances Lulu’s absurdly low base AD by giving her increased damage scaling throughout the game based on level and AP via the use of 3 bolts per auto. By that I mean. which can be irritating sometimes but it does set you up for the chance to do some fancy workarounds. By “correct positioning of pix” this can be broken down in 2 ways. This means that if you use pix correctly. and in the jungle with correct kiting and positioning of Pix you can maintain a relatively healthy clear without sacrificing damage too heavily. This section will just be a quick overview of what her abilities do. These bolts can be blocked by any enemy champion. faerie companion The gorgeous DPS machine that is Pix. so they can be blocked by any abilities such as Yasuo’s wind wall (W). Yeah she can be irritating sometimes. or any pet. This is a useful little piece of information to have if you want to Q an entire wave in a line without missing anything or burning another spell. or 5 if you use an E (I’ll talk more about this later). it acts as an increased poke tool. especially top lane. The additional damage from Pix really helps out her solo-lane early game aggression. then maybe not) meaning you technically have a stronger early game than a lot of people expect. Additionally. Your auto’s will almost always hit harder than anyone else’s at early levels (unless you’re a support Lulu vs an ADC. She has a very interesting kit which can be applied in a variety of ways. when you cast E on an ally. or Braum’s unbreakable (E). Pix’s positioning when not helping someone else will be about 0. Firstly.Champion abilities: One of the things that drew me to Lulu initially was the range that Lulu has when it comes to how to use her abilities. If you look in any role in general. minion. the double-auto on rageblade. So why is this good? Why does this matter? Well. and how best to apply them in generic situations. and even though it might not look like much. but at least she’s not Na’vi (skin idea pls).5 seconds behind where Lulu currently is. and how to most efficiently use your spells and cooldowns. Pix’s auto’s consume spellthief’s stacks. Obviously Pix’s auto’s are considered a projectile. all of their auto’s (excluding hurricane bolt auto’s. just about 95% sure from experience) be in the position Lulu was just in. and Pix’s damage 4|Page .

and the slow duration or % doesn’t increase either. and the last ability that’s relatively straightforward to explain. allowing for easier cs’ing. Q: Glitterlance Lulu’s main kit starts with her Q. decaying over the duration. you can see how it starts to really tie together fantastically. one of the many forms of peel she has built in to her kit. Lulu’s E allows for repositioning of Pix. cs. or even picking up a sneak kill or two when the enemy thinks the fight is over. and a leash range on Pix being 2000. instead just based from CDR. 5|Page .output when used on an ally contributes to that ally’s damage total. dealing magic damage and applying a relatively hefty slow of 80% for 2 seconds. but that’s mainly because any non-heavy-AP iteration of Lulu doesn’t max Q first. It’s a relatively fun little oddity. This ability is part of the reason as to why she had. but everyone gets mad when they die when you’re not even on their screen. and one from Pix). or damage they do is exclusively theirs for that period of time. However. they end up taking the 70% damage as well as the additional 30% damage to round it up to 100%. and 70% damage to any target thereafter. and therefore any kills. and therefore a simple auto attack can proc something like thunderlords. Note now that her Q doesn’t deal 200% damage if both of the bolts hit a single target. It deals full damage to the first target that is hit by a bolt. With a Q range of 975. one bolt is fired from Lulu and one from Pix. The reason why this is interesting is that it counts as 2 separate instances of damage. which is why most non-heavy-AP playstyles tend to leave this ability at level 1 for most of the game. which on the surface doesn’t sound too interesting. but still a fun thing to pull off! The mains ways you’ll use this in any non-heavy-AP iteration of Lulu will be for the slow. Nobody who plays against Lulu really remembers just how far away you can deal damage from. and in this instance her E. trades. which means that you are able to fire off Q’s from incredibly high range. a double straight line skillshot (one bolt from Lulu. The cooldown doesn’t reduce per rank. and still has validity in solo-lanes. when you look at the synergy of Lulu’s kit. The best part of this ability is Pix as well as Lulu fire this ability. and then hit by the second bolt for 100% damage (if the second bolt didn’t hit a target before them). gets hit by one bolt for 70% damage. instead it’s just the damage of 1 bolt. this means you have an effective Q range of nearly 3000 units if there is a target to move Pix to. however the slow does re-apply on any target hit by 2 bolts. and not at all abusable. There is a weird little interaction where if a target is stood behind another target. As mentioned.

which is one of the best stats to pick up on Lulu). or be used to cancel hard-engage channelled ultimates from champions such as Fiddlesticks (however in this case. A there isn’t really too much that needs to be said about this ability except that it’s integral to know when to use it on yourself.) or if the enemy has a champion who wants to backline dive us and kill our DPS threats (champions like nocturne. or to stop their ADC from being able to do any damage whatsoever. She’s the only champion in the game to be able to cause the polymorph form of CC. ahri. With regards to when to use this ablity in teamfights. as well as dropping their movespeed by 60 for a period of up to 2.). and half of the time as a debuff. The movespeed is AP scaling.25 seconds. with the exceptions to this being when we have a champion who’s incredibly good at making picks to start an engage (such as thresh. etc. being in range to cancel the ultimate while channelling is quite rare). Generally in solo lane matchups you’ll be using it half of the time on yourself. whether that’s to buff your ADC to increase DPS. it can stop combos.W: Whimsy The first of Lulu’s 2-part abilities. It’s a targeted polymorph projectile when used on an enemy. as it’s the most beneficial move you can make. Whimsey is what makes Lulu Lulu. and it can completely mitigate damage from a singular source. It can also be used to stop hard engages from combo-based champions such as Riven. which disables and silences the enemy. 6|Page . and a movespeed and attack speed buff when used on yourself or an allied champion. etc. It’s also very hard for enemies to stop you polymorphing them due to the relatively long duration compared to it’s late game cooldown (after factoring in CDR. a spell shield. In the case that you have a backline dive threat. renekton. however when it comes to support you’ll predominantly be using this ability on either team’s ADC. however the attack speed steroid isn’t. as well as the fact that it’s a targeted ability. I almost always use this ability to buff up the main auto attack threat of the team (which is normally the ADC). or a QSS. when to use it on an ally. due to the nature of it being a one- of-a-kind disruption ability. making it impossible to avoid or cancel without the help of a projectile blocking ability. This is generally a move that’s done by almost every Lulu player regardless of their role. and when to use it on an enemy. It can cancel channelled abilities. kha. The timing of this ability in lane is crucial. elise. polymorph them and peel for your carries.

