About the First Chapter:

The book "What Great Teachers Do
Differently" starts by outlining the
following concepts:
• Teachers should look at the
effective teaching practices from
• Teaching is about who we are and
Chapter 5 reminds us that great teachers what we do
have high expectations for students, but • Challenges in the profession: self-
they have higher expectations for reflection.

• Irate: angry
1. Teaches us that once relationships
are damaged, it is difficult to repair.
• Griping: complaining consistently
Therefore teacher must continually WHAT GREAT
• Litany: a recitation repair. (Chapter 9)
• Pachyderm: a person who is not sensitive to 2. In order to change for the better
we first need to recognize the need
criticism for change. (Chapter 2) BY: TODD WHITAKER
3. As a teacher you should focus on
your performance and try to improve
Book Handout yourself in order to give students the
best education. ( Chapter 6) Collaborators: Gabe, Odalys,
Daniela, and Samreen.
17 Things That Teachers do
Teachers focus on the students first
above all else. 1. Remember that the people running school
The best thing about being a teacher programs are what determine the quality of a school.
is that it matters every day and it can 2. Create clear expectations and enforce them
make a difference every day. throughout the year
Chapter 8
3. Manage their classroom thoughtfully.
4. Have the goal of keeping students from
“Uncomfortable feelings make misbehaving.

people change—one way or 5. Set high expectations for their students but even
Chapter 18 higher ones for themselves.
another...treat everyone as if
6. Consistently work on improving themselves.
they were good"-Whittaker 7. Put their students first but always keep other things
in perspective.
(chapter 13)
8. Create a positive environment for their students and
9. Have a positive attitude and disregard the negative.
Teachers have the 10. Keep relationships healthy in order to avoid
ability to ignore personal hurt.
unwanted behavior
11. Ignore small disturbances and know how to deal
from student's who
• Great teachers say what they mean with no with misbehavior without creating a bigger scene.
exceptions or you will lose credibility. want the attention. An
• Think before they speak. also have the ability to 12. Plan out everything and adjust plans that don’t go
• Ask parents for help without the students knowing respond to it the way they envision.
• "… manage their classroom thoughtfully." Chapter 4 appropriately without 13. Ask themselves, "what will the best people think"
• Put themselves in their student's shoes and have
escalating the problem.
empathy for their students. Chapter 16 14. Keep in mind other people when making decisions.
• Effective teachers do their job well all the
time. Chapter 1 Chater12 15. Have empathy for their students.
• Least effective teachers focus on consequences of
breaking the rules. Chapter 3 16. Keep standardized test in mind.
• You get what you expect. Chapter 5 17. Care for their students.
• Great teachers try to make students contended.
Chapter 13