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Arcane Artillery: Grit N' Glory Edition

Rules For Firearms Any gun with Scatter shoots in a cone or 15 foot wide line out
In order to put guns in a campaign in a way that makes them to your firearm's range. Any target caught within the cone/line
more than just reskinned bows, here are a list of basic rules must succeed a (DC 8 + Dexterity Modifier + Proficiency
for firearms for Dungeons and Dragons games that I made. Bonus) Dexterity saving throw or take the weapon's damage
Some of these rules can be used for ranged weapons. roll, and half that on a successful save. Your Aim Bonus
subtracts from their saving throw.
Aim Bonus & Bracing Any creature outside normal range has advantage on the
If you are proficient with firearms or ranged weapons and save, and takes half damage if they fail, and none if they
have one drawn at the start of your turn, you can spend a succeed. You can exclude allies from your cone/line of fire up
bonus action to aim down your weapon’s sights, conferring a to your Dexterity modifier (minimum of 1.)
+1 Bonus to your next attack roll. You can spend another Creatures within 5 feet of you are in point blank range of
action during your turn or a bonus action next turn to get +2. the shot, and have disadvantage on the saving throw. They
Aim Bonus cannot be stacked more than +2 for any shot, and take the weapon's max damage on a failed save, and take
any action or move you make after aiming gets rid of Aim normal damage on a successful save.
Bonus, including making Extra Attack and Bulletstorm
attacks. Bracing works like aiming, but can only be done Close Quarters
when prone or behind cover with a firearm. You cannot aim Firearms or ranged weapons with the Close Quarters
or brace if you hold two Light firearms or ranged weapons. property do not have disadvantage when fired at a target
within 5 feet of the wielder.
Misfire(Optional Rule)
If, during an attack roll, you roll a number equal to or lower Multi-Shot
than the gun's misfire number(such as 4), your weapon A firearm or ranged weapon with this property is able to fire
malfunctions. Roll a d6 to decide what malfunction happens multiple barrels with a single pull of the trigger. When
to your gun. After applying the debilitation, the weapon’s making the attack action with a firearm with Multi-Shot, you
chance of misfire goes up by 1 (up to 10) until you use a short can make multiple attack rolls at a single target. Each attack
rest to perform an out of combat Tinker's Tools check. The roll after the first confers a -1 penalty to the attack roll, or -1
DC is 10 + the weapon's misfire chance. You can use a to the damage if the firearm has the Scatter property.
Tinker’s Tools roll during a short or long rest to lower a
weapon’s base chance of Misfire by 2. You cannot lower Punting
misfire chance to 0 using this method unless you are a A firearm with this property forces the target to make a
Gunslinger of the Machinist Principle. Constitution Saving Throw (DC 8 + Prof. Bonus + Dex. Mod)
that is made with disadvantage if they’re wearing Heavy
Misfire Chart Armor. If they fail, they are knocked Prone. They also count as
Roll Effect siege weapons for the purposes of damage.
1 The gun jams and cannot fire. Make a Tinker's Tools
check to fix it. Doing this always takes an action to Burst Fire
do, and you cannot take bonus actions or reactions. Burst Fire firearms are able to release a stream of multiple
2 The gun's sights are thrown off. The firearm suffers a bullets with every attack. You can choose to make an attack
-2 to attack rolls and can't get Aim Bonus unless a roll at three targets within a 10 foot wide line out to your
Tinker's Tools check is made as an action. firearm's maximum range. Every attack roll made after the
3 Your lose your grip on your gun, and it drops from first has disadvantage. You can also shoot one creature with
your hand. the burst. Make an attack roll with disadvantage. If you
4 You take d4 fire damage. Make a Constitution Saving
succeed, roll d6 divided by 2 damage rolls. (Rounded up) You
Throw or drop the gun from your hand. only apply your ability score once for this damage.
The somewhat unstable nature of Burst Fire firearms
5 The gun takes a permanent -1 to its damage rolls. This means you can only attack with them twice per round.
can only be fixed by an out of combat Tinker’s Tools
check. If the gun suffers -5 to its damage rolls, it is
destroyed beyond repair. Automatic
Automatic firearms can release a salvo of bullets per pull of
6 The gun suffers 2 misfire effects. Roll twice and reroll the trigger in order to fire at multiple targets in 10-foot wide
every 6. line out to your gun's maximum range or a 10-foot square at
any point within your gun's maximum range. Make an attack
Reload & Long Load roll on up to six creatures within this field. Every attack made
Some firearms have a certain number of bullets that can be after the first has disadvantage. You can alternatively spend
fired before they must be reloaded. Most firearms can be up to half of the weapon's reload to attack as many targets as
reloaded as a bonus action during your turn, but a select few you can see within this field. You can also shoot one creature
take an action to reload, and you cannot take bonus actions or with the salvo of bullets. Make an attack roll with
reactions when doing so. These weapons will be marked with disadvantage. Roll 1d6 damage rolls if it hits. You only apply
Long Load instead of reload. You can reload prior to all of a your ability score modifier twice for this damage, regardless
weapon’s load being expended, but you will drop the bullets of the number of damage rolls made.
and must collect them after combat or as an action in order The unstable nature of Automatic firearms means you can
to get the ammo back. only attack with them once per round.

Arms The creature deals half damage on it's next melee attack when it next makes one or until 1 minute has passed. unless that modifier is negative. The roll is made with disadvantage. or Hand Cannon and nothing else. firearms count as a separate proficiency from while wielding a heavy firearm. and must use their entire movement speed getting up. the Bolt Action guns use an action to do this. Unless otherwise specified You cannot make any Extra Attacks or Bulletstorm attacks by the DM. you can use a bonus action to attack with the other made. The creature must roll a Strength saving throw or be pushed an additional 5 feet and must spend their next action catching their breath. The creature must succeed a Constitution saving throw or be knocked prone. but you cannot take reactions or bonus actions. unless that modifier is negative. . You get +2 to attack rolls you make with martial and simple ranged weapons.Akimbo Repeating (Optional) If you are proficient with firearms or ranged weapons and are Any Repeating Firearm with a reload count higher than 1 can wielding two light firearms or ranged weapons. The creature must roll a Strength saving throw or have to spend their next move action flying towards the ground at their movement speed. Torso The creature is pushed back 5 feet. like martial or simple Firearms and ranged weapons with the Heavy property have weapons. The creature must succeed a Dexterity saving throw or get disdvantage on Dexterity saving throws until the end of your next turn. you can reload bonus action to take an additional two shots. profciciencies associated with firearms. and Sidearms. Called Shots If you are proficient with firearms or ranged weapons and are Bolt Action & Pump/Lever Action not currently at disadvantage with your attack. There are two types of Weapons Guy feat. it was hit. Tail The creature has disadvantage on its next Acrobatics or Athletics check when they next make one or until 1 minute has passed. you can use a If you wield two firearms/ranged weapons. The called shot generally has two effects. or one per turn. Proficiency with Firearms Heavy Weapons Firearms are not your typical weapons. The creature must roll a Strength saving throw or be stunned until the end of their next turn. Legs The creature can only move half it's speed for its next move action. they plummet the rest of the way. Called Shot Repeating Chart (Save DC = 8 +Proficiency Bonus + Dexterity Modifier) (Optional) Body Part Effect Head The creature has disadvantage on their next Wisdom or Intelligence check when they next make one or until 1 minute has passed. Fan The Hammer (Optional) If you make a shot while wielding a single Pepperbox. to become proficient with them. unless you have the Heavy martial and simple weapons. Rules on Akimbo Reloading Revolver. You don't add your ability modifier to attack. You don't add them both at once. Gunslingers are the only Reloading one per turn takes a bonus action per gun. it is up to the GM to Cetera decide what happens when this body part is hit. and Pump Action target suffers one of the following effects depending on where and Lever Action guns use a bonus action. unles the modifier is negative. Et If there are any body parts on creatures not on this list. has. after you fire be shot again as a bonus action after the attack action is one. Reloading both uses an your ability modifier to the damage of the bonus attacks. exception. which include everything esle. you can make Bolt Action. even if they have a feat that allows them to do otherwise. and a lingering effect that can be saved against. Wings The creature immediately plummets 20 feet from the sky. You cannot add your ability score modifier to the weapon you're holding. and Lever Action Firearms have a a called shot against a particular type of body part an enemy firing mechanism that chambers new bullets after every shot. action. such as a Beholder's anti-magic eye. If they do not land. If the shot hits. which Archery Fighting Style Edit include Two-Handed firearms. the damage of the bonus attack. Longarms. The nature of their construction and the complexity to be made stable in order to be fired effectively due to their of their use and care make a special kind f training required weight and the damage they can put out with a single shot. The creature must succeed a Constitution saving throw or drop their held items. An immediate effect that is guaranteed but not too debilitating. Pump Action.

