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When deciding the listening is to part 1:7Q part 2 :6Q Read the questions and

answer, there are give one's you will hear it’s a long recording and
Tips look at all the choices to
Underline the important
certain things you attention to seven short multiple questions. words.
conversations and There are always two Remember to listen
will need to sound carefully
different topics. speakers.
remember or do: Think
Select your answer by
You will have computers .
part 4 :6Q
read the question carefully about 30 If two things are mentioned
you listen to a longer (objects,places,days etc)
look at the pictures before you listen. minutes.
recording and answer 6 True Think about which one is th
You will have part 3 : 6Q correct answer
The questions will often use different words or False questions
from the recording, so think about synonyms 4 part in each you must write down
and paraphrasing parts you will some information. Do it
In part 3 always has only Double check
Before the recording starts, you get some time hear the one speaker.
to read through the instructions and questions recording your answer
twice. before finishing.