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Cheryl Kim

EDUC-M343: Choral Methods

September 13, 2017

Brainteaser 3-2 - Creating Middle School Warm-ups

1. Relaxation and Alignment
“Let’s prepare our bodies for singing! Imitate me” (Stretching arms up, shoulder rolls, side
stretches, jaw massages)
“Imagine you are the royal kings and queens, and you are wearing a cape with many jewels on
the back”
Minutes: 3

2. Respiration
“Imagine a rubber ring around your waist. Silently breathe in, and breathe out (repeat several
“We are going to pretend that it’s Christmas time, show me your best Santa laugh: HOHOHO”
“In for 2 beats, out for 8 beats on a ‘sh.’ Watch me first (demonstrate)” “Great work, make sure
your breath is coming all the way from that rubber ring, your diaphragm. In for 2, out for 12”
“Echo me”: 4-beat pattern on ‘sh’
Minutes: 3

3. Phonation
“Get ready to throw a basketball, dribble. I’ll shoot first, you shoot after me (vocal siren)”
“We’re now at the 3-pointer line. We’re now at half court. We’re now at full court!”
Range and Direction: top of range to bottom
Minutes: 1

4. Resonance
Give pitch on g1 (and octave below for changed voices) “Hum this pitch with me”
“Imagine there is a cave behind the back of your mouth” (slowly change to oo by demonstrating)
Vowel/Syllable: hum, oo
Range and Direction: g1 (and octave below)
Minutes: 2
5. Registration
Cut the oo from previous part off and
Vowel/Syllable: oo
Range and Direction: g1, c2, c1
Minutes: 3
6. Range Extension I
Vowel/Syllable: oo (descending), aa (ascending)
Range and Direction: Descend from F major and
ascend from low G major to high G major
Minutes: 3
7. Range Extension II
(Demonstrate, “and”)
Vowel/Syllable: oo, aa
Range and Direction: descend first to G3
then ascend back up to G4
Minutes: 3

8. Agility and Expression

“My turn listen first” (Demonstrate)
Range and Direction: up to D5 on the top note
Minutes: 2