Close Quarters. Reload 1. Reload 1. Long Load 4. Scatter (Cone). Close Quarters. Two-Handed.250gp 2 lbs Ammunition (range 30/90). Reload 6(Long Load for all Shells). Misfire 5. Misfire 4 Rifle Piercing Repeating d10 1. Misfire 5 Bolt-Action 2d8 3. Rifling. Reload 1. Long Load 4. Misfire 2 Blunderbuss d8 900gp 7 lbs Ammunition (range 15/35). Bolt- Action Rifle Piercing Action. Punting. Rifling. Misfire 5 Repeating Firearms (Machinist DC 8 + max damage/2) Name Damage Cost Weight Properties Sidearms Repeater d8 Piercing 1. Rifling. Misfire 3 Rifle Piercing Shotgun 2d4 1. Close Quarters.000gp 13 lbs Ammunition (range 150/800). Misfire Bludgeoning 4 Double Barrel d10 1. Two-Handed.000). Lever-Action. Two-Handed. Long Load 1. Counts as Primitive Firearm Longarms Repeating 2d6 1. Multi-Shot(2). Misfire 3 Pistol Pepperbox d8 Piercing 800gp 4 lbs Ammunition (range 40/150).Primitive Firearms Name Damage Cost Weight Properties Sidearms Flintlock d10 Piercing 250gp 3 lbs Ammunition (range 30/90). Light. Reload 1.500gp 11 lbs Ammunition (range 20/40). Two-Handed. Two-Handed. Misfire 5 Pump-Action 2d6 2. Bludgeoning Misfire 4 Arquebus d12 200gp 12 lbs Ammunition (range 50/150). Two-Handed. Rifle Piercing Rifling. Carbine Piercing Misfire 2 Drum-Fed d10 1. Close Quarters. Long Load 1. Light. Two-Handed. Reload 4 (Long Load for all barrels). Shotgun Bludgeoning Scatter (Line). Close Quarters. Reload 8. Reload 10. Two-Handed. Reload 1. Rifling. Misfire 2 Action-Loaded firearms (Machinist DC 8 + max damage/2) Name Damage Cost Weight Properties Sidearms Break-Action d10 1. Heavy. Reload 8. Two-Handed. Scatter (Cone).250gp 7 lbs Ammunition (range 20/40). Lever-Action. Scatter (Line). Reload 6.750gp 10 lbs Ammunition (range 90/300).750gp 12 lbs Ammunition (range 25/50). Heavy. Close Quarters.950gp 7 lbs Ammunition (range 20/40). Misfire 5 Lever-Action d12 1.000gp 3 lbs Ammunition (range 40/130). Reload 6. Two-Handed. Misfire 2 Pistol Dragoon d6 300gp 4 lbs Ammunition (range 10/30). Rifling. Two-Handed. Two-Handed. Two-Handed. Light. Two-Handed. Misfire 4 Heavy Bolt. Rifle Piercing Misfire 4 Lever-Action d12 1. Shotgun Bludgeoning Pump-Action. Bolt-Action. Scatter (Cone). Light. Reload 1. Misfire 4 Bludgeoning Longarms Musket d12 Piercing 500gp 10 lbs Ammunition (range 70/200). Scatter (Cone).500gp 17 lbs Ammunition (range 200/1. Misfire 3 Pistol Piercing Longarms Break-Action d12 1. Rifling.100gp 6 lbs Ammunition (range 40/160). Bludgeoning Misfire 5 Carbine d10 piercing 900gp 6 lbs Ammunition (range 40/120). Shotgun Bludgeoning . Misfire 4. Long Load 1. 2d10 3. Reload 2(Long Load for Both Shotgun Bludgeoning Barrels).200gp 10 lbs Ammunition (range 90/300). Long Load 4.350gp 7 lbs Ammunition (range 30/60). Two-Handed.500gp 8 lbs Ammunition (range 90/300). Scatter (Cone).

Rifling. Long Load 1. Punting. Two-Handed. Mundane Ammo Types Name Example Materials Cost Usable with Weight Properties Round Bullet 1 Iron Ingot (10 per) 3gp(10) Muskets. Piercing.000gp 40 lbs Ammunition (range 60/200). If it goes past a certain point. Light. it is destroyed. Finesse). Light armor's breaking point is -3. Bayonet(1d6 Piercing/Slashing. Reload 8.000gp 10 lbs Ammunition (range 90/300). Material Piercing Heavy. Misfire 6 Cannon Automatic 1d8 Piercing 3. Heavy. the wielder takes 1d4 bludgeoning damage that ignores resistance and immunity. medium armor's is -5. Two-Handed. Carbines. Rifled Firearms 2 lbs(10) Piercing Scatter Shell 2 Iron Ingots (5 per) 5gp(5) Shotguns 3 lbs(10) Bludgeoning Slug 1 Iron Ingot (2 per) 10gp(1) Shotguns . Rifling.750gp 20 lbs Ammunition (range 70/210). Close Quarters. Automatic. Reload 7(Long Load for all barrels). Misfire 5 Hand 2d6 Piercing 1.500gp 20 lbs Ammunition (range 300/1. Nock Gun Special Rules For every barrel fired after the first two. Bolt-Action. Misfire 6 Rifle Shoulder 3d10 4. halve all damage Flechette 2 Iron Ingots (5 per) 3gp(5) Shotguns 2 lb(10) Piercing. Close Quarters. Reload 30. Reload 6.800). Reload 8. Long Load 4. Rifling. Heavy.000gp 3 lbs Ammunition (range 30/90). Rifling.800gp 2 lbs Ammunition (50/150). Piercing Misfire 5 Anti.500gp 8 lbs Ammunition (range 90/300). Shredding. Rifling. Any target in the path of a cannonshot must succeed a DC (8 + your Dex bonus + your prof bonus) Dexterity saving throw or take it's damage roll and must then roll a DC 20 Strength saving throw or be knocked prone. Close Quarters. 2d12 4. Aiming this weapon takes an action. and heavy armor's is -8. Rifling. Punting. Reload 24. Light. Automatic. . Light. Burst Fire. Pistols. Reload 8. Any creature outside the Cannon's normal range has advantage on the saving throw. Two-Handed. Bayonet(1d4 Piercing/Slashing. Reload 24. Shotguns -. Misfire 10 Cannon Special Rules Cannon shots target anyone within a 10 wide foot line out to their maximum range. Pistols. Pepperbox 2 lbs(10) Piercing Rifled Bullet 1 Iron Ingot (10 per) 3gp(5) Rifles. Cannons are considered siege weapons.25 lb(1) 1d12 Piercing bullet Mini Bullet 1 Iron Ingot (20 per) 3gp(20) Muskets. Two-Handed.500gp 6 lbs Ammunition (range 30/90). Multi-Shot(7) Special. Rounds with the Cover Breaking property deal damage to cover as well as the target and count as siege weapons for the purposes of damage. Two-Handed. Finesse). They take half damage on a success and do not need to make a Strength saving throw. Cannon Bludgeoning Cannon Misfire 7 Rifleblade 2d6 Piercing 5. Pistol Rifling. Misfire 5 Nock Gun d12 Piercing 4.800gp 4 lbs Ammunition (60/180). Rifle Misfire 6 Pistolblade d10 Piercing 4. Close Quarters. Cover Breaking Shredding and Cover Breaking Rounds with the shredding property decrease armored target's AC down by -1 if it hits. Rifling. Misfire 4 Revolver d10 Piercing 1.500gp 8 lbs Ammunition (range 90/300). Two-Handed. Misfire 4 Longarms Burst Rifle 1d10 3.Special Firearm Examples (Machinist DC 10 + max damage/2) Name Damage Cost Weight Properties Sidearms Automatic 1d4 Piercing 2.

Repeating Rifles. Anti. 500gp +1 Aim Bonus. Repeating Rifles. (The Sight Rifles. Pepperbox. It fires in a 15 foot wide line out to 15 feet. Creates no light in dark places Underslung 2 lbs Repeating/Lever 900gp Adds a weapon that can shoot fire in a 15 foot cone when the attack Flamethrower Action Rifles action is taken. Carbines. Aiming costs an Sight Repeating Rifle. Pepperboxes. lets them take actions while doing so. Gives the firearm the Heavy property. and half as much on a success. and half as much damage on a successful save. 50gp Allows firearm to be used as a Finesse Melee Weapon that does the weapon's Pepperbox. Rifles. Bolt Action Rifle. 700gp +2 Aim Bonus. Barrel or Bayonet Break-Action Rifles & Carbines Top. Repeating Rifles with the Longshot Sight can still be used to make Bulletstorm attacks or Extra Attacks.Attachment Rail Placement Chart Gun Rail Placement Primitive Firearms Top Repeating/Lever-Action/Bolt-Action/Special Rifles and Carbines Top. Barrel/Bayonet Attachments Name Weight Usable with Cost Properties Attachment . Special Firearms Foregrip . Anyone within it makes a DC (8+Prof Bonus+Dex Mod) Dexterity Saving Throw. but not reactions. Gun must be aimed to be fired during your turn. Pistols. Material Rifle Bayonet 1/2 the Rifles. Pump Shotguns. Underslung 3 lbs Repeating/Lever 800gp Adds a shotgun that can be used as a Bonus action using the Scatter Shotgun Action Rifles rules. Revolver equipped bayonet's damage (see stats for the weapons in the PHB). 450gp +1 Aim Bonus. normal range. Carbines 500gp +2 Damage. Carbines. and you cannot take bonus actions or reactions when doing Material Rifle so. Repeating Carbines Bipod . Rifles. Pistols. Anti. Special Firearms Longshot 2 lbs Bolt Action Rifles. firearm can be fired more than once after aiming if you have the Extra Shotguns. 200gp Allows Weapons with Longshot sights to Brace as a bonus action. shots with Aim Bonus have advantage in the gun's Sight Shotguns. Barrel or Bayonet Shotguns & Pistols Top Pepperboxes & Revolvers Top. 300gp +1 to attack rolls made without Aim Bonus.25 lbs Primitive Firearms. Bottom. All firearms except 100gp Firearms may now have attachments placed on the rail. -1 Aim bonus. Glowing Dot . Repeating Carbines Vertical Grip . disadvantage on disarming strikes. and Repeating Rifle. action. Creatures within the line take 1d8 bludgeoning damage on a failed Dexterity saving throw. Attack or Bulletstorm features). 300gp Advantage on ability checks to resist being disarmed/impose Pump Shotguns. This attack deals 6d6 fire damage on a failed saving throw. weight Proficiency modifier cannot be added to this weapon's attack roll unless you are proficient in improvised weapons. Carbines. Rails Shoulder Cannon or Nock Gun Telescopic . . The firearm must be aimed before it can be fired. Muzzle Brake .