Pix’s auto’s will still be fired towards the target you’re AA’ing. because it shuts down people a lot harder than you’d think. It’s incredibly useful for setting up E+AA combos on an enemy. this is a 6 second long shield for an ally. or a damage and true sight ability when used on an enemy. POP! And they’re gone <3. It’s versatility is what I love. and pix firing bolts from the new position to the original target. or the duration of the ability ends. a movement ability on a minion. and opens up a lot of quirky plays for Lulu. so you don’t need to worry too much about Lulu’s abysmal base AD with regards to CS’ing. This ability. but she’ll stay there unless you move over 2000 units away. even though pix won’t be with you. Pix! The second ability that Lulu has which has multiple effects. meaning it’s incredibly quick. and once hitting the 40% CDR mark. It’s great for in-lane aggression from E+AA+Q. E’ing to a minion 3 to the side in a line from the AA’d target. 7|Page . due to pix being immediately on top of the target causing them to take all of the damage from Pix’s auto’s (where before there may have been minions in the way). but hey. sometimes resulting in 4 CS from 1 auto and 1 ability. as referenced earlier. and personally my favourite ability of hers (which is weird for such a basic looking ability. The true vision really shuts down every stealth champion if needed. The main reason why I love this ability is because of killing someone with low health with an instant damage ability. I’m weird). where the Q is a bit easier to land due to it being almost point-blanc range from the desired target. is the one that mainly controls the movement of Pix to a different location within a 650 unit range. it’s a permanent shield when used on an ally over and over again.E: Help. It’s instant damage/shielding and has no cast time. It can set up incredibly neat CS’ing tricks such as auto’ing one minion. and all-round it’s just a fantastic ability! One thing to note is that unless you cast E on an allied champion. On a basic level.

just to back them up and ensure that they don’t die. Jayce). One of the better elements of this ability is that it’s not affected by grievous wounds. 8|Page . but it’s a nice bonus to have. and easily turn fights that otherwise would be lost (I’m looking at you.25 seconds after an enemy champion leaves the aura zone. It can be used to save the life of a DPS source on your team while giving them ample time to escape death. Sure. This ability is a flat health increase. again. This means that there’s absolutely no way (besides VERY specific conditions based around Kindred’s ultimate) that the health won’t be applied entirely to your target. Or. due to it not being a heal). While it is a slight downside that windspeaker’s blessing isn’t applied (again. and the final ability of hers. combined with a knockup and an AOE slow aura around the target.R: Wild Growth The second disruption ability in Lulu’s gorgeous kit. and the slow duration on the ability is 0. is another ability that despite it only being able to be used on singular allied targets has a lot of different uses. and my personal favourite. again it’s another ability with 0 cast time. due to it not being a heal ability. It can be used on an engage champion that you have as a secondary form of CC. Wild Growth. Final few points to make on this. so the increase in health is as near to immediate as you can get. I feel like the benefits massively outweigh the positives. This. while knocking up and slowing the enemy team. rather a bonus health increase. the AOE slow isn’t exactly super noticeable. it can be used to completely shut down combo’s involving movement.

and waiting for the item power spike of your lane partner. It caters to her kit incredibly well. so take what I say with a grain of salt. starting off with the support role: Support role: (disclaimer: I don’t play Lulu support as often as solo-lane Lulu. this is probably the best setup for this build playstyle. with the capacity to be played in almost every role. But that doesn’t invalidate other playstyles or build paths. despite the bread potentially being a bit stale right now. It’s her bread and butter. only really beaten out by Janna and potentially karma. and going for intelligence is fantastic for Lulu. She is recognised as (almost) one of the best supports with regards to shielding and disrupting. typically E max into W max second. so we’ll have a look at them now. but just as importantly the level of disruption in teamfights. and the absurd amounts of buffing. Having the mobility from wanderer and explorer is useful when going out to ward. The sheer amount of peel and shielding that this playstyle and build can offer is pretty absurd. and Lulu is there to keep them alive and kicking for as long as humanly possible. we’re all well versed with salt) Classic shield support (0/18/12 windspeaker’s blessing. This kind of playstyle revolves around a relatively passive lane. just because of how 9|Page . she has the role versatility of someone like kayle. and also map movement in general. We’re league players after all. she can do throughout the game is enough to turn the weakest of teams into a decent threat. maxing E into W. Typically the preferred play style of Lulu from the eyes of the ADC (selfish bastards -_-) it puts a lot of emphasis on the DPS of the ADC. points in R whenever possible) – This is basically what Lulu was designed to do. It’s not wrong for me to say that honestly the best playstyle for her would be something that is relatively support-oriented. meditation and bandit are just commonplace of most supports.Playstyles and roles: Despite Lulu being primarily a support champion. Just a quick note on the masteries for anyone who doesn’t play much support Lulu. whether that be in the support role or in solo-lanes.

but I personally think this is the best build for fulfilling your role as a hardcore support. health seals. Brand and Zyra). and allows your early auto’s to deal a small amount of damage. The standard page that I run for a more support-oriented style of Lulu would be Magic penetration marks. while it has recently been nerfed. the benefits outweigh the negatives. and MORE shield % increases because the unique passives are different (unlike redemption and ardent. MORE cdr. because having crucial summoner spells available as often as possible is just brilliant. Most of the time you’ll start with spellthief’s. and down to what the team needs more. 1) Starting items: a) Spellthief’s edge. I would say that going CDR on Lulu in runes is somewhat redundant purely because of the build path that you’ll end up going for. MORE mana regen. and 1 magic resist quint. Insight is just a fantastic mastery to run on most supports. is still a fantastic item on Lulu. If you need the cdr in the early game to deal with an incredibly poke-heavy matchup (something like Varus + Karma bot) then you could. and 3 AP quints for a super standardised version if you’d like. and the stats don’t benefit Lulu that much. Redemption. You could very easily run armour marks. everyone will have a different idea about what the best items for this build would be. This covers all of the defensive aspects. don’t rule out an ancient coin start in lanes that are passive to an absurd degree (think Zyra + Caitlyn VS Lulu + Vayne.great CDR is as a stat for her. and despite making you slightly squishier than taking veteran’s scars. even if your lane is intended to be passive. 2 AP quints. but that’s so horrifically niche that it’s not worth talking about. there’s no way you’re getting near either of them for spellthief’s stacks. 5 flat health seals with 4 armour seals. However. This also transfers over to Ardent. but I think that the niche value of taking CDR in runes is too small to warrant over-capping on cdr early game. just because of the potential that it can offer Lulu. and the CDR + Mana regen + Shield % increase is just too valuable for Lulu. Also. I actually enjoy doing what a lot of annie 10 | P a g e . magic resist glyphs. Sure. face of the mountain might be a cheeky little item to pick up later on for added shield obnoxiousness. more so than any other support that isn’t a mage (looking at you. 3 potions (Useful in passive lanes) c) Spellthief’s edge. Relic shield is borderline pointless on anyone ranged. 3 potions (Probably the most common) b) Ancient coin. Your support item is ultimately your decision. and you’ll be under turret all lane) 2) Core items: a) Ruby Sightstone b) Ardent Censor c) Redemption d) Locket of the Iron Solari e) Complete support item f) Boots of Mobility / Ionian boots of Lucidity Yes. Windspeaker’s and runic armour have synergy. 5 mana regen glyphs with 4 flat magic resist glyps. Just remember that Pix’s auto’s do proc spellthief’s stacks. refillable potion (good if you’re against an aggressive support like zyra and don’t want to buy endless potions) This is pretty self-explanatory. Rune Setup: For champions like Lulu there’s a bit of variety that can be seen when it comes to rune setups. so it’s very easy to pick up a gold advantage over the enemy support through those means. as mentioned. but please just remember that the item you start with doesn’t need to be the one you end with!. gives you early mana sustain in lane (which can be useful against poke matchups). which have the same values and therefore don’t stack).

