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 Share my passion for the sport of cross country and track and field with my athletes
Passion  Develop a love for the sport within my athletes
 Promote a growth oriented system that focuses on passion and effort
Champions only see

 Develop my athletes to perform at their greatest ability
Development  Develop a team culture that encourages teamwork and comradery
 Write developmentally appropriate practices that teach skills effectively
Leave a legacy of

 Write workouts that athletes enjoy
Enjoyment  Provide a positive environment that promotes lifelong participation
 Play games and allow athletes to have fun and relax
Personal Philosophy

Represent my best self in

everything that I do
 Be an example to the athletes by attending every practice
 Encourage athletes to compete at their highest effort
Dedication  Allow athletes to be autonomous to make them build decision making skills
 Teach athletes to leave a legacy of greatness in everything they do
 Allow athletes to learn how to overcome adversity

 Be honest with every athlete to build trust
Honesty  Hold honesty above all else in uncomfortable situations
 Be transparent
 Be true to myself

 Allow athletes to take responsibility for their actions
 Be consistent with rewarding or punishing athletes
Integrity  Be your best self
 Teach athletes to be their best selves