+10 max range. Automatic & 2. Revolvers Heavy Barrel 1 lb All Firearms 800gp +10 normal range. shots made within normal range have Except advantage. Attacking a single target does not confer disadvantage to the attack Firearms roll.000gp Increases the reload count of two-handed firearms to 6. Straight Pull . Muskets. Firearms with the Heavy property lose this property. Anti. shots without Aim Bonus have Except disadvantage. Shotguns 1. -20 max range. Shotguns Tight Choke .Custom Parts List Name Weight Usable with Cost Properties Stock . Pepperboxes. +20 max range. 500gp +30 normal range. Weapon now uses rifled bullets instead Flintlock of round bullets. Shotguns Light Barrel -1 lb All Firearms 800gp -10 normal range.000gp Adds the Automatic property to the firearm. Crafting this part again for the same gun further increases this amount by either 6 or 8.000gp Burst Fire and Automatic firearms do not confer disadvantage after the first Compensator Burst Fire attack. An Extra Attack can be used for Bolt Rifles. but Except still give you the benefits if you take the Sniper Gun Tactic or certain feats. Repeating 5. (Up to 3 times. Barrel Wide Choke . Pistols. Some firearms have this built in inherently. Bolt Action 1.000gp Gun gets lighter. Mechanism Firearms .) Recoil . Mechanism Firearms Automatic . Bolt Action if you have the Heavy Weapons Guy feat. Pistols.000gp The Scatter Cone turns into a 15 foot wide Scatter Line. however. Rifling .200gp Bolt Action now costs a bonus action to use. Arquebuses Light Frame -2 All Firearms 10.000gp The Scatter Line turns into a Scatter Cone Barrel Magazine .5 lbs All firearms 250gp +1 Aim Bonus except Shoulder Cannon Pistol Grip . 250gp +1 Aim Bonus. Repeating 5. Shoulder They can only be shot twice per round. Gun's weight cannot Cannon decrease past 1 lb. Primitive 1. Shotguns 1. and increases the Capacity (x) Firearms reload count of other firearms to 8.000gp Adds the Burst Fire property to the firearm. Material Rifle Burst .

Bards start with profiency in Sidearms.. Rifles and Carbines. Barbarians start with proficiency in Primitive Firearms and Shotguns. Warlocks. Paladins start with proficiency in longarms and sidearms. Druids cannot be proficient in firearms. They can use one Extra Attack to reload their firearms or use Pump Action and Lever Action. as they are always made from metal in some measure.. any Strength and melee based abilities for Paladins can be swapped with Dexterity and ranged weapons. For Paladins. and substitute their melee abilities with their firearms. Rogues start with proficiency in Sidearms. and Wizards get proficiency in Sidearms. Fighters start with proficiency in longarms and sidearms. Characters that start with proficiency in firearms can choose from Gun Tactics as well as Fighting Styles if they are able to do so. but they don't count as monk weapons. They can use one Extra Attack to reload their firearms or use Pump Action and Lever Action. but they cannot fire past the gun's normal range.) Characters that start with proficiency in Tinker's Tools can craft 5 of any kind of basic ammo over the period of a short rest. They can also use make a Tinker's Tool check to repair their guns if they misfire... Clerics can start with proficiency in sidearms and firearms that have the Scatter property. They can use Extra Attack to reload their firearms or use Pump Action and Lever Action.. (Use the Archery Fighting Style Edit if going this route. Muskets. They can use one Extra Attack to reload their firearms or use Pump Action and Lever Action. They can use one Extra Attack to reload their firearms or use Pump Action and Lever Action.Giving Classes Guns Barbarians can use Strength for firearm rolls instead of Dexterity. The GM can make exceptions to this. . Rangers get proficiency in Longarms and Sidearms. They can use one Extra Attack to reload their firearms or use Pump Action and Lever Action. Monks can start with proficiency in Primitive Firearms. Carbines. Sorcerers. and Rifles.

You have mastered getting the most effect out of the scatter and starting a climb costs no extra movement.New Feats Rifle Master Prerequisites: Proficiency in firearms Akimbo Master Rifles are complex weapons. weapon to use this ability. 13 or higher. You get advantage on Strength(Athletics) rolls to climb. +1 to your Dexterity and gain the following benefits: When you take an aimed shot with a Rifle or firearm with You gain proficiency in Pistols if you don't have it already. but you know just how to You master the art of wielding two firearms at once. and Dexterity Saving Throws. You can use a bonus action to reload both lever-action firearms you wield at once. You get the following beneftis: Suppression When you have three or more enemies in your scatter Prerequisites: Proficiency in firearms cone at once when you make an attack. you can use your reaction to Aim. Two-handed firearms deal d8 bludgeoning damage. You are now considered proficient minimum of 1). you gain the following pure efficiency. cone of fire from your firearms. you knock them all creatures within a cone out to your weapon's normal prone if their higher roll would have also failed. You must take the new action at a -5 penalty. You are now able to wield two lever-action firearms at Pistol Whipper once. a Light firearm. You gain the following benefits. rolling an attack with -5 to weapons. than even someone who uses a repeating firearm. You ignore the reload time for Light firearms. You can draw or holster two Light firearms when you Moving up to half your speed does not cancel out your aim would normally be able to draw or holster only one. (Rounded up. with firearms you use as melee weapons. . to the point where you can put down more heat You can now dual-wield two Light firearms while mounted. You cannot take Dueling Expert bonus actions or reactions if you take this action. Attacking with any firearm within 5 feet of an enemy does The target or targets have disadvantage on attack rolls not impose disadvantage on the attack roll. they run out of bullets. Strength 13 or higher Firing guns while mounted is quite easy for you. Prerequisites: Proficiency in firearms Difficult terrain provides no extra difficulty when climbing. This attack has disadvantage. the Rifling property. bonus when wielding a firearm with the Rifling property. You must Prerequisites: Proficiency in firearms have at least half your gun's reload count loaded into your You have mastered the art of dueling with gun and sword. This ability expends a number of bullets equal to half your gun's total reload count when used. Light firearms deal You ignore the bonus action needed to use Lever-Action. Spreadfire Juggernaut You have mastered the art of scaling any climbable surface. You have advantage on attack rolls out to 15 feet with your If you roll a natural 20 or deal a killing blow with your Light firearms while wielding two at once. you can use an action to either focus fire on a If there is at least one target in your scatter cone that has single target or create a range of suppressive fire that affects disadvantage against your saving throw. roll the damage die twice and and Heavy firearms deal d10 damage. giving you You get advantage on any target you take aim at if the the following abilities. range. rolls. you have mastered the use of lever-action benefits: firearms. Mounted Shooting Marathon Shooter Prerequisites: Proficiency in firearms Prerequisites: Proficiency in firearms. While this ability is active. If the attack hits. property drawn. you weapon in your offhand does not count as another weapon can use your reaction to make a ranged attack roll at for the purposes of the Dueling and Gun Duelist fighting them. You can use a bonus action to shoot with the second firearm. creature's size is smaller than your mount. but deals an extra +5 style and gun tactic. instead of one at a time. they have When you have a firearm with the Automatic or Burst Fire disadvantage on the saving throw to resist your shot. Rifle or firearm with the Rifling property. you can reroll 1s and 2s to the You can fire both firearms you hold as part of your attack weapon's damage once per turn. While you Whether it be a desire for showmanship or just training in are mounted and aren't incapacitated. add your full ability score modifier. Str. When you use the attack action with a one-handed melee The target or targets can only move at half speed and weapon. Prerequisites: Proficiency in Athletics. Wielding a Light firearm or Finesse melee If the target or targets move while this effect is active. the roll. you may and gain the following benefits: do the following things until your next turn. You get make every shot count. you can spend a bonus action to draw and/or fire cannot Dash. You can only add half your ability score modifier You are skilled in using guns as melee weapons when and if to the damage rolls of these attacks. This bonus stacks with any additional aim Climbing Expert bonus you take during your turn. d6 bludgeoning damage and are considered Finesse You can fire both guns at once. damage if it hits.