and especially late game where multiple people on the enemy team will have sweepers and control wards. The passive on it is fantastic. whichever you didn’t build It used to be that redemption is too good to not build. but mobility boots are still damn fine. and also the summoner spell CDR you get from them is incredibly useful. 11 | P a g e . PLEASE. Upgraded boots are a nice early pickup just to help with moving around and doing more. a dope-ass active. Locket and Mikael’s are interchangeable in build order. and at this point you would have already half-built it. it just depends on which you need more urgently. however with the recent changes to it. which was starting spellthief’s and building up to frostfang.supports did back when the support items were introduced. having that 4th ward to place really does make a huge difference. I’d say that hard rushing an Ardent would be the best option. don’t get ardent then. it’s efficiency is much more focused around mid/late game rather than an early game rush item. unless there’s some type of weird niche situation that calls for something specific like a frozen heart or a mikael’s OR IF YOU HAVE A JHIN ADC. considering it’ll give you CDR. CDR boots are probably the more optimal boot choice for this build path due to the CDR being removed from locket. The only item I would consider getting before Ardent would be boots. whereas mobi’s will help you get around to help out other lanes. CDR boots will inherently help you in teamfight situations. however you shouldn’t put off Ruby Sightstone until the last item purchase. don’t think that you have to end the way you start. dependent on the situation f) Upgrade to Ruby Sightstone g) Locket or Redemption. it just depends on your personal preference. after getting sightstone. and then switching support items to build into talisman. 3) Ideal Build path: a) Sightstone b) Upgraded boots c) Ardent Censor d) Finish support item e) Locket or Redemption. This obviously isn’t for everyone. but please. Both options are valid. In replacement. Your support item Is probably your next best option to finish. but not building further than that with the focus on getting your other items.

Jhin. such as Corki. typically Q max first. In the sense of Zyra. and the additional AP values will make your late game peeling FROM YOUR KIT ALONE a little bit stronger. or Lulu support and build them full ap? Nope. brand. points in R whenever possible) – I’ll just say this now… I’m not a huge fan of people who play full AP “supports”. The pressure that you have by maxing Q first being able to chunk people down with an E+AA+Q combo is pretty hilarious. Don’t like it. 12/18/0 if you want to watch the world burn. and others. E/W second max dependent on what you need. personally. Draven. or at least ADC’s that have the capacity to be aggressive early on.Aggro AP support (0/18/12 Thunderlords Decree. 12 | P a g e . that’s fine. But either way. Morgana. But take something like Janna. and other champs like that which can be played as a support. there are inherently some positives to it. This is fantastic in combination with very aggressive ADC’s. I’m not saying it doesn’t work. it just doesn’t work for me.

Or. but I personally feel like this setup is the most well rounded. Ardent Censor e. a bit of mana regen. Rabadon’s Deathcap f. so having the highest amount of damage to fit in with her spikes is the best option. it builds in to the only branch of support items you’ll need to consider. I personally prefer running expose weakness over fresh blood. then by all means go 12/18/0. Athene’s Unholy Grail 13 | P a g e . armour seals. enough sustain from 3 potions to take a decent number of trades. 5 flat ability power glyps with 3 scaling magic resist gylphs. and free gold from AA’s. It’s the best support item for this playstyle. just because you have such a huge spike of damage at level 2 on Lulu. whereas fresh blood is just purely a laning mastery. There isn’t exactly a fantastic mastery to take for Lulu when putting 12 points into ferocity as a support. Eye of the Watchers b. however if you want to go balls-to-the-walls aggressive. but either double-edged sword or battle trance would work out quite well. just because I feel like it’ll help you and your team out a lot more scaling into the mid and late game. Mejai’s Soulstealer d. Also. I wouldn’t say that going for scaling AP would really be the best option. A bit of AP. Spellthief’s edge. and this is a very aggressive playstyle of Lulu. if you’re an aggressive person: I would personally run 0/18/12 just due to the nature of it being less risky. 1) Starting items: a. Sorc Boots c. and 3 AP quints. You could run more magic penetration through glyphs or quints if you’d like. there’s no explaining to do here. 3 potions (Don’t bother going anything else) I mean. Rune setup: I personally take magic penetration marks. or perhaps take full AP glyphs rather than 3 scaling magic resist. just down to personal preference. 2) Core items: a.

the more likely it is your team will win the fights. you get assists. don’t bother getting Ardent. giving you a decent amount of AP initially. and unless you’re playing against a relatively smart team (which doesn’t even happen in high diamond) nobody will ever focus you down. and the cycle continues. so I’d pick up that before Athene’s. along with the AP further increasing values. Ardent and Athene’s are fantastic AP support items. Early Sorc boots are pretty scary in lane.There are so many different builds that you could potentially go on a heavier AP Lulu support. For 350G it’s a really nice little item to have. meaning it’s now a little bit harder for the enemies. and can really ramp up your damage output. the more ap you get. or get normal boots + Dark Seal d. Finish boots (+ get Dark Seal if you don’t already) e. which means more AP. Sightstone b. the harder it is for people to kill someone on your team. with you just laughing in the backline keeping whoever you want alive. The more AP you get. Because of this. you’re not Soraka. I personally prefer Ardent. plus the AP you get from Mejais and the other items should be enough to keep you going for a while. or more importantly who your adc is. meaning more total AP (if you still want to get wards and have a half-decent build). I’d leave Deathcap until last item just so that it wouldn’t impede on getting max CDR. while still transitioning into a state where it’s not YOU who’ll carry the mid game. But. As for the Mejai’s. the only reason you get Eye of the Watchers over Frost Queen’s Claim is because you get AP and wards in 1 item slot. or maybe a Corki mid. 14 | P a g e . Think of it this way. Your build still inherently helps your team through emphasising your existing kit with max CDR%. it’ll be you carrying vicariously through your ADC. if you have a Jhin adc with a Shyvana jungle. it’s a nice pro-active measure to take. if we have a Jhin ADC with a Sejuani jungle and a Zed mid. 3) Ideal Build Path: a. but you don’t want to ditch getting AP. as well as giving you a smoother build path by getting Deathcap as a final most expensive item. partially because of the small-scale snowball element that it has. I never tend to get Arndent in any games where we have a Jhin or Ezreal ADC AS WELL AS NOT HAVING ANY AA BASED CHAMPS. They’ll burn everything on trying to kill one person. If you win the fights. People SHOULD play against Lulu in the same way people play against Soraka. Rabadon’s Deathcap The first 2 items should be pretty obvious. Also. and partially because of the increased % efficiency of potions. so there’s the nice little middle-ground that Eye of the Watchers offers. I think a LOT of people under-rate this on Lulu specifically. as much of a BM item as it is. Athene’s Unholy Grail g. but it’s down to your personal preference. Ardent Censor f. It has enough early lane pressure to be as aggressive as you’d like to be. So for example. as well as a lot of mana regen. Complete Mejai’s Soulstealer (this can be done earlier if you’re feeling manly) h. but the difference is. so they don’t care. It’s all down to thinking what would be best for the team. and considering the stacks transition over to mejai’s. however I feel like this one treads the line between “fuck you” levels of AP and “DW babe I’m still a support”. and it really gets out of hand incredibly fast. Finish Support item as soon as possible c. You need wards. it won’t do anything much for anyone. Either get Sorc boots in 1 recall. Combine that with a Rabadon’s Deathcap. Mejai’s is an absurdly good item to get for Lulu. She’s never really supposed to be in any position of danger. I personally like picking up a relatively early Dark Seal. the more stacks you get. then Ardent would still be a decent pickup. The harder it is for someone to die. and some nice buffing effects for your team.

