Poor Fair Good Excellent

1 pts 2 pts 3 pts 4 pts

Power point Poor Fair Good Excellent
Not complete. Power point is not complete and Power point is mostly complete Power point is complete with pictures and all information.
does not have pictures. with some pictures.

Research Poor Fair Good Excellent
Students did not research. Students conducted inaccurate Students conducted mostly Students conducted accurate research in all topics necessary.
research in not all of the necessary accurate research in almost all
topics. necessary topics.

Presentation Poor Fair Good Excellent
Group members did not Group presented not to their best Group members presented good Group members presented to the best of their ability and all
present. ability and not all members talked. but not all members talked. members had a chance to talk.

Paper Poor Fair Good Excellent
Group did not turn in paper. Paper has many errors and is not Paper has multiple Paper meets all expectations, only has minor grammar/mechanics
complete. grammar/mechanical errors and errors.
is mostly completed.

Cooperation Poor Fair Good Excellent
Group members did not Group members worked okay Group members worked well Group members worked very well together.
work well together. together. together.