and slashing damage as well as attachments. you can now craft wielding your shield. you get the following Bulletstorm feature. you are considered to be in three every other firearm on the list after succeeding the quarters cover when they attack you. but can still only fire the The cost to create each firearm is equal to (Cost in gp of gun once per turn. the Firearm)/10. you gain two more. If you shield. You regain your expended technique points when you finish a short or long rest. when you use those features with a Heavy firearm. Bayoneteer Prerequisites: Proficiency in firearms You have mastered the art of fighting with weapons attached to the barrel of your gun. player higher. Strength 13 or Prerequisites: Proficiency in firearms. This shot is made without aim bonus. a saving throw to resist the trick's effects. Once per long rest. If a trick requires your target to make DC goes down by 1 for subsequent checks (Minimum of 10). the creature you hit automatically fails the save to resist the effect of the target Prerequisites: Intelligence 13 of the called shot. and can now craft You can fire your gun without needing to aim beforehand. you can then craft the gun. and Pump Action. the saving throw When the blueprints are created. allows you to use special tricks during combat. any nonmagical bludgeoning. and you are resistant to required Intelligence check to craft it's blueprints. primitive firearms. You get proficiency in Tinker's tools. piercing. Heavy Weapons Guy . making a shot with your firearm. You can now add your proficiency modifier to attack rolls you make with Bayonets and can now use them as part of your Extra Attack and Bulletstorm features. You gain the letting you create new firearms via experimenting. player level 13 You have trained in a performance art with firearms that You have gone through extensive training in gunsmithing. level 16 You have perfected the art of the patient.Superior Marksman Heavy Weapons Guy Prerequisites: Proficiency om firearms. materials for the firearm you wish to craft before you took You ignore the action needed to use Bolt Action after this feat. If you have the Extra Attack or or Longshot Sight equipped on it. DC equals 8 + your proficiency modifier + your Dexterity It is assumed that during your travels you came across the modifier. Action Loader You have trained yourself to specialize in the use of action loaded weapons. the except Cheat Death. You also ignore the reload time for Break Action firearms. These are used now craft primitive firearms at a rate of 10gp per hour. you use it. When you make an attack against a creature while take the Gunsmith Expert Feat. Technique Adept Experienced Gunsmith Prerequisites: Proficiency in firearms Prerequisites: Gunsmith Initiate. they deal as long as you continue to attack that target. you have two technique points. and can otherwise. you can craft You have become quite adept at crowd control using your action loaded firearms as well as primitive firearms when you take the Gunsmith Initiate feat. You gain proficiency in Action Loaded firearms and ignore the action or bonus action needed to use Lever-Action. A technique points are expended when The cost to craft firearms is now cut in half for you. you can use a single one of those attacks benefits. You craft these new guns at a rate of 5gp per hour. More than one target can be affected this way if you can attack more than once during your turn. Strength 15. If you already have Technique Points. Riot Controller Variant Rule: Firearms Are Prominent Prerequisites: Proficiency in shields If firearms are common in your world. You can following beneits: now create all the other types of firearms on the chart above. You are assumed to have gotten the This shot is made with disadvantage. When You have strenghtened yourself to be able to use Heavy you wield a Heavy firearm that has either a Telescopic Sight firearms more effectively. required materials to make the gun before you took this feat. to fuel your tricks. If you fail. If you have taken aim with your firearm and you make a Gunsmith Initiate successful called shot attack. precise kill. You craft these guns at a rate of 5gp per hour. you must succeed an Intelligence check You learn two tricks of your choice from among those with your proficiency bonus added over the period of a short available to the Virtuoso Archetype in the gunslinger class rest in order to make the blueprints for the gun.

You'll find them at the job board Using Unique Weapons With Style before any paladin or fighter. and then consider how your character came weapons of choice. and he pulls the trigger. Or did they form a pact with a dark entity for this knowledge? Either way. then twirls about. . They’re all very good with Most adventurers seek adventure out. the greater use they'll know how to operate them. firing a multitude of magically charged shots towards his now baffled foes. the challenges of the darkest and most dangerous dungeons. As he lets out a haughty guffaw. and as they hone their skills with these across their knowledge of how to make and use them? Did distributors of supersonic lead death. Others have it thrust guns. and use unique fighting styles and speed to strike down upon them. His lips curl into a grin. swashbucklers with an eye for the explosive. and few The more challenging the encounter. their background should lead them to come across these deadly tools for use in their adventures. confusion and panic among those at the business end of these tools. they become speedy. the tiefling turns her steely gaze to the firearms within her hands. few can comprehend. and they'll be eager to take on Though this is heavily dependent on the adventure being run. Undeterred. Amidst the roaming herd of goblins and hobgoblins. gunslingers come from many backgrounds. Gunslingers seem to have been born with a any foe that challenges them with less advanced weaponry. Whether outlaws from a distant land trying to redeem themselves. The Gunslinger A Human finishes loading rounds into her gun and and runs straight into a pack of angry kobolds that are threatening her town. consider two major things. there stands a single. massive fire giant shouting commands to the monsters. calling for their surrender. and imbues them with a mysterious arcane force. Gunslingers take advantage of this and combine Creating a Gunslinger the usage of these guns with a stylistic grace and speed very When creating a gunslinger. her weapon burping out salvo after salvo of hot lead against the poorly armed draconians with naught but simple spears to use against her. a Half Elf begins to train the custom built sights of his homemade rifle on his prize. but Born for Adventure all have one thing in common. or smiths that wish to show off their talents to the world in the heat of battle. they have a eureka moment in a time of renaissance? Did they nearly impossible to track and able to hit a target with their train with a mentor before deciding to go on their own path? guns under nearly impossible circumstances. guns are considered very rare in most adventures. Their exotic nature can lead to get out of their pride and joy. he sees his opening. A Gunslinger will take nearly any Firstly. She tumbles and spins. Setting her perch up at the top of a tree. natural affinity and curiosity for exploration and dealing with the problems out in the wild. A band of orcs move in and surround a Tiefling and her disarmed friends. consider how rare guns are in the adventure your DM opportunity they feel appropriate to show off with their is running. .

Bullet Speed (+10) Hit Points 4th +2 Ability Score Improvement Hit Dice: 1d8 per Gunslinger level 5th +3 Bulletstorm. Daggers. (a)Tinker’s Tools and a Explorer’s Pack or (b)Tinker's Tools and a Scholar’s Pack Variant Rule: Firearms are Prominent If firearms are prominent in your world. Rapier or Scimitar or (b)a Light Primitive Firearm and a Shortsword. make Dexterity your highest The Gunslinger ability score. Bullet Speed (+20) Tools: Tinker’s Tools 14th +5 Superior Overwatch 15th +5 Final Stand Saving Throws: Dexterity. 12th +4 Ability Score Improvement Whips 13th +5 Trail Feature. along with 20 pieces of ammo that match the firearm chosen. (a)A Light Primitive Firearm and 10 bullets. choose the Folk Proficiency Hero. Lastly. (a)A Primitive Firearm and a Shortsword. along with 20 pieces of ammo that match the firearm chosen. Intelligence 16th +5 Ability Score Improvement Skills 17th +6 Gunslinging Supreme Choose two from Arcana. Acrobatics. Handaxes. Handaxes. Shootout Sense Weapons: Longarms. Insight. Perception. Ammo Smith. Sidearms. 18th +6 Trail Feature Persuasion. Rapier or Scimitar. Handaxes or Sickles. followed by Intelligence. Level Bonus Features 1st +2 Gun Tactics. Medium Armor 10th +4 Advanced Gun Stunts 11th +4 Bulletstorm (2). Intimidation. Scimitars. Sailor or Soldier background. or Sleight of Hand. Unarmored Defense Class Features 2nd +2 Gun Stunts. in addition to the equipment granted by your background: A personal effect. Quick Build To quickly build a gunslinger. History. Overwatch As a Gunslinger. Rapiers. 19th +6 Ability Score Improvement Equipment 20th +6 Superhuman Reflexes You start with the following equipment. 3rd +2 Gunslinging Trail. choose the Investigation and Acrobatics skills. Second. you may instead choose the following equipment variations. Performance. or Sickles. Bullet Time Hit Points at 1st level: d8 + your Constitution modifier 6th +3 Ability Score Improvement Hit Points at Higher Levels: 1d8 or 5 + your Constitution 7th +3 Iron Intuition modifier per Gunslinger level after 1st 8th +3 Ability Score Improvement 9th +4 Trail Feature Proficiencies Armor: Light Armor. Rapier or Scimitar or (b) An Action Loaded Firaerm and a Shortsword. or (b) choose two from Daggers. Sickles. Rapier or Scimitar. Crossbows. (a) A Light Repeating or Action Loaded Firearm and 10 bullets. . Investigation. (a) A Repeating Firearm and A Shortsword. Clubs. you get the following class features. or (b) choose two from Daggers. such as a hat or a trenchoat. Shortswords.

to damage rolls. you can add your ability Unarmored Defense score modifier to the damage of the second attack. (Minimum of 1) Akimbo Shooting When wielding two light firearms. Shooting a firearm at a creature within 5 feet of you does not impose disadvantage on the attack roll. (Minimum of 1). instead of one at a time. When you make an attack roll with Aim Bonus. When wielding a two handed firearm without the Heavy or You must declare this when you aim. your AC equals 10 + your Dextertiy modifier + your Shooting a target with a firearm within 30 feet of you gives +2 Intelligence modifier. When their firearms. See Riflery the chart on page 3 for the list of called shots you can make. you can make a called shot without disadvantage. (Rounded up) . you can create any two kinds of mundane ammo Sniper for your firearms equal to your Intelligence modifier x 2 If you make an attack with a firearm with the Heavy property. or a single kind of mundane ammo for your you have advantage if you aim beforehand. the attack roll. You can now wield a two-handed firearm with a can perform various different daring and heroic feats with shield. At 1st level. they proficient. You can At 1st level. but must brace it against the shield to fire it.Gun Tactics Ammo Smith At 1st level. you rely on your mental and physical instincts to also reload both as a bonus action. firearms equal to your Intelligence modifier x 5. you can move 5 feet in any direction. Gun Duelist Precise Aim. You can’t take a gun tactic more than once. you adopt a strategic tactic with your gunslinging that emphasizes your style and proficiency with these Gunslingers learn early on in their careers that ammo for weapons. You can use the following abilities at will wielding a light firearm and a shield. you get the option to choose again. Gun Stunts Shield Shooting Gunslingers learn unique skills that set them apart from You are now proficient with shields if you are not already anyone else who can point and shoot a gun. but you don't need to brace it in order to fire. deftly dodge out of the way of attacks. you get a +2 to attack rolls. At 2nd level. Called Shot. so long as you have Tinker's Tools and take a short rest. add half your Intelligence modifier to your add +2 to your damage. so they resort to making their own. When not wearing Breacher armor. Shoot 'N Scoot. even if their weapons is scarce. damage rolls. If you make an attack with a firearm. Scatter property. you can brace it for +2 to during your turn. If you make a successful attack with firearms When wielding a light firearm in one hand and nothing else. using Aim Bonus.