because while supports can be countered by other supports. If he’s bad. if you go for a passive windspeaker’s build and play shield-bot Lulu (which. you tend to have an advantage in duels.  Braum – The biggest outplay he can make on you is stunning you. You’re both aiming at doing similar things. post-6 is fine. Let yourself or your ADC get hooked and immediately ult them for CC. Beyond that. This is a bitch of a matchup because right now Lulu is just seen as a worse form of Janna. Exhaust will offer you very little unless you’re playing against a really high DPS ADC (like draven). And that’s true. The only time this matchup can be scary is if they have a Caitlyn ADC.  Blitzcrank – I actually like this matchup. I tend to not play much support Lulu. The big advantage you have in this matchup is post-6. Either build is fine here. but early and constant harass should just push him out of lane. but only post-6. granted. then he’ll be able to screw you over at 6 with a nice Ult>Q combo. but even then your W will help out a lot with that. Any time you’re against a champion who doesn’t have a standalone additional ability at level 6. and piss off the enemy ADC”. I’d tend to just go for the passive build. you can just keep them alive really easily and then go for a heavier out-trade on him or the enemy ADC. Brand is a core example of this.  Janna – Ahhhh the bane of the Lulu Subreddit. I don’t think that going for an AP build is the best option here. is the best way to play her right now). in the sense of “let’s do a bit of damage. If he’s being a distraction in the 2v2 when he ults. Pre-6 is a bitch.  Bard – I always feel like any matchup involving bard is only as difficult as the bard makes it. it’s basically a free lane. and blocking your W. I’ll also break this down into 2 sections. but smart coordination 15 | P a g e . just Q him and go for the ADC instead. but against a good brand that’s going to be a pretty tall order. and she’ll burst you down at 6 while stunned. so these are just based from my own opinion and from what I’ve played. because he’ll only move in when his hook is up or someone is massively out of position. and take ignite.  Karma – surprisingly I don’t hate this matchup. You can’t out-trade him. You won’t out-trade her. Either build is fine.  Annie – Not exactly easy for you. far enough for you to not be able to easily get in range and W her to stop the damage). certain ADC’s will still be able to cause chaos too. have a badass shield. If he’s good.  Brand – As a general rule (I should have mentioned this earlier for Annie) Lulu doesn’t do well against mage supports. It’s unlikely you’ll be able to trade with blitz. you can’t mitigate all of his damage with your kit unless you burn everything.Bot lane matchups: As I’ve already mentioned. You can start with a spellthief’s and try and get some early aggression down. one for ADC and one for Support. then go aggressive from there. but AP might be more punishing if the bard isn’t great. If he focuses the ADC. keeping the ADC alive. I’d say the key to this is going heavily aggressive at level 1+2. waiting for janna’s shield CD’s before going aggressive. and you can’t just focus down the ADC because Brand is a threat too. go the passive build though. ‘cause the easier trap hit means that they have the potential to put down a scary amount of damage without any means of stopping it (mainly because cait will just be so far back. Best to go passive and try and hang back. I’d go for a more aggressive build in this matchup. I’d tend to take thunderlords and go aggressive. Support Vs Support:  Alistar – Has the potential to lock you down if you step out of line. this lane is actually pretty great for Lulu.

his passive shield is really easy to take out. and awareness that level 6 is the most beneficial time for both of you can really turn this lane around. it doesn’t remove any status effects based from that damage (if that makes sense). You won’t out-trade her because she’ll never let you in range to trade with her. so going for an AP build probably isn’t the best bet. she’s picked because the enemy bot wants to kill you. or auto him from a bush. because I haven’t played a game as Lulu support against a support MF. It’s one of the few times where a mage support does badly against you. This will either mean you can back off and get a lot of free damage down on her. which is a fun little additional thing to have. just E+Q from a minion. and to some degree it still is. especially if more of them spawn. wipe out his voidlings in 1 go. or flash ulted to make it pretty useless or cancel it. Going aggressive won’t yield any good results. Her early game damage from her E can be blocked by your E. he won’t take the damage. which (while it hurts) can be exhausted. Leona (obviously) has a great lockdown. if you can W leona mid-E. and just counter her engages. The biggest thing here is to either play around her spell shield. The enemy bot lane will often have no CC unless the enemy ADC is Ashe or Varus. she’ll be polymorphed on arrival and won’t be able to continue her combo. and if she plays well. and ulting immediately after you’re out of stun will mean that the 16 | P a g e . and unless it’s one of those 2 ADC’s. even though his shield blocks damage.  Lux – Another mage support. and if you get hit by one you can block the damage from it with your E (her W does nothing so let’s not factor that it). By that I mean. EVEN BETTER THAN THAT is that his passive shield drops in such a short amount of time after taking damage that if your adc gets ulted. or do whatever you want. and she’s a fantastic dive champ. along with pix. with your ADC. because the damage she can put down is obnoxious. Also.  Miss Fortune – I was hesitant to include her. but I imagine it’s not too terrifying. and beyond that the only scary part of her kit is her ult. You’re actually pretty good at dodging her Q’s with your W’s. Firstly. this one’s an awkward one. W’d. ‘cause that bitch will just one-shot you if she gets the chance. Harass her out of lane at level 1. as well as ulting your carry to make all the damage he did during that time redundant. get as close to the enemy ADC as possible. Any time Leona is picked. so letting the wave push too close to either tower is a scary position to be in.  Malzahar – The new kid of support. Even better than this is that your AA’s. or when she ults you. She has got a stronger level 6 than you though. but he will still have the true vision debuff. Also. You know the drill here. and that’s where a decent amount of his damage can come from. so just go for the redemption build path and win the lane from making him useless. Both of which are beneficial to you. it’s really not scary. I wouldn’t go for the AP build because you honestly won’t need it. you can E to break the shield and then almost immediately W him to stop the ult. Lulu is picking up steam again because of this guy.  Morgana – Back to the classic supports. and wait as long as possible to W them before you get stunned. and there are a lot of reasons behind this. or she’ll have to burn flash to keep on the target. Morgana + the enemy ADC can just wipe you and your carry out without you being able to do much about it. this is a key skill to have against champs like Leona and Lee Sin).  Leona – This honestly used to be my least favourite matchup. The duration of the stun and the duration of your polymorph means that they won’t be able to do too much while you’re stunned. Honestly. Just watch out for her ults mid/late game. What I mean by this is that if you E him with his shield up. I’d say going for a more aggressive AP build might be more beneficial. and then try to keep the wave in the middle of the lane. Pick the passive build. learn to W someone who’s on the move (trust me. just play passive and try not to get caught out.

