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Preparation of 1. PMP document.

Project Initiation Project Preparation of PMP Review by PM Review by SQAR Closure of the review finding
Schedule and PMBOW 2. PMBOW.
Kit (PIK) 3. Schedule (Excel/ MPP).
Management 4. Review Report by the
5. Review Report by SQAR.
Baseline the PMP Approval by PHOD 6. Approval mail from
7. PMP & schedule should
Concept / Proposal / be in the VSS baseline.
Requirements from the Preparation
customer in the form of
Requirement Review by PDN (as per Mind's format)
of Gap / SRS / Closure of the review findings & approval by PHOD
Mail / Document Analysis RD Document PM for SRS/ RD 1. Approved SRS.
2. Review Reports.
3. PDN.
4.Traceability Matrix
Customer sign-off Delivery of SRS Baseline the SRS Initiation.

Gaps / RFC /
Requirement Definition Software Design preparation in the form Peer Review of Design Documents Traceability Matrix
of SDD, ED/ ID, PS Closure of the review findings & approval Updation 1. SDD.
/ SRS & Review Reports preparation.
Design 2. Review Reports.
3. Updated Traceability
Baseline the Design
Customer sign-off PDN for Design Document

Requirement document,
1. Code Files
Design Unit Test Cases Source UTC Update the 2. Review Reports.
Preparation/ Code as per base lined SDD/ PS Review report Traceability Matrix
Coding standards Coding Closure of review findings 3. Updated Traceability
Updation and conduct Code Walkthrough preparation & baseline the code
& Approval Matrix.

Unit testing Execution as per base lined Integration Testing executed as per Testing re-executed (including), and 1. Test Plans.
Base lined ITP and ITC and results Fixing and
UTP and UTC and results recorded Above cycle repetition till goal set is 2. Test Case.
recorded in test log and issue log. Bugs
Analysis of
Unit & Integration In test log and issue log report achieved; Issue log report duly closed 3. Test Logs
Test cases
Testing 4. Issue Log
5. Updated Traceability Matrix.

Traceability matrix

All the deliverables Approval from Delivery Audit Closure of Audit Product Deliverables along
Preparation of PDN PDN for code and other documents with other supporting
Which are finally Release PHOD by SQAR Report
sent to client

Customer Sign-off Client acceptance follow up, & support for bugs Entire SDLC Records
2.MSR Review by PM/PHOD.
Impact Analysis on
Handling Changes Fill RFC/Internal Checkout the impacted The required change is done and Review the work product 3.DP & Team Meeting MOM.
the changes given
RFC, CR Tracking, Issue Log/PIMS Items from baseline revise the respective artifact by Peer 4. Approval for Tailoring by
(New Requirement) By client
Enhancement/Issues 5.Closure Estimation.
6.Project Closure Report.
7.Baseline Audit Report.
Update internal issue Baseline audit at Send the check in Approval wherever 8.Delivery Audit Report.
log/CR tracking/PIMS Periodic Intervals request to CC necessary
9.SQA Review Report.
10.User Manual (if deliverable)
& Review & Approval Records.


PMP-Project Management plan PHOD-Project Head of Department PS-Program Specifications ITP-integration Test Plan SEPG-Software Engineering Process Group
PMBOW-Project Management Book of Work SRS-Software Requirement Specification UTC-Unit Test Cases CC-Configuration Coordinator SDD-Software Design Document
PM-Project Manager RFC-Request For Change UTC-Unit Test Plan PDN-Packaging & Delivery Note ITC-Integration Test Cases
SQA-Software Quality Assurance ED/ID-External Design PIMS-Project Issue Management System MSR/FSR-Monthly/Fortnightly Status Report DP-Defect Prevention