so long as there are a few people who know at least basic information on them. As usual. This does not cost an action. You can use an action to lie in wait to make an At 5th level. . you can draw a light firearm and fire again at any target of your choosing as a bonus action. This cannot be used during a Bulletstorm attack. a Gunslinger chooses from one of three and only when making a Bulletstorm attack. You must holster either the light firearm or the two- handed firearm afterwards. 30 feet for a Flintlock Bulletstorm extra attacks do not get aim bonus. You can also use your Intelligence modifier instead of your Wisdom modifier for Insight rolls. you can’t increase who can deal with dangerous creatures and ne'er-do-wells for an ability score above 20 using this feature. a fail. A successful attack halves the target's speed until the end of their next turn. The strange ability score of your choice by 2. and again at 6th level. Fast Load You ignore reload time for firearms and the bonus action Gunslinging Trail used for Pump Action and Lever Action for firearms when At 3rd level. take no damage on a successful save and only half damage on This becomes 20 feet at level 13. This can only be done moves while in your firearm’s normal range if you have the with firearms if tehy have at least one bullet left in them. (For example. the right price. You can alternatively use your bonus action to draw the light firearm to make the the Bulletstorm attacks. conjunction with it. or Spellshooter. all detailed at the end of the class description. Gunslinging Trail to begin training in. They may choose from Bullet Time either Virtuoso. Marksman's Stance. the damage you Bullet Speed take from ranged weapon attacks is reduced by half. When you fire a two-handed firearm. or you can increase two weapons in their holsters also give them an air of someone ability scores of your choice by 1. Your walking speed mitigate a damaging effect. The trail you choose grants you At 5th level. Pistol. Vital Strike. You can now critically hit on a 19. Advanced Gun Stunts At 10th level. like a shotgun's scatter cone. be it to find if there is knowledge on any particular wanted individuals or to locate the nest of some rather nasty varmints in need of extermination. and again at 9th. You can now take the Dodge or Disengage action using a bonus action. Ability Score Improvement Iron Intuition When you reach 4th level. but suffer disadvantage on your next attack and cannot add your Dexterity modifier to its damage. your reflexes are as fast as any bullet you fire features at 3rd level.) This attack is made with advantage as well as Aim The number of attacks increases to three when you reach Bonus. Luck of the Craft. when you make a Dexterity Saving Throw to battlefield nearly as fast as their bullets. At 7th level You can spend one minute talking to a creature or observing it to glean knowledge on their tics to gain advantage and double your proficiency bonus on any Insight checks to discern intent or disposition on any topic. you get access to three new gun stunts. you increases by 10 when not wearing armor or using a shield. ammunition to do so. and 18th level. if you declare this at the start of your turn.Overwatch Bulletstorm At 2nd level. instead of once when you opportunity attack against any enemy that comes within or take the attack action on your turn. Machinist. You can spend a bonus action to roll a critical hit on an 18. but they can be used in conjunction with the basic Gun Stunts if applicable. 16th level. 13th. you can increase one honest person from a cheat from a mile away. but you can’t use Gun Stunts in 11th level. Gunslingers pride themselves as being folks who can tell an 12th level. While dodging. 8th level. 3rd level Gunslingers know how to navigate around the Additionally. from your gun. and 19th level. You can only use one of these stunts per round. Add your Intelligence modifier to critical hit damage. you can attack twice. You can instead spend ten minutes gathering info about a creature to gain this benefit. You can reroll a failed ranged attack roll with your firearms. 7th level Gunslingers can also spend ten minutes in a community to find any information on bounties. if applied previously.

These and you do not die outright. they have become undisputed experts with firearms. and you cannot Dash or stand up. If you are surprised. These choices are less like Bulletstorm attack on the same target afterward. but cannot use Bulletstorm. and your maximum Dexterity score is now 24. or Spellshooter principles. Add your proficiency bonus to your firearm's damage rolls. takes you. but you can only make two attacks. If you succeed this attack during an enemy's movement. once per long rest. Variant Rule: Gun Maintenance At 11th level. when your hit points are brought to 0 Machinist.Shootout Sense Gunslingers live for the possibility of danger at any moment. Virtuoso. You may choose from the Starting at 15th level. you automatically fix any misfires without the need for a Superior Overwatch Tinker's Tools check. when you take a short rest with your Stunts. normally on your first turn. moves. They're what Gunslingers attempt to devote themselves to as a part of Final Stand their adventuring lifestyle. classical training and more like a lifestyle decision. a Gunslinger has sharpened their reflexes to supersonic levels. attacks made by the affected creature have disadvantage and deal half damage. Spells or area of effect actions taken by the affected Gunslinging Principles creature give any target(s) advantage on a saving throw. Disengage. or Advanced Gun Stunts. . you can now use your Overwatch action to make this period lowering the firearm's chance for an opportunity attack at anything that comes into. you can act ability and replace it with this. Their speed is In order to multiclass as a Gunslinger. or reload as a bonus action. You also get the following benefits. you can make a single various principles of gunfighting. Gunslinging Supreme Once a Gunslinger reaches level 17. their speed drops to 0 and they can't take Multiclassing the Dash action if they haven't done so already. you must have a also halved until the end of their next turn. enter principles grant you various features to enhance your a state of pure grit in order to keep fighting on before death gunslinging ability to legendary proportions. You are only allowed to move 5 feet while in Final Stand. before it finishes doing so. you can. You can take Overwatch as a bonus action for as many times as half your Intelligence modifier per long rest. Gun At 1st level. or misfire by 2 instead of 1. You fall prone and can draw any firearm you wish without spending an action. Gunslingers at level 3 begin to train themselves toward If you succeed an Overwatch attack. except when in Final Stand. You ignore the action used for Bolt Action during Bulletstorm attacks. You can only aim. and fire your weapon once as an action. You can take Dash as a bonus action for as many times as your Dexterity modifier per short rest. firearms while you have Tinker's Tools. If you manage to kill three creatures or deal the killing blow to a creature who's CR is two points higher than your player level or higher than 20 while in Final Stand. You make death saving throws at the end of your turn. You cannot add your ability score modifier to your damage rolls. You can alternatively spend At level 14. Your Dexterity score increases by 4. If you succeed this minimum Dexterity and Intelligence ability score of 13. except when in Final Stand. you add your Intelligence modifier to your If ammo is readily available in your world but initiative rolls and you get advantage on initiative rolls if misfire is still possible. The damage you take from ranged attacks and ranged spell attacks can be mitigated entirely when taking the Dodge action once per short rest. takes an action out to your weapon’s maximum range. Superhuman Reflexes At level 20. take out the Ammo Smith you're not surprised. you regain 1 hit point and can use your reaction to stand up. attack when they make an attack or cast a spell.

You can spend 5 Technique Points to have your improve upon the Trick if you can do so. shot instantly Crit. Head in the Game Starting at Level 13. it's expended. This speed applies once per Shoot N' Scoot. up to your movement Gun Prodigy speed. and level 18. In addition. When you take aim and hit with a shot. level 13. and Dice Games. Gun Stunt Improvements Marksman's Stance. The save DC is calculated as follows: Trick Save DC = 8 + your proficiency bonus + your Dexterity. You can now use this spend 2 Technique Points to add your entire Intelligence at its base power once per long rest without spending a modifier to your damage rolls. You get an extra 5 feet of movement for every Technique Point you spend. and the saving throw the target makes Luck of the Craft. Your maximum Technique Points go up by 2 at level 9. This must be done before you make an attack roll with the firearms. Saving Throws.Virtuoso . Many Tricks enhance an attack or assist allies/debilitate enemies in some way. shape or form. use your light firearm after a Bulletstorm attack as a bonus Called Shot. Quickdraw At level 9. Virtuosos don’t see guns as just a mere tool of destruction. Reroll 1s and 2s to damage. You still must spend Technique Points to Vital Strike. You also gain proficiency in Charisma saving throws if you don't have it already. Gun Stunts. If you already have proficiency in any of these. and level 18. Spend 2 Technique Points to make is done with disadvantage. your proficiency bonus is doubled. you can also replace one Trick you know with a different one. The Art of Lead Starting at level 3. Virtuosos gain proficiency in Dragonchess. you can Trick you know that isn't Cheat Death. Tricks. level 13. You can spend a Technique Point to gain advantage with any rolls made when playing these games. made with advantage. At level 18. In addition. You regain all your Technique Points when you finish a short or long rest. your shot is action. . At the cost of 2 Technique Points. You use the higher of the two rolls. Intelligence or Charisma modifier. Technique Points. declare the spending before the stunt is performed. Virtuosos get a pool of Technique Points that they may use to either enhance their own Gun stunts or to use a bevy of special skills. You may spend a Technique Point to enhance your gun stunts. Each time you learn a new Trick. Some of your Tricks require your target to make a saving throw to resist the trick's effects. Virtuosos can draw and/or holster or aim a firearm once per round without using an action. Those who chose to train as virtuosos collect and train with as many guns as possible in to become more versatile and powerful shooters who's skill and showmanship is unrivaled. You can spend 2 Technique Points to Up to three Gun Stunts can be improved once per short rest. You learn three Tricks of your choice. You get a pool of 4 Technique Points to spend on either Gun Stunts or Tricks. Playing Cards. you regain 1 Technique Point if you roll initiative and have no Technique Points remaining. When you use a Technique point. You learn two additional Tricks at level 9. you learn one additional Gun Tactic from the ones listed above. Technique Point. You have advantage on Perception checks made to spot cheating or Sleight of Hand checks. Shoot 'N Scoot. To do this. they see them as an art form that they wish to master. Choose a single Precise Aim. which are detailed under "Tricks" below. another reroll.