So. I really do. They’re your one key to being able to deal with a soraka mid-game. don’t let his ult hit multiple people… It’s common sense. especially because his damage from his passive is quite high when you look at the health pools of squishier supports like Lulu. W. so I’d say going for a bit of AP is a good shout. it’s not the worst idea.  Nami – This bitch. Go passive. in which case just W them and kill them. but that won’t hold her down. but going passive is just laughable in this lane. Go whatever build you want. Abuse her low health pool early game. Unless the enemy ADC gets cocky with taric’s ult on them. For a tank support. she’ll out-heal you once she gets some items. Also his ult is just 2 big circles telling you “back off now. there’s no “but what if” scenario here. because AP won’t change much in this matchup. Getting hit by his stun will normally spell a bad time. and win the lane from there. y’know…. you have to respect them. Yeah he has a pretty obnoxious shield. Yeah he has the capacity to lay down a lot of damage.  Soraka – The bane of the subreddit #2. but god damn is this a strange matchup for Lulu. so just W him to stop it and then kill him. You NEED to go aggressive early game against Sona. you can’t trade with her at all). Yeah he can bail out the enemy ADC if they get in a bad position. she’s one of my favourite supports alongside Bard and Lulu.  Tahm – Actually a pretty easy lane. but letting that happen is just asking for a bad time. but both builds are viable in this matchup. Back off…. Should net you a free kill. and try and force something at level 6 when you’re stronger. Even though his core abilities are telegraphed. I can do better. and morgana will be stuck between you and your ADC.  Nautilus – Yeah this is pretty easy as long as you’re not dumb enough to get hit by his Q’s. because you can’t do anything”. and pray to god that you have an aggressive ADC. She’ll outdamage you if you let her get some levels. I’d suggest going for an AP build going aggressive just to kill her in lane. but when the mid-game comes around having your ADC’s being relatively even in damage won’t help out at all when there’s a soraka healing their team.  Sona – Anything you can do. just because Naut’s base damages are pretty damn high for a tank. You can’t go aggressive because she’ll just heal up after your trades (in fact. and also your Q.  Taric – This is the matchup that will teach you when to disengage and how to position. Your best bet here is to take ignite and thunderlords. but most Tahm’s will wait until they’re about to die before popping their W. You can get as many kills as you like being a support. and her ult is vicious if she uses it well. Her build path will be almost identical to yours. but please try and give kills to the ADC. so honestly. go aggressive. He’s a great support. and it’s sad that he’s rarely played. JUST DO ANYTHING TO KILL HER EARLY. Go thunderlords. Oh also. Just don’t take early trades. but he’s easily kitable. but if he does that then you have enough ways to keep BOTH of their bot laners in kill range (Q. and going for a passive build won’t really benefit you that much. and it’s not exactly the easiest ability to land. There’s not a whole lot you can do here. because he has the capacity to turn a game so easily. take thunderlords and ignite. Bitchslap her at level 1 and 2 into submission. You could go for an AP build. being slowed from your ult AOE. There’s not a whole lot that he can do in lane if he misses his Q. I love Nami. I’d probably just go for a relatively AP heavily build. because it’s kinda free. 17 | P a g e . but whatever you do I’d say take exhaust. going passive won’t help at all. ult). he’s probably the squishiest one. and play in whatever style you want. because it won’t go well. just depends how you want to play it. enemy ADC will often times back off. take ignite.

his all-ins will completely wreck you without any chance of cancelling it (unless he ults from like 2ft away. in which case he deserves to die). and it seems like it goes in the direction of Lulu in very specific situations. rather. excluding a mild early game slow. it just depends what you’re in the mood for. then avoid it. Either build is fine in this matchup. If you don’t get the chance to do that. He’s basically useless. and he’ll make your life absolute misery. unless you HAVE to keep them from escaping. because they can really hit hard early game. then it’s a bit different and becomes a bit harder because he’ll just zone easily with his bombs. a more passive build would be best. it’s a grand old time for you early game. the more and more annoying he becomes. Go passive and pray to god that he didn’t study geometry. and had unlimited wards…. and you can cancel his bailout plans for his ADC with lantern through smart timing on your ult. I hate this matchup mid. or W’ing the ADC when they get to the lantern to stop them clicking it. If the Zilean maxes E first. and W’ing him post-6 before he ults to save someone. no clear cut support items. where people started loads of pots and wards. but thankfully I haven’t seen too many Q max Zil’s lately. her post-6 damage is way higher than yours. because you have no way of taking the aggression to him. Her early damage is way higher than yours. Just watch out for his charged AA’s. If he goes AP and maxes Q first. There’s really not much you can do here. where supports had to be good to get gold….  Zilean – I’ve seen this matchup more and more lately.) You do pretty damn well in this matchup. and she’ll single-handedly carry the lane if she wants to. You can counter his all-in’s quite easily. The key to beating him is early game aggression. This is the matchup that I played a LOT of when I was starting League. Just go passive and wait for teamfights. Ahhhhh. Zilean’s the kind of support where the later and later it gets into the game.  Vel’Koz – NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOPE. then don’t kill the ulted target until the Zilean ult wears out. you need to wait for him to go aggressive on you. 18 | P a g e . and it doesn’t get any better as a support. Her spell rotation hits hard and has a very low cooldown when you factor in her plants. If you have the chance to avoid this matchup. because you aren’t going to win this lane.  Zyra – Another mage support. Right now. and first discovered Lulu (back in the glorious days of Season 3.  Thresh – El Classico. God I miss those days. and a stun that’s kinda situational. Yay. He’ll poke you down relentlessly.

