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1 abrir open opened opened
2 agregar add added added
3 ahorrar save saved saved
4 amar love loved loved
5 aprender learn learned learned
6 arreglar fix fixed fixed
7 bailar dance danced danced
8 besar kiss kissed kissed
9 cancelar cancel cancelled cancelled
10 caminar walk walked walked
11 cargar carry carried carried
12 casarse marry married married
13 cerrar close closed closed
14 cocinar cook cooked cooked
15 conversar talk talked talked
16 cuidar look after looked after looked after
17 decidir decide decided decided
18 desear wish wished wished
19 durar last lasted lasted
20 entrenar train trained trained
21 escuchar listen to listened to listened to
22 estudiar study studied studied
23 empezar start started started
24 fumar smoke smoked smoked
25 ganar earn earned earned
26 gustar like liked liked
27 hablar talk talked talked
28 jugar play played played
29 lavar wash washed washed
30 limpiar clean cleaned cleaned
31 llegar arrive arrived arrived

tomar drink drank drunk 2 caer fall fell fallen 3 cantar sing sang sung 4 comer eat ate eaten 5 comprar buy bought bought 6 conocer know knew known 7 conocer a alguien meet met met 8 conseguir.32 llorar cry cried cried 33 llover rain rained rained 34 mirar watch watched watched 35 morir die died died 36 mostrar show showed showed 37 mudarse move moved moved 38 necesitar need needed needed 39 odiar hate hated hated 40 parar stop stopped stopped 41 preguntar ask asked asked 42 quedarse stay stayed stayed 43 querer want wanted wanted 44 recoger pick up picked up picked up 45 reír laugh laughed laughed 46 retirarse retire retired retired 47 suceder happen happened happened 48 terminar finish finished finished 49 trabajar work worked worked 50 usar use used used 51 viajar travel travelled travelled 52 vivir live lived lived VERB PRESENT PAST SIMPLE PAST PARTICIPLE 1 beber. lograr get got got 9 correr run ran run 10 cortar cut cut cut .

is. were been are) . estar was.11 crecer grow grew grown 12 dar give gave given 13 decir say / tell said / told said/told 14 despertar wake up woke up woken up 15 dormir sleep slept slept 16 encontrar find found found 17 entender understand understood understood 18 enviar send sent sent 19 escoger choose chose chosen 20 escribir write wrote written 21 ganar win won won 22 gastar spend spent spent 23 guardar keep kept kept 24 hablar speak spoke spoken 25 hacer do/make did/made done/made 26 ir go went gone 27 leer read read read 28 llegar a ser become became become 29 manejar drive drove driven 30 montar ride rode ridden 31 nadar swim swam swum 32 oir hear heard heard 33 olvidar forget forget forgotten 34 pagar pay paid paid 35 pelear fight fought fought 36 pensar think thought thought 37 perder lose lost lost 38 poner put put put 39 robar steal stole stolen 40 romper break broke broken 41 saber know knew known 42 salir leave left left to be (am. 43 ser.

44 tener have had had 45 tomar. coger take took taken 46 traer bring brought brought 47 ver see saw seen 48 vender sell sold sold 49 venir come came come 50 vestir wear wore worn 51 volar fly flew flown 52 sentir feel felt felt .