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Maintenance of Data Centre

Request for Proposal

Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC)

DESIDOC Web Hosting Infrastructure

Maintenance of Data Centre

Annexure A

Terms & Conditions/Scope of Work

1. Introduction

DESIDOC is an important unit of Defence R&D Organisation (DRDO) working

under Min of Defence and presently provides critical web services not only to whole DRDO
community but also across the globe through the hosting of official internet website of
DRDO. Other than the internet web applications, there are nearly very important intranet
web services which are being hosted from DESIDOC for all the DRDO labs. All these
services are meant to be operational on 24X7 basis. To provide these critical services
DESIDOC Data Centre has established a professional Data Centre on its first floor. This Data -
Centre hosts servers, routers, network switches, racks, STM racks and other networking and web-
security equipment.

1.1. Objectives

The objective of present case is to award the AMC of this Data Centre infrastructure and its
component like Fire Suppression, PAC, Rodent repellent system, WLD, KVM &Electrical
Power Panel/ fittings and supporting civil infrastructure to ensure the uninterrupted services of the
data centre. (Detailed list of components with make and quantity mentioned in Table A of this

1.2. Scope of Work

The overall Sow includes the following:
a) Maintenance of Precision Air cooling system

b) Maintenance of Rodent Repellent system

c) Maintenance of Fire Suppression Solutions with Novec1230 Gas

d) Maintenance of Fire alarm system

e) Maintenance of Water Leak Detector.

f) Maintenance of supporting infrastructure to ensure uninterrupted services of above

mentioned components

1.3.2 Monitoring of entire network cabling at Data Center room including in-building
provisioning of additional UTP nodes/ shifting of UTP nodes from one room to the other.
Kindly note that any material requirement including cables, pipe, channel, etc shall be
provided by the firm. Any soft soil/ hard soil digging, if required any for this activity, shall
be arranged/ paid by the bidder firm.
1.3.3 All the AMC activity, under scope will be performed locally, at DESIDOC premises by the

Maintenance of Data Centre

1.3.4 Monitoring of data centre equipments/ devices installed at DESIDOC data centre.

1.3.4 Co-ordination with the various OEM’s/ warranty service providers/ AMC service
providers for various network, security and data centerequipments/ devices installed in

1.3.5 Providing Monthly reports of various monitoring activities in a format approved by


2) Preventive maintenance

The successful bidder/contractor shall submit a certificate within 15 working days of the award of the
contract that all the equipments have been taken over by him in working condition. If some
equipment not found in working condition then the successful bidder have to submit the repair cost
with all details which will be verified by DESIDOC team.

During the period of AMC routine preventive maintenance should be done at least quarterly.
Keeping of the inner parts of the equipments dust free checking the configuration parameters,
checking the supply voltage, ground etc.

Details of activities done during each preventive maintenance visit should be recorded in the

Before every payment such preventive maintenance record will be checked.

If required the firm should provide additional resources to complete the job.


Annual Maintenance Contract, which takes care of Preventive & Break down Maintenance and
replacement of all the parts including the compressor, consumables spares like Return Air Filters,
Evaporator and Condenser Coils, Fuses, Refrigerant R410A, Compressor Oil, Filter Drier,
Humidifier Bottle, Relays etc

Periodical inspection and service of the plant once in quarter as described below:-

1. Checking the Air conditioning system, comprising of the refrigeration plant, air cooled
condensers and their respective motors and starters.
2. Health check up of the system including spare part replacement (Labor) if any parts found faulty
at the time of maintenance by the service engineer.
3. Checking / rectifying of alignments of couplings in direct driven components.
4. Inspection of the safety and operating controls for proper operation.
5. Leak testing and rectifying leaks in the refrigeration system if any at the time of maintenance by
our service engineer.
6. Checking the plant performance in relation to indoor room temperatures.

Maintenance of Data Centre

7. Checking the System operating pressure and desired super heat.

8. Checking the Voltage and component amps.
9. Attending break down calls and trouble diagnosis.
10. Water cleaning of condenser coil fins in air cooled condenser systems.
11. Repairs / Overhaul of the components of the equipments if possible to avoid replacement.
12. Checking the performance of the air cooled condenser fans.
13. Checking the Microprocessor Parameter settings in respect to model configuration.
For Fire Alarm, WLDS, Rodent Repellant System, Fire Suppression System & Rack PDU’s

All Parts/components of the above said System which need replacement shall be identified &
replaced with the available equivalent and suitable components / parts.

