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Regulatory programs in the United Arab Emirates

The United Arab Emirates
(UAE) has introduced the
Emirates Conformity
Assessment System (ECAS)
mandatory regulatory
program. The new
regulations will require
importers to the UAE market
to develop new compliance
strategies and plans.

Overview of the UAE ECAS Program with by manufacturers, importers, or Energy Efficiency Standards Labelling
The Government of the United Arab agents who intend to sell or import (EESL) to be introduced under a
Emirates (UAE) has introduced electrical equipment into the UAE. mandatory regulatory program called the
mandatory regulatory controls on ‘Emirates Conformity Assessment
specific product placed onto the UAE System’ (ECAS). The ECAS program
Recent Implementation Dates covers safety, energy efficiency, and
market in an effort to enhance safety, • August 1, 2017: UAE ECAS Ex
protect property, implement energy environmental requirements for
efficiency measures, and protect the • January 1, 2018: UAE RoHS electrical and electronic devices and
environment. certain gas products; those products
Notified Body Certification identified to meet energy efficiency
Emirates Standards & Metrology
The UAE legislation will require Notified requirements are subject to the separate
Authority (ESMA) is the regulatory body
Body Certification. A Notified Body, such program called Energy Efficiency
appointed by the UAE Government to
as Intertek, is an appointed Conformity Standards – Labeling.
manage the program. The UAE Ministry
for Commerce and Industry issued a Assessment Body accredited to ISO/IEC
series of Federal Laws and government 17065 for conducting conformity Restriction of Hazardous Substances
orders introduced under a mandatory assessment activities to determine (RoHS) for UAE
regulatory program called the “Emirates compliance to a standard, regional
According to UAE Cabinet Decision No.
Conformity Assessment System” (ECAS). requirements, and/or a regulation.
10/2017, implementation of the RoHS
The ESMA Conformity Affairs will be enforced in the UAE starting from
Department will provide: Responsibilities of Suppliers January 1, 2018 (first deadline for the
• Implementation of ECAS for It is the responsibility of any supplier, in date of application). It is now necessary
regulated products all cases, to have their products to obtain a Certificate of Conformity
• Implementation of EESL program approved by an appointed Notified Body under the ECAS program for RoHS to
• Emirates Quality Marking (EQM) and ensure that products continuously place in-scope electrical and electronic
• Market Surveillance and Inspection comply with the requirements defined in products on the UAE market. This
these ECAS technical regulations. legislation is to the EU RoHS Directive
The new mandatory regulatory controls
2011/65 in some respects, however, the
apply to Electrical and Electronic
UAE RoHS legislation differs in two main
Equipment (EEE), sub–assemblies, and Specific ECAS Regulations aspects: implementation periods, and
components and other industry sectors Energy Efficiency Standards Labeling requirement for the Certificate of
such as the food, automotive, and (EESL) Conformity to be issued by an appointed
chemicals industry. These regulations
The UAE Ministry for Commerce and Notified Body.
need to be understood and complied
Industry issued Federal Law No. 21

manufacturers are Intertek. 34 addresses enforcing the use of more • Educate your employees on the UAE Regulation for Lighting Products. Americas • Scope of regulated products +1 800 WORLDLAB (967 5352) • Application criteria requirements +1 251 459 6173 Challenges for Manufacturers • Document submittal requirements Manufacturers. the ECASEx program worldwide teams provide guidance in utilizes IEC Standards.GLOBAL MARKET ACCESS UAE ECAS COMPLIANCE ECAS for Electrical Equipment in encouraged to plan for the changes by potentially Explosive Atmospheres understanding the new standards and (ECASEx) procedures. for the safety of electrical equipment products -. and whether current or Industry issued government order No.all potentially time- designation for used with input voltage consuming and tedious processes. Intertek’s consulting and quality strategy including mandatory factory site Quality services. and agents • Conformity Assessment Procedure Europe within who import Electrical or Electronic • Certification process +44 1372 370900 Equipment (ECC) and devices into the • Product Registration procedure Asia UAE are currently experiencing a market • Certificate validity periods & +852 2173 8888 and regulatory transition – from renewals requirements to lower their products’ • Inspection & Market Monitoring energy consumption levels to achieve icenter@intertek. A proactive 23. Luminaires for general lighting purposes. energy efficiency. and compliance by the various deadlines. limited market investments in product As part of a proactive response to these greater energy efficiency. including IECEx OD 01 and IECEx OD 02. environmentally-friendly materials. The Contact Intertek to learn more about the FOR MORE INFORMATION electrical equipment under this scope is specifics of each regulation. new regulations to be introduced under accurate. and certification bodies This regulation prescribes requirement manufacturing process. supply chain. Products in scope include: • Minimize business impacts such as and engineering talent. and technical of conformity is met by meeting the compliance requirements. As a global leader in assurance. pursue new safety our unrivaled network of experts. and between 75 Recommended Next Steps volts to 1500 volts for direct current. As a leading quality assurance provider. Intertek can offer Global Market Access Manufacturers may need to source new services for the UAE ECAS program via materials. hazardous substances. Intertek’s With this approach. This conformity market. procedures to certify compliance. testing. product recalls. including: called “Low Voltage Equipment” (LVE). reassess their entire laboratories. Control procedures in order to ensure product gears for general lighting purposes. inspection. importers. from which articles give direction for approach will help ensure a smooth. assessment approach is based on meeting the procedures and rules The Intertek Advantage defined within the IECEx scheme. or re-test around the world. how they apply to their The UAE Ministry for Commerce and products. Light inventory require attention to new testing Emitting Diode (LED) Lamps. and Fluorescent Lamps. require potential Incandescent Lamps (GLS) ≥ 16W (watts). and • Protect your brand All of these changes will consume R&D safe . rating between 50 and 1000 volts for alternating current. ECAS for Low Voltage Equipment (LVE) certifications. Compact access. loss of sales. and certification. and a presumption regulatory. and obsolete additional time and resources. to regulations industry dynamics. take Linear Fluorescent Lamps. advantage functionality. and executable compliance the “Emirates Conformity Assessment plan for the new regulations in the UAE System Ex” (ECAS Ex). With requirements of the IECEx scheme in full. in obligations and requirements These regulations include requirements tandem with numerous new testing • Develop and sustain a competitive for electrical safety. upcoming products comply. companies can effectively: Assessment Reports (QARs). Halogen Lamps. • Manage compliance strategy and risks ECAS Conformity Assessment for • Ensure requirements are properly Lighting Products applied and met for your products UAE Cabinet Decision No.