 Corki – The early game specialist. Also be aware that with Jhin. because you won’t out-trade him with ignite.  Draven – How to tilt someone 101. Be smart with your abilities and you’ll win. and against a Lulu that’s pretty dumb just because you can completely shut down his damage. but I wouldn’t hate you if you went AP . Early game he basically HAS to burn E to go aggressive.  Ezreal – Easy peasy lemon squeezy. it’s never worth running the risk (like “should I ult now. Just pick up the passive build. Either build works. This matchup is entirely down to understanding when he does damage. she falls behind HARD. Take exhaust. because honestly W-maxing might be your best bet if he wants to go aggressive early game. so it’s rare that you’ll ever get close enough to do anything to her. Incredibly high range. The one advantage you have is that he will always have way less sustain than any other ADC. His early backs are weaker than most other ADC’s backs. His burst is scary but it’s predictable and avoidable. still be wary of him. You can counter her aggression quite nicely if the enemy support follows up too. so be smart and play with forethought. she’s really not scary at all early game. so when he falls a little bit behind he’s still probably just as strong as any other ADC. if you think the fight is over it tends not to be. and while you have the kit to deal with it. so abuse that natural advantage.  Jinx – Psycho Hose Beast (again. so W’ing your ADC probably isn’t the best option. if he’s alive.  Jhin – Difficult difficult lemon difficult (if anyone gets that reference then ILY). but honestly you just being there makes his life hard. and if she falls behind. She’s a bit scary just because of how prolonged the fights with her can be. As long as you’re not the one hit by her ult. There’s absolutely 0 use in W’ing him while he’s reloading. and that extends into teamfights too. but you can style on him hardcore in lane and push him really far behind. or when she starts using it. not getting caught by his W. You can afford to go AP into this matchup because besides her ok-ish poke from W. Go AP and try and bully him around when he can’t trade with you.Support VS ADC’s:  Ashe – Low mobility. so your shield won’t be overly useful post level 3. He still has 2 very high range abilities through his W and ult. His damage source is a combination of his AA’s and his E’s. his escape is stoppable and if you don’t stop it it’s only short range. and play like a bitch. just because he’ll have to pick up a tear. He can’t poke you out of lane with your shield (unless you’re really bad and tank every Q under the sun). ‘cause you can keep them alive easily. Go aggressive if you want. and great zoning potential. and his build is almost reliant on him landing his Q’s. Just go for the passive build and hold your W for when he wants to go super aggressive. Early game Draven inherently has a lead. You almost have 2 chances to win the lane because of his first recall purchase. Just don’t get hit by her ult. you’ll be fine. He only becomes useless if you completely shut him down. so I’d say that the best defene is a good offence. You have to disable her when she’s either about to use it. high utility. regardless of build. and try not to take too many free AA’s from him. it’s fine if anyone else on your team besides you does. If he falls behind. or when I see his ult bullet coming towards me”). high damage.  Caitlyn – Yeaaaaaaaaah I love Caitlyn but this matchup is kinda irritating. and incorrectly using W has genuinely cost me lanes before. because some Jinx players will just want to 19 | P a g e . but the odds of you being able to make pressure are pretty slim. ILY if you get the reference). Early laning against her (in terms of the first few waves) is always sketchy. and using your W at the right time. but her damage primarily revolves around her Q. and yeah he can come back a bit mid-game if he falls behind.

and her auto’s take a bit longer to start. If you’re against the latter. and with a support that can lock someone down her ult will just melt them. An AP heavy build would be pretty good here just in attempts to force her out of lane early on and push an advantage from there. just with more early game aggression.  Sivir – Yeah this is easy. Also. if you can figure out when she’ll use a certain ability. She’s fun to play. then play in a way to counter it. Much like playing Lulu against Tahm Kench. Her damage obviously comes predominantly from her E. and counter her aggression. and unless you have an ADC with a stronger level 6. so she has visible and obvious counterplay to her. she has no escape. then be a bit cautious. because you honestly shouldn’t have any issues against her. because to go for a kill Kalista often needs to move further up the lane than most other ADC’s. pix will remain on her which sets up for an easy Q afterwards. Kog’s will always play early game intensely passive because of their lower damage and low mobility. and you’re prone to being caught out. play it passive. Be cautious for her level 6. The damage he can lay down is fast and hard. Her laning is obnoxious due to her high damage Q if you misposition. odds are you won’t be in range initially and you’ll face-tank a lot of damage). so it’s perhaps better to let the wave push towards your tower a bit before you go aggressive. because it all comes from his W empowered AA’s. You can try and counter her hardpush and hit level 2 quite soon after she does. The notorious level 2 spike is a big deal for Lucian. so when you know that’s gone just go aggressive. your Q has 2 parts to it so her spell shield won’t be that efficient against it. her ult is absolutely devastating and really shouldn’t be underestimated.  Kog’Maw – I don’t really know what to say here.  Lucian – ALEX!?!? (sorry). There’s no way that you’ll be able to stop her ult unless she’s out of position (don’t try and W her while you’re in the ult. She has no special tricks besides having decent DPS. and you need to abuse that. I love meta’s where Kalista is viable. whereas others will want to rocket down the first wave and rush level 2. and she has a 20 | P a g e . The big disadvantage that she has is a lack of escape. because she can combo with her support better than any other ADC. Her damage is too low in lane to really be threatening. Lure him in to a false sense of security. which can be capitalised on by Lulu. you really can’t afford to take too many early game trades because you WILL get punished for it. because it effectively drops her attack speed too. Drop exhaust/shield/ult/W to keep someone alive if you know she’s about to rend. His damage isn’t predictable or dodgeable pre-6. your Q is pretty great in this matchup. Contrary to a lot of other people. Go whatever build you like. your best bet is to try and take her on pre-6 with some smart trades and good positioning. She has decent burst with her E when it’s fully stacked. just because games tend to not last long enough for her to be relevant. Go for the passive build and just deny her early game. Her jumps get massively slower when she’s slowed. Go for the passive build and either outplay him when he goes aggressive (W him when he E’s forward) or just wait until he has about 2 or 3 items and starts to scale off a bit and win teamfights from there.  Tristana – Rarely played right now. and interesting to play against IMO. Just play it like you would VS a Corki. Just always watch out for her mid/late game ults.  Miss Fortune – Almost the 1 button wonder of ADC’s right now. and with armor pen Lucian coming back into fashion. so be prepared to counter it. and even if you burn her shield with E. Unless she predicts your W with her shield. but it’s not easy.  Kalista – My sweet princess of bot lane. so realistically she’s not too scary if you can drop that figure down (which means a passive build). you’ll win basically every encounter you have with her. because he’s so heavily underplayed right now that it’s borderline sad.