disadvantage on the next attack that creature makes. from the attack roll. You can add your luck of your craft to avoid the misfire entirely. you can spend a Technique Point to have the shot attacked in this manner are considered to be in three. adding attack or within melee reach of an enemy in order to roll out your Dexterity modifier to that jump's distance and make it of the way as a reaction. to go sprinting at full speed across the battlefield. Targets firearm. bonus action to aim. ranged weapon attack with your firearm. or Intelligence modifier. The Technique Point to cause the creature to begin bleeding from creature is forced to make a Wisdom saving throw. This cannot be done with Scatter firearms. you can spend a Technique Point to Gun Kata When you make a Bulletstorm attack with your increase the normal and max range of your gun by 10 feet. Add your Charisma modifier to the shot's point instead. If your gun would misfire. Technique Points as you want to prevent creatures you Instinctual Shot. Missiles have an AC of 16. Dexterity. Make an attack roll against the missile or disadvantage as well as given a negative modifier equivalent spell. Spend a Technique Point in order to use choose from taking opportunity attacks against you. imposing have been hit by your attack roll. If you make a jump. an additional Technique Point to add it to both attacks. When you make a successful attack For every 10 feet added to your speed. the attack automatically fails as your bullet Creatures that do not bleed are not affected by this Trick. of their turns. and Deadeye. leaving them open for your allies to attack. you can spend a Spend an additional Technique Point when you use this Technique Point in order to use a reaction to attempt to shoot effect to make the saving throws of your target have it out of the air. The next attack made against you has Tracking Shot. spend a Technique Point to attempt to frigthen the creature. This move does not provoke opportunity attacks. The You can spend additional Technique Points to target target must also make a Constitution saving throw or only be additional enemies within the same line of your shot. When an enemy makes a ranged spell attack or order to halve this damage. You can spend an additional Technique Point to get Bob and Weave. to the damage of this attack unless you spend an additional Break Cover. When you hit with a shot from your firearm Cheat Death. You lose 5 feet of with your firearm. firearms. this distance by an additional 10 feet per point spent. you can spend a Technique Point to lock your Gunslinger's Luck. If you succeed. action to aim. Spend a Technique Point when targeted by an Technique Point to make the jump with vim and vigor. If you've spent an action and a bonus disadvantage. Suave Shot. When you make a successful shot. When you are reduced to 0 hit points. additional Technique Point. your Gunslinger level and you can move 10 feet in any Sprint. you Intelligence modifier to the attack roll. against your enemies. up to 2. The damage roll is reduced by d8 + not cost additional movement to make the jump. You Light firearm while using this trick if you have one drawn can spend additional Technique Points. as you have to catch your breath and recover. spend a Technique Point. If it fails. to increase during your turn. do this. you can spend a Technique Point once on can spend 4 Technique Points to channel your inherent luck your turn to make a smooth trickshot that adds extra oomph to fly in the face of death itself in order to be reduced to 1 hit to it's damage. They take this damage on the beginning your Charisma modifier from their save. When you hit an enemy with a successful These tricks will be listed in alphabetical order. to your Intelligence modifier. You cannot add your Dexterity modifier Points spent. mod. Your You can spend an additional Technique Point to reload a walking speed increases by 10 feet until you stop moving. When you make a successful shot.Tricks Frightful Shot. strikes it and either interrupts it's effects or knocks it off and simply suffer extra damage equal to your Charisma. Add your Charisma modifier to the damage they deal. When you hit with a shot from your unless an additional Technique Point is spent. Spend turn. . unless you Intelligence modifier to the attack roll if you spend an rolled a natural 1. advantage if the attack is made before the start of your next Sniper's Patience. When you move. you can spend a Dodge Roll. unless you spend an additional Technique Point. The attack has disadavtage Piercing Shot. whichever's higher. course. This can only be done once per long rest. This shot prevents you from aiming next round. Spend a Technique Point to attack a creature Technique Point. Subtract your Cha. and spells have an AC of 17. Spend another to subtract whichever is higher. continue on through the target after hitting it in order to quarters cover unless an additional Technique Point is spent. They can make a Constitution saving throw in Intercept. This must be declared when this ability is used. you during your turn. roll the save with disadvantage. you can expend a Technique point direction. (Rounded down. You can The next attack roll that's made against the target has get 5 feet back if you spend additional Technique Points. You can spend a Technique Point to add Aim gives any attack made against you advantage until your next Bonus to a Bulletstorm attack you make on your turn. or two points to reload a two-handed one. you can sights onto your target of choice and focus in on hitting them.) a ranged attack within your firearm's range. they take half damage. damage. you can spend a Bloodshot. Add your Concussive Shot. Disorienting Shot. Rocket Jump. If the creature within can spend a Technique point in order to cause the sonic range of your shot and in the same line as your shot would boom of your shot to ring in your target's ears. You go into a stance that Spend an additional Technique Point to increase this range makes you a harder target to hit as you take shot after shot to 30 feet. you can spend a Technique Point to your walking speed until the end of your next turn when you disorient them. damage equal to half your Gunslinger level (rounded up) for You can spend an additional Technique Point to make them as many turns as your Dexterity or Intelligence Modifier. While moving. able to move half their speed on their next turn. The your bonus action to take a shot based purely on your amount of creatures is equal to the number of Technique gunslinging senses. the wound you've made the target of your shot to take it is frightened of you until the end of your next turn. spend a Technique Point in order to channel the inherent You get advantage on your next shot. If you have used your action and your turn. in total cover with an attack roll. you can spend as many advantage on this attack. attempt to damage an additional creature.

firearms. but cannot take bonus actions or reactions afterward or make two Bulletstorm attacks instead of one when taking the Overwatch action. The crafting cost for all firearms is reduced Name DC Required Materials Cost Effect by half. kinds of ammunition. You are assumed to have the required materials for these parts when you reach level 13. you of creating firearms. You can now craft every other type of gun the Machinist Principle spend as much time firing their on the firearms charts below. If you fail. All guns you create start with +1 to make 5 experimental bullets. you only make 1 attack rolls and damage rolls and cannot misfire unless you experimental bullet. Machinist Perfected Gun Smithy Machinists devote their lives to the study of the intricacies of Machinists who reach level 13 get double their proficiency firearms to improve how their guns work. Lever Action. You can also use a Tinker's Tools check as a bonus action to repair firearms. You craft these at a rate Advanced Ammo Smith of 5gp per hour. It is assumed that during required materials prior to level 3. The required materials are decided When Machinists get to level 18. purposes of calculating damage. Those who model types of firearms. an aspect 20gp 2d4 Your experience with learning the ins and outs of firearms Round of that element. and the DC for the check is 15. You are assumed to have collected the created. When the blueprints are primitive firearms. They can now also craft new specialized arsenal for any sort of mission. creating a bonus to Tinker's Tools checks. their effective and maximum range. Machinists are able to begin crafting subsequent checks (Minimum of 10). You now craft primitive for it to count. and start with no chance Your experience with creating guns allows you to reload for misfire. If you succeed. The cost to create each firearm is equal to (Cost in gp of You can now craft Custom Parts and Attachments for your the Firearm)/10. Once per long rest you must weapons as they do tinkering with them. you can then craft the gun. and Pump Action attack rolls against targets that haven't acted. To start the experiment. on your turn without using an action once per short rest. . If you fail. Once per short rest. you get advantage on your gun or use Bolt-Action. the Machinist must roll a Tinker's Tools check with the required materials One With the Gun to make 5 of the ammo. succeed an Intelligence check with your proficiency bonus added over the period of a short rest in order to make the Gun Smithy blueprints for the gun. even if Example Exotic Ammo Type they've misfired. Elemental 15 1 Iron Ingot. . the DC goes down by 1 for Starting at level 3. (See charts above for details. Firearms crafted by Machinists get a +30 to firearms at a rate of 20gp per hour. roll a natural 1 three times. At the beginning of combat. you can either attack three times when you make a Bulletstorm attack. You craft these guns at a your travels you came across the required materials to make rate of 10gp per hour. they have mastered the craft by the DM.) Level 9 Machinists are now able to attempt to craft special You also get proficiency in Intelligence saving throws. Elemental has allowed you to become completely in tune with your Damage guns. You can attempt this once per long rest. Any mundane ammunition you You also get double the ammunition you create when using create after reaching level 18 is considered silvered for the Ammo Smith. You must take at least 8 hours to craft the gun before you reach level 13.

They can also craft Action-Loaded and Repeating firearms at a rate of 5th 5 2 4 3 . and Attachments at 3rd level. Repeating Firearms. They must succeed a DC 15 14th 14 3 10 4 3 2 - Intelligence check in order to do so. the 15th 15 3 10 4 3 2 - attachment is dislodged. .- firearm in place of all of a single kind of material needed to craft another firearm.- firearm used to make the new one is destroyed.- Additionally. 19th 19 4 12 4 3 3 1 20th 20 4 13 4 3 3 1 .- without having to make an Intelligence check to 4th 4 2 4 3 .Variant Rule: Firearms are Spellshooter Spellcasting Prominent Gunslinger Grit Cantrips Spells Machinists that are in a world where firearms are a Level Points Known Known 1st 2nd 3rd 4th common sight are able to craft Action-Loaded. 16th 16 3 11 4 3 3 - Variant Rule: Gun Maintenance 17th 17 3 11 4 3 3 - Machinists get the Gunslinger's Ammo Smith 18th 18 3 11 4 3 3 - ability at level 3 as part of Gun Smithy if the optional Gun Maintenance rule is used. If you do this. 6th 6 2 4 3 . 11th 11 3 8 4 3 . .- craft blueprints beforehand.- 7th 7 2 5 4 2 . 3rd 3 2 3 2 . any character with proficiency in 12th 12 3 8 4 3 2 - firearms and/or tinker's tools may attempt to put an attachment on a firearm without needing an 13th 13 3 9 4 3 2 - Attachment Rail.- 20 gp per day. Upon rolling a 1 when making an attack roll with the firearm. the 10th 10 3 7 4 3 . .- Variant Rule: Jury Rigging Machinists may use parts from other firearms in 8th 8 3 6 4 2 . You may substitute a 9th 9 3 6 4 2 .- order to craft different ones. .