Repair/Replacement of cables & conduits, Batteries, Power supplies & Software should also be covered in

General Exclusions:

1. Failure of equipment due to natural calamities such as lightening, earthquakes, floods, malicious damages,
strikes, riots and/or mishandling of the equipment, shall not be covered under Annual Maintenance

2. Engineer:

Engineer should visit DRDO within 6 hours and should have minimum experience of 2-3 years in the relevant
field in IT industry.

3. Technical skill sets:

Engineer should be with good quality knowledge in the equipments place in Data Center The engineer should
be minimum DIPLOMA/BE holder and should have been involved in various projects including Maintenance,
installation commissioning testing of the data center equipment’s.

4. Quality of Service:

The contractor should provide maintenance services on all weekdays (Monday through Friday From 9:00 AM
to 6:00 PM) during the contract period and services outside this coverage hours and on all holidays at no extra
cost. It should identify the contract persons, phone number, email-id etc to the concerned officers of

5The AMC service will be performed onsite, within DESIDOC premises by the engineer.

6.Log Book:

The contractor should maintain log-books. The logbook should reflect all activities carried out by the firm and
also, it should reflect the materials taken out or brought in and it should be countersigned by the user during
all fault –rectification.

Maintenance of Data Centre

8) Repaired/Replaced Parts:

Any defective component which is covered under AMCshould be repaired/replaced by the contractor at no
extra cost. The replaced part should be equivalent or higher in function, quality and performance. The Firm
may retain the defective parts in lieu of the replaced part. This however does not apply to Hard drives/any
storage part if applicable in the project.

Necessary breakdown maintenance of EQUIPMENT shall be rectified immediately but not later than a period
of 48 hours. However emergency/crash calls from DESIDOC reporting failure of the equipment shall be
attended to immediately but not later than a period of 6 hours.


9.1 Payment will be made on quarterly basis after completion of each quarter on obtaining satisfactory
performance certificate from the user. The firm will submit pre-receipted bill in triplicate, (original copy
should be affixed with a revenue stamp) addressed to the DIRECTOR, DESIDOC, Metcalfe House, Delhi-54
quoting order No. and Date & period of Claim.

9.2 TDS or any other taxes will be deducted in accordance with the financial rules as applicable from time to

9.3 If DESIDOC wants to increase or decrease facility management services during the contract period, same
shall be done on the pro-rata basis. Further it is agreed that the addition of any similar equipment by
DESIDOC during the contract period and deletion of any equipment (which is declared beyond repair and
or/obsolete by the OEM) shall be done on pro-rata basis as per the rates agreed upon.


The Vendor would provide AMC for a period of one year further extendable by a period of two years
subject to satisfactory service provided by the Vendor and on similar rates, terms & conditions.

11. Director DESIDOC reserves all rights to cancel the contract in between (by giving one month
prior notice) and the same will be binding on all parties concerned.

Declaration by the bidder

I / We agree all the terms, conditions & scope of work mentioned b y DESIDOC in tender

Tender Reference No: __________________________

Firm Quotation No: __________________________

Date: __________________________

Place: __________________________

Signature of the Bidder

Maintenance of Data Centre

Name of the Company: __________________________

Mailing Address: __________________________



Telephone: __________________________

Email: __________________________

Fax: __________________________


Sr. No. Description Qty


1 80 Ltrs Cylinder Assembly with Valve 2
2 Cylinder Low Pressure Switch 2
3 Cylinder bracket for 80L seamless cylinder 4
4 Electric Actuator Shipping Assembly 1
5 Flexible Discharge Hose, 2 in. 2
6 Manifold Check Valve, 2 in. 2
7 Pneumatic Actuator Shipping Assembly 1
8 Local Manual Actuator 1
Switch, Pressure, DPST, Weather Proof (2 - 3/4 in. Outlets), 1
10 Warning Plate for Use Inside Room 1
11 Warning Plate for Use Outside Room 1
12 Actuation Hose, Swivel, Stainless Braided, 24 in., 1/4 in. Female 2
13 Male Tee, 7/16 - 20 x 1/4 in. NPT 1
14 Male Elbow, 7/16-20 x 1/4 in. NPT 1
15 Male Adaptor, Master Tank Pilot Port 1
16 Nozzle 32 BR SAPP ENG ANSUL360 2
17 Nozzle 40 BR SAPP ANSUL 360 1
Fire Detection and Control System (Tyco-Ansul)
1 Gas release panel 1
2 Photoelectric smoke detectors for below false ceiling 4
3 Photoelectric smoke detectors for Above False ceiling 4
4 Photoelectric smoke detectors for below false flooring 4