we’ll be looking at ADC’s again. Lulu does exactly what Vayne doesn’t want to happen. just to stop you being hard poked out of lane. going AP would be pretty efficient. Either way. and then proceeds to rub this new thing in everyone’s faces. so the passive build is what I consider better against him. If he goes for an ER crit build. and quite an annoying kid at that… The kind of kid who gets their mum to buy them whatever they want because he’s a special snowflake. but every twitch will always stealth in. allowing you to just move away. I’d say go for the passive build. when trist is weaker. she pressures early. at all. because once he recalls a few times he’ll be able to poke you relentlessly. ever. 21 | P a g e . Do what you want. and each of them have their merits. The issue here is that he has to move close. generally within Lulu’s W range. because there won’t be anything you can do by yourself. but your E gives true vision. he has a stealth. stealth… A lot of people are scared of twitch. ults. The end of the story is that he’s irritating to play against. her early game damage isn’t anything fantastic which means you have no threat of getting out-traded unless you heavily misplay it. and I really just wished he wasn’t in bot lane. and she removes her stealth mechanic. and how bad others can be.  Vayne – One of the best ADC’s for Lulu to play with. but if they have a passive support and they allow you to make free trades. so take that as a given. This matchup and its playstyle is more reliant on what ADC you have. Lulu synergises incredibly well with a majority of late game hypercarries. fires 1 or 2 shots. He has 2 builds that he can go right now. then ult in order to burn a summoner spell on your side. no decent CC (a mild slow on W is pretty meh). If he goes for the tear arm-pen build. but if you’re laning with an Ashe then it’s probably not going to result in anything. Hell. and after that he’s W’d and can’t do anything. then go for a passive build and just wait for jungler assistance. surprisingly strong level 3 if the trist is smart. so you can completely screw him over that way. That’s the holy trinity of ways to screw over Vayne. Now for the final part of this seemingly never-ending section on Lulu support. If he an aggressive support. If you have someone like a Jhin then that’s perfect. but both are pretty solid. I know. and whether they have the capacity to go aggressive early game. then maxing E would be the better option.  Varus – This is a surprisingly tricky one. because he has the ability to take the fight to the enemy early game. the build is down to you. you can even go heavy AP on Lulu just to be more irritating towards her. She has low range which leaves her open for poke and AA’s early game. you won’t be winning this matchup anytime soon. As a standard rule though. Obviously his level 6 is a bit scarier. she negates damage.  Twitch – Pft. and one of the worst supports for Vayne to play against. If he has a passive support. He comes out of stealth. Dependent on your ADC. and his stealth takes a while to kick in. so early game is reaaaaally huge for you. then max W and try and counter his engages with his ult. and what he can do in games. and whether you think you can get an early game advantage. I know. but honestly he’s not scary at all when he’s up against a Lulu.  Ziggs – The new kid on the block. This is another lane where it’s reliant on the support he has. but he has no escape. and she can’t really go aggressive at level 6 because you’ll just counter her aggression with every single part of your kit. His E damage can chunk you in lane. and you should be wary of that. then position well and go for some early game trades. move close-ish. but this time in relation to synergy with Lulu and how good certain ADC’s are with Lulu supporting her. because you really shouldn’t lose this.

you have a decent poke lane. Jhin is abysmal to play with. and the zoning capacity and potential damage from her traps. Incredibly high range on both champs. It’s great for forcing people out of lane and denying CS heavily. It’s not the best scaling bot lane. because while there’s a lot that this duo can set up. Caitlyn’s high range. Mid game you probably could ease towards buffing other people in the team just because Caitlyn will perpetually be in a safe position because of her range. and having someone who can allow him to make incredibly dumb early trades and STILL bail him out from them is exactly what every Draven player wants. They want to be the alpha. just because of the rate at which you can smash through their entire team. But I’ll get this out of the way now. The laning phase with this bot lane is predominantly passive. that’s as far as the synergy goes. as well as going aggressive herself as a tag-along.  Jinx – Welcome to late game hell. they want to establish dominance.  Ezreal – I’ve been a long time sceptic of playing Lulu with Ez.  Draven – talking about snowballing. Once Ashe picks up a few items. and considering I hate playing ADC that really speaks volumes about him. there’s not a lot of follow up potential. I’m a BIG fan of playing AP lulu with a Draven.Support with ADC’s:  Ashe – Lulu is sort of what Ashe needs to survive.. just because of the absurd magic damage output and early game pressure. both of these things Lulu offers with her W.. He’s one of my favourite champions in the game. best ADC’s for a Lulu player… It’s just a shame that a lot of Draven players have trash personalities. There’s not really that needs to be said about this duo. Draven already has high early game damage. He doesn’t need attack speed. he doesn’t need to be bailed out because he’s inherently a safe champion. Jhin doesn’t synergise well with Lulu’s E or W.  Caitlyn – The classic “get the fuck back” lane. especially if Lulu goes for a more AP oriented build. She’s reliant on attack speed to get more efficiency out of her Q. but it is a solid combo that can really snowball an advantage from the champion’s respective abilities rather than the combined value. because it’s just vicious on every level. just because I’ll probably go against my word later on in the guide. just because of how easy it is for you to lay down a decent amount of damage relatively easily (think of Lulu Q > Jhin W > Lulu W > Jhin Q + AA’s). as a Solo Lane Lulu player. this duo can be devastating. It’s a strong bot lane. the damage output really picks up heavily. just because on the surface there isn’t too much synergy. The Pool Party Prince works famously well with the Pool Party Princess. I honestly wouldn’t recommend this duo. Draven is one of. but always keep an eye out for her. but that’s pretty much it. eventually leading up to probably a 2v5.  Corki – You can really catch a lot of people out with this duo. Like. they want to be as aggressive as possible. and Lulu finishes ardent. and Lulu through her E+Q combo. just through the early game zoning and pressure that you offer between Lulu’s harass. and with decent positioning and smart use of abilities. but it’s not the greatest. if not the singular.  Jhin – I’ll need to be careful what I say here. Mid game is huge for this combo though. Jinx has an AS steroid in her kit already. here’s Draven. Corki inherently is a strong early game champion. I also really like the Lulu Jhin bot lane combo. and Lulu has the capacity to be played aggressively early game too. and there just isn’t really much of his kit that benefits from having a Lulu there. and you 22 | P a g e . and Lulu facilitates that. His Q doesn’t apply the Pix auto’s. he doesn’t need mobility. and while the potential for setting up a nice chain of abilities as a bot lane duo is high. and severely lacks mobility. sure. I really do. Caitlyn through her AA’s. I adore Jhin.

