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Nevada College Elementary Lesson Plan Sample

Teacher Candidate: Erica McKenzie Lead Teacher: N/A
Grade/Subject: 2nd grade/Math District: WCSD
Lesson Content: People and Ideas School: V. Palmer
SNC Supervisor: N/A Time Allotted: 50 Minutes

Materials, including technology:
Soil, tomatoes, zucchini, water, rulers, yardsticks, meter sticks, and measuring tapes

Standard(s), including literacy for all content areas and/or SMP

Measure the length of an object by selecting and using appropriate tools such as rulers,
yardsticks, meter sticks, and measuring tapes.

How will learning be assessed at the end of the unit/learning cycle (summative):
Students will recount the key details in a text, by answering questions such as who, what, where, when, why, and
how, to demonstrate their understanding of the unit. This will be done through both written and verbal form.

Objective(s): high cognitive demand for diverse learners Cognitive Level (DOK or
1.I can measure the length of an object by selecting the appropriate DOK 1

2. I can work together with my group to create a community garden DOK 1

Connections to past learning or experience, building background

What is a garden? (Turn and Talk)
Raise your hand if you’ve ever seen a garden before? (Pull sticks)
Raise your hand if you’ve ever planted anything in a garden before? (Pull sticks)
-Today, each of you are going to have the chance to create a garden for our classroom
-However, we really need your help with measuring all of the objects, in order for this to work.

Essential Vocabulary Definitions

Object An item
Measure Determine the length of something
Garden Where plants, fruits, and/or vegetables are located
Strategy for teaching new vocabulary
Word Wall – Turn and Talk
-Visuals will be used when reading the word to students and discussing the definitions.
-Students will turn and talk to a shoulder partner and use the word in a sentence.
-Examples will be shared whole class
-The words and images will be posted on the word wall, and referred to throughout the unit

Sequence and Scope of Instruction (include instructional Instructional Strategy estimated

Sierra Nevada College Elementary Lesson Plan Sample

strategies, questions, opportunities for meaning making time
through discourse and other engagement strategies, formative
assessments, opportunities for metacognition, grouping,
differentiation and transitions)
Students will move to the front of the room (on the rug) Whole Class Instruction 5 min
and sit next to their designated shoulder partner
-The objectives will be posted on the board and read out
loud to students.
-The objectives will be repeated by students, through
“song” and movements

Vocabulary Whole Class Instruction 5 min

-I will show a picture of the word, “object” to students Think Pair Share
and ask them to think about what it is and whether
they’ve seen it before
-Students will think, pair (discuss their ideas with their
shoulder partner), and then share with the whole class
Ø I will be circling around the room and listening to
students’ ideas during this time
-Groups will share out their thoughts with the whole
-I will state the word positive and give students the
-Students will repeat the word and definition
-Students will turn and talk with their shoulder partner
and try to use the word in a sentence
-Ideas will be shared with the whole class
-This process will be repeated for the words measure
and garden
-The words will be posted on the word wall when done

Sierra Nevada College Elementary Lesson Plan Sample

Strategic Groups Strategic Grouping 5 min
-Students will be placed into heterogeneous groups
based on their math scores.
-Each group will receive measuring tools (Rulers, yard
sticks, etc.)
-Each student will receive a paper template of a garden.

-Students must work together to determine the best
measuring tool for this activity.
-Students will then measure the distances on their own Think, Pair, Share 2 min
paper template
-Once students are done measuring and agree on the
distances they will create their own garden template
Ø To do this, students will measure the places in Strategic Grouping 8 min
which the tomatoes and zucchini should be
planted (This information will match their
Ø Students must also mark the distances in
between each seed
-Once students have completed the tasks, the teacher
will offer the group feedback and if the information is
Strategic Grouping 15 min
correct, students will begin planting their own garden.

Ø Students will work together to plant their
tomatoes and zucchini, ensuring the seeds are
planted the correct distances away
Ø Students again, should follow their templates to

make sure they are measuring the correct

Once all students have completed their garden, we will
have a discussion on how we started with an idea, and
turned it into a positive impact on our own community. Whole Class 5 min
-Pull Sticks

Exit Ticket Independent 5 min
-How did you make a positive impact on your community -If students are unable to write
today? the information down, I will
-Explain how our garden can help other people. meet with them individually
and have them answer the
questions orally

Closure : specific activity to review content

Exit Ticket:
-How did you make a positive impact on your community today?

Sierra Nevada College Elementary Lesson Plan Sample

-Explain how our garden can help other people.

Teacher Candidate Reflection on the lesson (after delivery)


SNC: April 3, 2014