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Unit 10 Feedback

Bex Holland Feedback. 23/04/2018


Current Grade for LO1: Pass

Pass is the highest grade you can achieve for this learning outcome. You have investigated a
range of media adaptations (3). commenting on the success of this. LO1 part B (P2) is the
adaptation ideas for a creative product, you would benefit from some more ideas here, to
secure a pass grade. What you have done, you have commenting on the feasibility,
constraints and target audience.
When this is re-added: Can you please ensure that you add in the audience terminology
(demographics, psychographics and socio-economic groups) and cover who the primary and
secondary audiences would be for each adaptation idea.

Grade for LO2 Part A (Treatment): M (the highest grade you can achieve is a Merit)
Grade for LO2 Part B (Storyboard): M (the highest grade you can achieve is a Distinction)
Overall Current Grade for LO2: Merit
Treatment Feedback:
 Can you please add this into LO2.

Storyboard Feedback:
 A fantastic storyboard, but I would advise adding more written description.
 Please add more detail to the written content. Explain exactly what is happening on
the scenes.
 Please add action, edits and sound track.
Unit 10 Feedback

The resubmission deadline for both learning outcomes is: 18th May 2018