then the game is basically won. Definitely top 3 ADC’s for Lulu. If it’s crit Lucian. she still has the capacity to lay down a lot of damage and heavily punish mispositioning. due to the high range slow that MF offers from her E. purely because of his % health W auto’s. but mid-game the combination of Lulu+Sivir can really cause havoc. Much more of a scaling utility bot lane combination. and if something isn’t the most efficient thing. provide her with more. She has a few forms of CC for Lulu to link up her kit with in lane. but incredibly rarely played just because of Kog’s unpopularity. While Sivir is classically known as “the ADC for the team” and not a hard-carry threat. She has absurdly high late game multi-target damage. Lucian can play relatively aggressive with a Lulu support. What I will say is that I do inherently prefer a champ like MF rather than Lucian just because of the absurd movespeed she can have from her W and your W combined. it’s very reliant on the Lucian’s build. the shield and heal to give her more time to land more spears. The movespeed she gets from her passive in combination with your W can really help her stick on a target running away. just through the pure movespeed that you both offer. All I will say is that in lane. Your main pressure comes at level 2. Maybe this won’t break in to the top 5 ADC+Support duo’s. botrk. then I’m down for that. or very quickly reposition if she’s slightly out of position. Not that Lucian is a bad champ. that’s incredibly unlikely). and immense scaling. It’s one of the safer lane duo’s than you can have in the game as a whole (the only ones I can think of that are safer would be Sivir + Morgana/Soraka) and therefore it’s unlikely that you’ll see much action in the early game. I will add a side-point here. Maybe a top 7 ADC? I’m not entirely sure. If he goes for the lethality build. and you really need to try and abuse the power spike hard. Having something like this allows her to very quickly position in the most optimal location for an ultimate. and catching people out mid game is a breeze.  Miss Fortune – Another one much similar to Lucian. high ranged damage from her ultimate. Everything else about Lulu synergises with Kali. namely security and increased damage. It’s one of the more gankable lanes for your jungler. Incredible synergy. rather than a lane-dominant one. In lane. but I’m a perfectionist. and you have the potential to bully the enemy laners quite hard. and often times Kog’s will have on hit builds (including items such as wit’s end. relatively strong laning.  Kalista – I was always sketchy about this combo. you can play aggressive due to MF’s high damage with correct Q usage. because if you can’t pick up a lead at that point it’s unlikely you’ll get a lead at all. but I enjoy it a lot more if they go for a specific build path (although right now. and the CC you offer as Lulu. Lulu gives him everything that he needs. Attack speed is always a fantastic stat for a Kog to have. We’ll have to see her place in the meta currently. and you just make her unkillable and give her more damage. or rageblade) which all further benefit from Lulu’s kit. or that there’s no synergy. It makes it incredibly easy to start teamfights when the enemy isn’t ready. It’s just a shame he’s not the old re-worked Kog. I dislike playing lulu with it because the scaling isn’t fantastic. I don’t dislike this pairing.  Lucian – Time for a potentially unpopular opinion. And ultimately after 2 items.  Kog’Maw – A great duo. but more along the lines of “it feels like there are better adc’s for Lulu”. she technically doesn’t benefit from the movespeed element of it. then I’ll reject it. or can very easily help kite. which means you’re not even that weak early game. if you’re ahead. because I’ve seen people succeed and fail with it. I actually really dislike playing with Lucian’s. but it’s not far off. I get that it’s a small part of Lulu’s kit. and the zoning that both of you offer from E’s and Q’s respectively is high. 23 | P a g e . and the Pix AA’s to just give that extra little sting to her auto’s. While Lulu’s W does help kalista out a lot.  Sivir – Gotta go fast.

movespeed and repositioning ability. so do keep that in mind. and not in the typical AA based % health damage utility ADC that he used to be. % health true damage benefits from the attack speed Lulu gives. and he can just annihilate entire teams without even needing to move after unstealthing. then gear up for an incredibly boring mid/late game. You can’t just pick it if you have a Janna. or even a Karma. Vayne is undoubtedly the best ADC to play with Lulu. so I’m working from theory here.  Varus – I have a love/hate relationship with varus currently. You need a support who can actually go in and do something. you have the combined kits to turn any strange engages or ganks. twitsted synergy through skins (dragon trainer and dragon slayer… It was meant to be?) She’s the quintessential late-game hyper carry. If you find someone who’s going for the lethality Varus build path. So let’s cheer it up with some Vayne! Let’s be real here. probably attack speed boots and hurricane for AS) and also his Q gives him AS. burst damage combined with sustained damage. Everyone is playing him as a Q-spam high damage poke champ.  Vayne – Things got sad with Varus…. It’s disgusting and I love it <3. and buffing him will offer both of you almost nothing. and incredibly strong currently with lethality. I don’t really think that Lulu falls 24 | P a g e . at which point he just runs around assassinating entire teams with his ult. This is one of the times where you honestly just shouldn’t ever surrender. don’t surrender. It’s just a shame to see that his optimal style of individual play right now is contrary to how he works best with Lulu. Immensely high range. I’ll be honest. incredibly high attack speed from her Q+items+your W. a huge kockback. You offer her peel if she goes too aggressive. laning isn’t exactly the best thing in the world. He’s a great ADC. It really does make things a lot easier. slows for days. and when Varus is played in that way you can really cause a lot of havoc. there’s basically nothing that this duo doesn’t have. so just W whoever is trying to take him out. There isn’t really too much of a need to W him due to him already having quite high attack speed from his items (at this point. Just ult him and peel. purely because of the amazing scaling that this duo has.  Ziggs – Right. a knockup. It’s a late game hypercarry ADC with a Lulu… I mean… Really… Sure. I’ve never even played this matchup. and you’re the quintessential support to cover all of her downfalls in lane (excluding her low range) and transitioning into mid/late game. There’s even some weird. because it’ll get to a point where you and trist can just straight up 2v5. but despite all the benefits that lethality Varus has currently. or Soraka. or offer her catching abilities if she needs to move forwards through a teamfight. This is another one of the times where no matter what. traditional Varus works infinitely better with Lulu. The theory is that it sucks. Obviously Twitch’s main time to shine is when he gets 2 items.  Twitch – I could very simply say “see above” because a lot of same things apply for Twitch too. because you’ll have very little to do regarding him. The kit that Lulu has caters fantastically to an immobile % health damaging ADC. and you can make things incredibly easy for him. You have the capacity to completely shut down the enemy bot lane in 2v2 scenarios. currently in a good spot in the meta.  Tristana – Dragon trainer sisters! There’s really not much that needs to be said about this duo. but the issue regarding synergy with Lulu stems from the reason he’s strong. You have a chance to pick up a kill almost every time you get back to lane due to twitch’s stealth. I’m not even going to say “in the right hands” because even a terrible vayne player can still become a god when there’s a Lulu near her. Her passive and ult movespeeds are emphasised through Lulu’s W. He’ll hang so far back. Laning with it is fine. just because of the poke that both of you can offer in lane. and if the enemy bot lane isn’t something that will decimate you. but that’s what you get when you pick a late game bot lane duo. A wise man once said that Ziggs ADC needs a support that does something. The only difference is that in this matchup you can afford to play laning slightly more aggressive if you’d like.

Additionally. I think that Lulu has the capacity to set up someone else making a play. So…. but somehow writing guides feels weirdly different. This is my first actual attempt at writing down anything regarding league. then by all means let me know. into that category. so any advice or criticism is welcome! 25 | P a g e . instead he just gets a support who can peel well. I do coaching. I guess that’s it for the first part… If I’ve missed out anything. She can set up a counterplay quite well. and therefore can’t really be considered something controllable and doable on regular occasions. Lulu’s kit isn’t exactly the best match for a Ziggs. but it’s generally quite hard for a Lulu to force a play. buff. and do a whole heap of other stuff. He doesn’t really benefit from your abilities to the degree that other bot laners would. but that inherently is marginally out of your control. rather than a support who can peel. I could be wrong. but I don’t think I am.