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Taylor Day

Article Review #1

February 27, 2018

Part 1:

Cherng, Hua-Yu Sebastian, Halpin, Peter F. (2016). The Importance of Minority Teachers:
Student Perceptions of Minority Versus White Teachers. Educational Researchers. New
York, New York: Aera. Vol. 45 No. 7, pp. 407-420. DOI: 10.3102/0013189x16671718

Part 2:

This scholarly article is about how students’ perceptions of teachers affect their learning

and success through the Measure of Effective Teaching Study. This article shows different ways

how data was collected to see if minority teachers are better for our students. The data shows

that there is a huge racial gap between white teachers and minority teachers. The majority of

students that attend public schools of America today are students of the minority. It is shown

through experiments of over 50,000 children that students learn better from teachers of

minority. It is shown that students have more positive success with Latino or Black teachers

rather than white teachers. These experiments took into account the student’s race, age,

gender, socioeconomic status, and academics. It also looked at the teacher’s race, gender, level

of education, work conditions, and teacher efficiency. The results show that Black students

have better experiences from Black teachers. The study found there was no correlation

between Latino students and Latino teachers. Also, Asian students have better experiences

from Black teachers. The experiment shows that students think minority teachers are more

caring and can relate to cultural differences better. Also, students say that minority teachers
have more equal expectations of the students, and communicate more clearly with the

students. The conclusion shows that minority teachers are more favorable than white teachers,

and there is not good evidence of race matching to support that students learn from their own

race better.

Part 3:

The logic of this is article is that we should have more minority teachers in America

because students learn better from teachers of minority. In my whole school career, I have had

only white teachers. The teachers have also been mostly female. I would say the logic of this

article is mostly correct because in my experience, I have only seen the white race as teachers.

The validity of the evidence seems pretty realistic in my opinion. I think the minority students

do learn better with minority teachers according to the evidence presented. I am not sure what

part of the United States the author received his data from, if that would make a difference in

the race majority in certain parts of the United States. The theoretical framework used in this

article is the theory of students learning better from minority teachers. I think this theory is well

executed in the article because most of the studies about this subject show that students do

indeed learn and are more favorable towards the teachers of minority. The findings of the

experiment are listed in the article in many ways. The way the author used graphs and

equations to show the data were confusing to me, but were clear when the author put the data

into words. The data cannot be interpreted in any other way because the numbers are clear on

the graphs to how the students react to different races of teachers. It is stated in the appendix

that all the data isn’t accounted for and was excluded from the analysis. The students
unaccounted for in this experiment is 34%. The validity of conclusions in my opinion is very

valid. The experiment had a well thought out equation, and independent variables. The

students got to show how each teacher of each race was effective to them. Students of every

race got to examine their teachers to show how successful they are. The researcher did an

analysis of over 50,000 students and around 1,680 teachers. The conclusion states that the data

does conclude that students are more favorable to minority teachers.