Principle. such as when you learn more Wizard spells of 1st level or higher. although if Spells Known of 1st-Level and Higher. You regain all expended spell slots when you finish a automatically succeeds if the bullet hits its target. You know two the first spell attack roll is made against the target of the 1st-level spells of your choice from the Wizard spell list. as long as act not merely as conduits for magic. verbal and material components for spells are Spell List. you can learn one new spell of 1st or 2nd amount of arcane power would be very unstable If you are level. but enhancers. from any school of magic. 2nd 3 Spell Save DC = 8 + your proficiency bonus + your Intelligence modifier 3rd 5 Spell Attack Modifier = your proficiency bonus + your 4th 6 Intelligence modifier Creating Spell Slots. however. As a bonus action on your turn. or 20th level. and must be of a level for Any firearms you hold cannot hold more than one spell of which you have spell slots. you can. using two Light firearms at once.Spellshooter Arcane Ammunition Spellshooters are those who have melded the pursuits of Spellshooters. condense magic and engineering in search of greater potential that the magical energy of spells into material vessels. You learn two cantrips from your chosen list of Spell bullets do not deal damage on their own. instead spells. . Their firearms preparation. and thus you do own memorization of spells and pure mental acuity. they are able to condense and store the energies are therefore modified to withstand the unleashing of of spells in material vessels. it automatically succeeds. over the period of two hours out of a long rest. and 20th level can come contain the 2nd level or higher spell. you gain the ability to cast magic from the Wizard Somatic. For instance. cast. then only one can The spells you learn at 8th. At 3rd level. The rules for Scatter's saving Each of these spells must be a Conjuration. even if they have their own AOE. Cantrips. throw and damage apply to the spell as well. 14th. Spells long rest. Conjuration. Spellshooters cannot directly cast All spells prepared in this manner have the same range as spells. In addition. with multiple attack rolls are cast as normal. The Spells Scatter property will affect any creature within the Scatter Known column of the Spellshooter Spellcasting table shows cone or line. Spellcasting Ability. prowess you used to master the training of firearms. you can replace one Flexible Preparation of the Wizard spells you know with another spell of your You get access to a number of Grit points dictated on the choice from the Wizard spell list. See Flexible Preparation on how to use these Any spell that requires a single spell attack roll slots. unless you’re bullets. These When you reach 3rd level and choose the Spellshooters rules apply for all spell bullets prepared. when you reach 10th 2nd level and higher within them per round. as that level in this class. and it must be a spell slots that you can use for your Arcane Ammunition Conjuration. As a bonus action on your turn. spells. you have pieces of mundane ammunition available. you can expend Grit points and gain a spell slot equal to the amount of Grit spent. Transmutation. Your Grit points are restored be innate or learned via studying. prepare as Spellcasting many spell bullets as you have available spell slots. Whenever you gain a level in this class. bullet. which must be chosen from the Evocation. fusing neither are able to deliver by themselves. as even though your magic may either rest using these new spell slots. The Spellshooter Spellcasting table shows The only exception is bullets that contain the Magic how many spell slots you have to use your spells of 1st level Missile spell. the spell is wasted and not spellcasting. You can only spend Grit Points after you prepare replacing the spell you gained at 8th. These Grit points allow you to create new level for which you have spell slots. By means of them into their ammunition for their attacks. Converting a Spell Slot to Grit Points. or Evocation spell of your choice. not need to expend them when it is cast via the bullet. You channel the energy of your spells through your fulfilled while preparing the spell bullets. Spell Slots. breaking apart to cast the spell before it hits the target. and higher. Fireball or Thunderwave. Spellcasting Conduit. you cast it using the mental every long rest. Transmutation or Evocation spell. creating dangerous weapons that powerful spells within their chambers. the Arcane Ammunition feature for more information on If the bullet misses the target. You use Creating Spell Slots your Intelligence whenever a spell refers to your spellcasting ability. or Any damaging spells used with firearms that have the Transmutation spells on respective spell list. Intelligence is your spellcasting You can only cast spells you have prepared over your long ability for your spells. and you cannot create spell slots higher than 4th level. See the range of the firearm. 14th. you can expend one spell slot and gain a number of Grit equal to the slot’s level. they can still cast cantrips like normal. you use your Intelligence modifier when Spell Slot Level Grit Point Cost setting the saving throw DC for a spell you cast and when 1st 2 making an attack roll with one. The new spell must be of a archetype sheet. instead of casting spells as they are.

you are able to harness your knowledge of the scientific and arcane in order to entirely alter the properties of spell they infuse into their bullets. you can spend 2 Grit points to change the saving throw from one ability score to another of your choice. necrotic. you can spend a Grit point to substitute that damage type with another damage type from this list by altering it's properties before you infuse it within your ammo. you get advantage on the saving throw. you can gain the knowledge of that spell until the next long rest. . you regain 2 Grit and immediately create an Arcane Ammunition bullet that has the spell infused within it. Inspired Munitions At 13th level. after which it dissipates from the bullet. If you succeed. you can attempt an Arcana check in order to recall a spell from another spellcaster's list. As long as you have spell slots and bullets left. You get proficiency in Arcana if you don't have it already. and can infuse it into one of your spell bullets whenever you prepare them. This bullet has the spell inside it for another 8 hours. it is made with disadvantage. you automcatically succeed this check. If the spell is a spell attack roll.Gritty Alteration At 3rd level. when you are the target of a spell of 1st level or higher. Once per long rest. down to 1st level. cold. when you can do it once per short rest. but cannot create any new slots higher than 2nd level. radiant. Eye For An Eye Spellshooters at 18th level have the ability to glean the knowledge from any spellcaster into the ammunition of their weapons as long as they throw themselves right into the line of fire to collect it. The DC for this check is 10 + the spell's level. Additionally. Arcane Smith Spellshooters that reach 9th level have become adept at creating their magic munitions far more quickly than normal. This happens even if the spell reduced your hit points to 0. If you do. double your proficiency bonus. force. or thunder damage. The DC is 10 + the spell's level. fire. and can use this knowledge to find inspiration from other spellcasters to infuse new kinds of spells into their bullets. you can use your reaction to hone your gunslinger wits to resist the spell and copy the knowledge in order to harness its effects into a single bullet. If the spell requires you to make a saving throw to resist its effects. in order to infuse it within one of your spell bullets. you can spend it or regain it over this period. This can only be done for one spell bullet until 9th level. if you see a creature cast a spell of a level you can cast. roll an Arcana check with advantage. as long as it did not kill you outright. Spellshooters have become well learned in the studies of the arcane. Once per long rest. When you prepare a spell bullet that has a spell that deals acid. whenever you prepare spells or use a short rest to create Arcane Ammunition bullets. After the spell is cast. (such as a Bard's Dissonant Whispers or a Cleric's Guiding Bolt) that is of a level you can cast and isn't a cantrip. you can produce Arcane Munitions equal to half your Intelligence modifier (rounded up) over the period of a short rest . If a spellcaster is with you that has and is able to cast the spell during the rest. If you have unexpended Grit. During the same preparation period. lightning. if the spell you infuse in your spell bullet requires a saving throw.

