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Name: Taylor Day Date: April 29, 2018

Lesson Title: Life is Cellular Grade/Level: 9th/10th grade
Adaptations to Meet Individual Needs
If there was a student in my class that mostly speaks Spanish, I will have an ESL teacher in the classroom to
help translate my lesson from English to Spanish. I will try to explain each term in the simplest English terms
so it will be easier for the student to understand. When everyone is doing their individual work, I will connect
with the student and ESL teacher to see if everyone is on the same page. I will also give worksheets to the
student with directions in Spanish and English.

Cross-curricular connections
In this lesson, we have cross-curricular connections with history and math. We connect history with science
by knowing who in history first saw cells and created the cell theory. We connect math with science by
practicing what magnification is on the microscope using simple multiplication.