Maintenance of Data Centre

5 Response Indicator 8
6 Abort Switch 1
7 Coil Supervisory Switch 1
8 Service Disconnection Switch 1
9 Manual Release Push Button 1
10 Hooter 1
11 Hooter Cum Strobe 1
Fire Alarm System -Mux & UPS Room (TycoSimplex)
1 Fire alarm control panel 1
2 Photoelectric smoke detectors for below false ceiling 4
3 Photoelectric smoke detectors for Above False ceiling 4
4 Photoelectric smoke detectors for below false flooring 4
5 Response Indicator 8
6 Manual Call point 2
7 Hooter 2
1 2 Zone conventional Water Leak Detection System 1
2 Modular Sensing cable 10 meters 2
3 Modular Connection Box 2
5 Hooter 1
1 4 Zone conventional Water Leak Detection System 1
2 Modular Sensing cable 10 meters 2
3 Modular Connection Box 2
5 Hooter 1
1 4 Zone conventional Water Leak Detection System 1
2 Modular Sensing cable 10 meters 2
3 Modular Connection Box 2
5 Hooter 1
1 Transducers 23
2 Controller 2
PAC (Blue Box)
1 6.0 TR Actual Capacity DX Precision AC Unit 3
Electric Panel (L&T, Bajaj)
Present In
3 Tube Lights
4 Switch & Socket
5 Exhaust Fan

Maintenance of Data Centre

v Bid Evaluation Criteria

2 Bid Evaluation Criteria.

(Supersedes the information and instructions to Bidder, wherever applicable)

1.0 Bidders are advised not to take any exceptions / deviations to the bid document. If exceptions /
deviations are maintained in the bid, such conditional / non-conforming bids shall not be considered and
may be rejected outright.

2.0 Bid should be complete in all respects and covering the entire scope of work / supply and should
confirm to the technical specifications indicated in the bid documents, duly supported with technical
catalogues / literatures where ever required. Incomplete and non-conforming bids may be rejected outright.

3.0 Bidder has to mandatorily sign and stamp the declaration of Acceptance of the Terms & Conditions of
the RFP.

4.0 Pre-Qualification: The tender document shall be given to prospective bidders who fulfil all the Pre-
Qualification criteria as specified in the table below, in totality and submit all the required documents that
relate to the Pre-Qualification criteria and conditions, as mentioned in the Reference Detail column.


S.N Complian Documents to be

o ce provided by SI
SI should be an experienced
company registered in India with Certificate of incorporation,
1 existence for at least, past 10 years latest valid TIN/ITCC and sales
with experience in offering IT tax registration.
SI Should have annual turnover of
Balance sheet, P&L
at least 30 Crores in last 3
2 statement of last three
Financial years and it should be
financial years.
profitable in each financial year.
The Bidder must have on its roll IT A letter from HR head for Staff
3 staff of at least 20 professionally with relevant qualification rolls
qualified personnel or equivalent. of Bidder
SI must be certified for ISO
4 Valid Supporting documents.
SI must have partnership with the
Ink Signed Tender Specific
OEM’s- Tyco, Bluebox, APW,
5 Authorization letter from OEM
Maseretc (as mentioned in Table A
to SI for their products
of Annx A)

Maintenance of Data Centre

SI must have executed Data

Centerproject(s) in last 3 Years.

(a) One Data Centerproject with Relevant supply order copy to

6 AMC costing not less than Rs 50 attach along with completion
Lac certificate / installation report.
(b) Two Data Centerproject with
AMC costing not less than Rs
25Lacs each.
SI will be completely responsible
for the execution of the project as
7 a single point solution provider Undertaking certificate from SI
and the sole prime contractor for
the entire project.
Bidders who have been black
listed/ debarred by any govt.
Deptt./PSUs/Nationalized Banks
shall not be considered. An
8 Undertaking certificate from SI
affidavit to this effect shall be
submitted by the
consultant/consulting bidder duly
attested by authorized signatory
The bidder should be
headquartered in and should have a
9 Address proof
working office in Delhi/ NCR
The bidder should be registered
with any Govt department/ DRDO
10 Registration Certificate/ EMD
The bidder has to submit an EMD
of an amount not less than 2% of
its total quoted value