The magic higher. the bullet deals an extra 1d4 psychic damage and the target's mind becomes slightly necrotic damage and stains the target with the ooze until the muddled. such as Chromatic acid. imbuing it with magical source. When you succeed an attack roll nonmagical ammunition. such as Forceful Bullet. such as Black Bullet. poison or thunder energy. during this time. It's surrounded by a and shove it into your firearm. M (A nonmagical firearm) Components: S. energy pulled directly from your mind.New Spells Black Bullet Mindrending Bullet transmutation cantrip transmutation cantrip Casting Time: 1 Bonus action Casting Time: 1 Bonus action Range: Touch Range: Touch Components: S. When you damage of the type you choose. such as an eldritch being or a fiend's dark thoughts. such as cast it unless it is used or another power is put within your Forceful Bullet. This spell's damage increases by 1d4 at 5th level (2d4). the bullet deals This spell's damage increases by 1d4 at 5th level (2d4). Delayed Chromatic Blast 1st-Level evocation Forceful Bullet Casting Time: 1 action transmutation cantrip Range: 90 feet Casting Time: 1 Bonus action Components: V. imbued with either acid. and cold. black ooze from a dark You focus your mind on your firearm. . it has gun to another damage type from this list. messing with their reflexes. 11th level (3d4). poison or thunder energy. covering it with dark sludge. such as Heaevenly Bullet. making it glow This power remains surges around the outside of a gun in an effect that is in your gun for 1 minute after you cast it unless it is used or harmless to you. bullet deals an extra 1d4 force damage and imposes When you cast this spell using a spell slot of 2nd level or disadvantage on the next attack the target makes. such as a raging fire or a bubbling film of another power is put within your gun. and half as much damage on succeed an attack roll with nonmagical ammunition. M (A nonmagical firearm) Duration: Instant Duration: Instant You call forth a heavenly sphere of light from a holy source. M (A nonmagical firearm) Components: S. a bonus action to change the damage type imbued within the If the target makes a saving throw during this time. It explodes into a 30 foot ancient arcane power. 11th level (3d6). fire. 1st. the damage increases by 1d8 for each slot level above then fades. This spell's damage increases by 1d6 at 5th level (2d6). glowing purple grid for 1 minute after you cast it unless it is This power remains within your gun for 1 minute after you used or another power is put within your gun. you can use and a light marks the creature until the end of your next turn. Heavenly Bullet Chromatic Bullet transmutation cantrip transmutation cantrip Casting Time: 1 Bonus action Casting Time: 1 Bonus action Range: Touch Range: Touch Components: S. cold. The target cannot take start of your next turn. During this hour. When you succeed an attack roll with gun. This power remains inside your gun for 1 minute after Bullet. 11th 11th level (3d4). and 17th level (4d4). and 17th level (4d4). the bullet deals an extra 1d4 with nonmagical ammunition. This spell's damge increases by 1d4 at 5th level (2d4). they have disadvantage on the roll. lightning. level (3d4) and 17th level (4d4). If the target makes a an ability check reactions until the end of your next turn. the a successful save. the bullet deals an extra 1d6 radiant damage your gun. This spell's damage increases by 1d4 at 5th level (2d4). M (A nonmagical firearm) Duration: Instant Duration: Instant You conjure up a sphere of horrid. and 17th level (4d6). M (A 50gp gem) Range: Touch Duration: 1 Round Components: S. M (A nonmagical firearm) You hurl a 3 inch diameter sphere at a space of your choice Duration: Instant up to 90 feet away. You touch your gun and imbue the next round you fire with an lightning. imbuing it with acid. This power push it into your firearm. 11th level (3d4). fire. an extra 1d6 damage of the damage type chosen. S. You run your hand around your firearm. When you succeed disadvantage. such as light from the feywild or a celestial's holy gaze. an attack roll with nonmagical ammunition. The gun contains this power for 1 sphere at the start of your next turn. Anyone within the minute after you cast it unless it is used or another power is sphere must make a Dexterity Saving Throw or take 4d8 put within your gun. and 17th level (4d4). When you succeed an attack roll with nonmagical you cast it unless it is used or another power is put within ammunition.

If it fails.) must succeed on a Constitution Saving Throw or be poisoned Duration: Instantaneous for 1 Minute. S. When this spell is cast. They take 3d6 fire damage upon a failed save and half throw. in any direction as a Bonus Action during the caster's turn. M (Nighthsade) Hydro Beam Duration: Concentration 1 minute 3rd-level evocation You toss a small magical bomb that emits a toxic cloud from Casting Time: 1 Action it that starts out as a 10 foot square and expands 10 feet Range: 30 feet every round. If they succeed. higher. making them unable to hit as hard as they higher. S. M (A drop of water and fine dust) Duration: Instantaneous Duration: Instantaneous You hurl a ball of flame that bursts when it hits the ground. weapon forged from metal. S Components: S. Anyone caught within the cloud Components: V. halved and the creature is not paralyzed. The creature must succeed a Constitution saving Throw. you may treat your firearm as a Duration: Concentration. At the end of their turn. Components: V. The target must succeed on a Dexterity Saving Throw. . 1st. it takes 3d8 cold damage and is paralyzed as much damage on a successful one. M (A piece of ice and a two-handed firearm) Range: 30 feet Duration: 1 minute Components: V. You can subtract this number from either the weapon's next damage roll. For every level this spell is cast above 3rd level. M (A crushed mealworm. and as a bonus action 1st. and you must cast it again 1st-level necromancy in order to affect a new weapon of your choice. increase the damage by 1d8 for every level you cast it higher than 3rd. S. On a failed roll the target takes 8d6 Bludgeoning Damage If this spell is cast at a 2nd level slot or higher. When you cast this spell at 2nd level or higher. You choose one creature within range. Ice Bayonet 1st-level conjuration Soften The Sword Casting Time: 1 action 2nd-level Transmutation Range: Touch Casting Time: 1 Action Components: S. the damage is turn within the field takes 1d6 fire damage. and a gold block worth about 100gp that is consumed your guns (Restricted to rifles. You close your fist and igniting a 25 foot square around the targeted area. For 1 Minute. you roll 1d4. Casting Time: 1 Action For every level this spell is cost above 2nd level. blunderbusses and when the spell is cast) shotguns). increase Range: 90 feet the die taken from the damage roll of the weapon by 1d4. increase the damage by 1d6 for ever spell slot level above 3rd. and takes half damage on a successful damage dealt by the poison by 1d6 for every slot level above roll with no knockback. This cloud can be moved 10 feet you. Poisoned creatures take 1d6 poison damage at the start of their turn. Anyone flash freeze the air around them in an attempt to stop up their within the initial square must make a Dexterity Saving movement. This spell Decrepit Gas only affects one weapon at a time. Anything that starts its until the start of your next turn. This creature's weapons turn When you cast this spell using a spell slot of 2nd level or blunt and soft. muskets. M (a drop of water. the cold damage increases by 1d6 for each slot above usually could. up to 30 feet. increase the and is knocked prone. a small piece of You create a shard of ice at the end of the barrel of one of iron. they may make You project a beam of water from your hand or an object of another Constitution Saving Throw in order to shrug off the your choosing on your person at a target within 60 feet of poison before the duration.Flamewave Cryostasis 1st-level evocation 2nd-level evocation Casting Time: 1 action Casting Time: 1 action Range: 60 feet Range: 90 feet Components: V. during each of your turns. up to 1 minute finesse melee weapon with reach that does 1d6 Piercing You choose a creature within range wielding a nonmagical damage and 2d6 cold damage. increase the When you cast this spell using a spell slot of 3rd level or initial fire damage by 1d6 for every level above first.

a magnet and a dash of glow worm powder) You infuse a number of pieces of mundane ammunition equal Duration: Instantaneous to your spellcasting ability modifier with a single element of You snap your fingers and create a 20 foot radius wide arcane your choice. S. M(An amethyst worth 200gp. Anyone that enters the cloud or starts their turn within the cloud Casting Time: 1 Action must make a Constitution Saving Throw. These rounds deal Arcane Vortex double damage to spirits. Every turn Bubble Shield this spell is active. they Range: Self suffer 2d8 poison damage and 2d8 fire damage. up to 1 minute For every level this spell is cast above 3rd level. Any creature that thunder. a ball of cast Duration: Instantaneous iron. This shield is completely Rotting Shot immune to all damage from attacks and spells going into and 3rd-level necromancy out of it. M (A piece of mundane ammunition) Wizard Spell List Duration: Instantaneous Cantrips (0 Level) You infuse your next bullet with a foul. cold. Casting Time: 1 Action The vortex stays active for three rounds. you transform 4 Searing Smoke nonmagical. These bullets ignore cover bonuses to AC and are Ghost Bullets targeted using a creature's unarmored AC. increase You create a static. releasing a massive Components: V.Elemental Bullets Vortex 3rd-level evocation 4th-level conjuraction Casting Time: 1 Action Casting Time: 1 Action Range: Self Range: 90 feet Components: V. Casting Time: 1 Bonus Action Range: Self Components: V. it moves 20 feet in the chosen direction as 4th-level evocation a bonus action at the beginning of the caster's turn. mundane bullets in your inventory into ghostly Rotting Shot projections that can pass through inorganic material for 1 4th Level hour. M(Pieces of nonmagical ammunition) Elemental Bullets Duration: 1 hour Water Beam By speaking a ghostly incantation. If the bullet strikes. Any creatures can enter and exit the shield freely. S. If they fail. After the third Range: 40 feet round is over. they take half damage and are not knocked prone. the vortex implodes. Choose from fire. around yourself for the duration of the spell. Anyone within the vortex's area Duration: 1 minute when this happens must make a Dexterity saving throw or You throw sulfur into the air and convert it to a gaseuous take 4d10 force damage and be knocked prone. Any creature within the vortex cannot take Searing Smoke the Dash action. S. a leather strap from a shield) damage if they succeed. However. These bullets now deal an extra 6d8 of the chosen starts its turn within the vortex or enters it's area for the first type of damage if the round hits. forms and moves in a direction of your choosing. Forceful Bullet they take an additional 2d8 necrotic damage and have Mindrending Bullet disadvantage on Strength. due to their focus on Bubble Shield targeting organic material. For every level this spell is cast above 1st Level 3rd level. If they fail. or vortex at a point you can see within range. Conjure Flak Jacket Ice Bayonet Ghost Bullets Gas Bomb 4th-level transmutation 2nd Level Cyrostasis Casting Time: 1 Action Soften The Sword Range: Self 3rd Level Components: V. acid. If they form within range. M (pieces of nonmagical ammunition) Components: S. S. and half the Components: M(An iron bowl. increase the necrotic damage this bullet deals by Firebomb 1d8. and attacks against them automatically miss. poison. time takes 2d10 force damage and has it's movement speed reduced by half. the target takes 4d8 necrotic Chromatic Bullet damage must roll a Constituation Saving Throw. A cloud that occupies a 10 foot sphere succeed. Dexterity and Constitution skill Heavenly Bullet checks for 1 minute. lightning. Any creature attempting to leave the vortex's 3rd-level transmutation area must succeed a Strength saving throw. Duration: Cocnentration. impenetrable shield in a 10 foot radius the fire and poison damage by 1d8. M (A container of sulfur) amount of arcane energy. strength sapping Black Bullet energy. Vortex . constructs are not affected by these bullets.

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