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This evaluation system is to aid the Club Sport

Executive Council in the allocation decision process.
The sections are all expectations of the Club Sport
Program & those clubs who do not meet them will be
recommended a deduction of allocations for the
following school year.
Club: Running Points Notes:
The Fall 2016 Activation Checklist was Yes/No (RecFest, Orientation,
completed. 6/6pts. Involvement Fair)
The team attended or was excused from (8 meetings)
all Club Sport Officer meetings. 16/16pts. 7 Meetings
Most up to date schedules for Fall 2016
were submitted by September 9th 2/2pts.
The team fulfilled league or
association’s membership requirements. 20/20pts.
Most up to date schedules for Spring
2017 were submitted by December 2nd 2/2pts.
The team participated in a community
service event at least 2 times in the
2016-17 school year. 10/20pts.
The team participated in the Club Sports
program community service project. 10/10pts.
The team matched 100% of their
allocation student funding. 2/2pts.
The team was present at year-end
meetings. 2/2pts
Travel rosters & travel resource forms
were turned in on time. 10/10pts.
The team was active in the Incentive Out of 4 points each
Program. 8/8pts. semester
The team competed at least once a
semester. 10/20pts.
The team sent out
donation/sponsorship letters. 2/2pts.
The team presented a well thought out
& accurate Allocation Presentation for
the 2017-2018 school year. 5/5pts.
Other: (Any negative behavior or actions
that took place on Club Sports time) _____/varies

*as of 3/9/2017 125/125pts.