The driving force behind The Principality of New Utopia is Mr. Lazarus Long.

(Prince Lazarus) He has been an entrepreneur all his life. He's now 75, "going on 39." Before he legally had his name changed, he was known as Howard Turney. As Howard Turney, (the Prince) is the former Chairman of the Board of Mayday USA, Inc., he was the Founder and Chairman of El Dorado Clinics, Was the founder and Chairman of Cryogenics Solutions Inc., former President and CEO of Cogeneration Systems International, and former Chairman, CEO of Power Resources Systems. He was the Founder and is Chairman of The Rejuvenation and Longevity Foundation, a non-profit Corporation. He is a member of MENSA, World Mariculture Society, International Cogeneration Society and is a Lifetime Fellow of the North American Academy of Arts and Science. He has received many honors and is listed, as Howard Turney, in Who's Who in American Business Leaders, The International Directory of Distinguished Leaders, Who’s Who in Finance and Industry, Who’s Who in The Southwest, and The Cambridge Directory of Who’s Who, 1997 edition. The companies he has founded include food manufacturing (3), Restaurants, mariculture, personal security, medical clinics, and a medical service company. (There will be a medical center specializing in anti-aging medicine on New Utopia.) He has been involved with the medical field for the last several years in the anti-aging area of medicine and, as Howard Turney, had received a great deal of television exposure and traveled world wide, appearing on television and radio shows as a spokesperson in the anti-aging field of medicine. In fact, his name regularly appears in books and educational television documentaries on the subject. He is known within the field as “The Father of Human Growth Hormone,” due to his having pioneered and promoted its use in anti-aging medicine.

When he shifted his career path to pioneering a new country, one with a stable, free-market economy, Mr. Turney realized his name recognition in the

anti-aging medicine field could be a detriment to the founding citizen’s goals in establishing the new country. He felt that it was imperative that New Utopia not be perceived as simply another offshore medical facility, but primarily as banking and insurance center, as well as a Caribbean vacation playground and medical center. This is the reason he chose to change his name. He chose the name of the fictional character because, as he was portrayed, he held similar philosophies to Mr. Turney. Of course, all of this will become common knowledge, but as he says, “It seemed like a good idea at the time, and I do not regret having taken this step, a new career path, a new name. It seems fitting.” Noel Berge Minister of State, Member of the Board of Governors Mr. Berge has worked with Presidents, Prime Ministers and Senior Management, providing long term strategic and implementation planning in many countries and situations. for over twenty years. He has been Program Director for large scale programs at National or Ministerial levels for finance, budgeting, planning, agriculture and health in Latin America and Africa. He has worked with senior management within ministries introducing and doing strategic planning around the world. His experience in education, health, finance/planning, infrastructure, and coral reef protection among other things all add to his expertise and value. RICHARD MORRIS Attorney General, Member of the Board of Governors He holds a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degree in Business Administration, a Juris Doctor—Doctor of Law—(J.D.) degree and a Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) degree in Business Administration. Richard W. Morris was licensed as an attorney by the State of Arizona in 1967, the State of California in 1967, United States District Court (District of Arizona) in 1967, United States District Court (Central and Southern Districts of California) in 1967, United States Tax Court in 1969, United States Court of Claims in 1969, and the United States Supreme Court in 1970. In addition, he holds Airline Transport Pilot and Flight Instructor certificates, is involved with aviation safety, and is a member of Mensa. He was a Tucson, Arizona, police officer, Assistant City Prosecutor for the City of Tucson, and Deputy District Attorney for the County of San Diego, California. He also holds a lifetime teaching credential in law for community colleges in California.

Lt. General Gordon Sumner Jr. (ret.)
Diplomatic advisor and consultant. General Sumner is the former Chairman, Inter-American Defense Board; former special assistant to the Secretary of State for Latin American affairs with personal rank as Ambassador; . Council for Inter-American Security (CIS) director and advisor; Sumner was also a board member of the International Security Council (ISC), described by Herman and O'Sullivan as the "main U.S. agency of the Moon system in the field former Chairman, Inter-American Defense Board; former special assistant of terrorism propaganda." An international conference organized by ISC and CAUSA was held in January 1986 in Tel Aviv; The Denver-based, North-South Institute (NSI) is a non-profit arm of the Council for InterAmerican Security. NSI vice president and director, Lt. General Gordon Sumner , also a CIS director as we have seen, is an officer of USBC and NSI. 31 Member of the Committee of Sante Fe who also included CNP's Lewis Tambs, Roger Fontaine, a National Security Council (NSC) adviser on Latin American affairs and CNP's Lynn Francis Bouchey, an active organizer for the Unification Church's CAUSA operations in Central and South America


Member of the Board of Governors, Minister of Public Safety. He has a multifaceted background in domestic and international security. Mr. Long is highly skilled in threat identification, risk analysis, security adequacy evaluation, incident anticipation evaluation, integrated security program design, training, and emergency preparedness.


Member of the Board of Governors Minister of Finance and Secretary of the Treasury Mr. Schott earned his BA in economics and political science at Lebanon Valley College. Mr. Schott graduated with a JD cum laude from Widener University School of Law He has had significant experience in accounting and economics, international law and business law.

Dr. Thomas A. Newton

Member of the Board of Governors, Minister of Public Health

Thomas A. Newton, M.D., FACEP, earned his medical degree from the Medical University of South Carolina in 1983. He completed a residency in Emergency Medicine from the University of Florida Health Sciences Center in Jacksonville in 1991 and is certified by the American Board of Emergency Medicine. Dr. Newton spent 11 years in the U.S. Navy, rising to the rank of Commander-select. He has held both clinical and academic appointments and has a diverse medical management background. Among his current positions, Dr. Newton serves as CEO of The Anti-Aging Institute, L.L.C., which promotes preventive and wellness medicine. Dr. Newton is a fellow of the American College of Emergency Physicians and the American Academy of Emergency Medicine. He is a member of the American College of Physician Executives, the American Academy of Anti Aging Medicine, and the Society of Atherosclerosis Imaging. Dr. Newton resides in Savannah, Georgia with his wife and two children. Nicholas Jefferson Coolidge, Investment Banker Mr. Coolidge is an attorney admitted to practice in New York, is also the President of Jefferson Worldwide Group, Ltd., a member firm of the National Association of Securities Dealers. A graduate of Harvard College and holding a Juris Doctorate from Harvard Law School, he was with the New York law firm of Sullivan and Cromwell, where he worked primarily on legal matters of investment banking clients, domestic and international debt and equity financings, mergers and acquisitions, and investment company matters. In 1965, Mr. Coolidge joined the Corporate Finance Department of Kidder, Peabody & Co., as Vice President and Director supervising over 200 separate financings involving over $2 billion in securities. In 1978, he formed his own investment banking firm engaged in a broad array of activities for corporate and governmental clients. He has served on several corporate and foundation boards, including over 30 years as a director of the Jacques Cousteau Society. Dr. Coolidge is a descendent of US Presidents Thomas Jefferson and Calvin Coolidge.


Member of the Board of Governors, Minister of Transportation and the Port Authority Mr. Kristof has over 15 years overall experience in the marine passenger vessel industry working with and directing a broad range of functions including: construction, safety, operations, operational finance, outfitting, maintenance and personnel.

He has worked with a variety of state and federal agencies having a thorough knowledge of the regulatory process. He has been instrumental in the construction, outfitting, licensing, operations and opening of three new large passenger vessels and the retrofitting of an existing excursion vessel into a gaming vessel.

Member of the Board of Governors, Minister of Education Dr. Ohlander was born and raised in San Francisco, where he completed his B.A. and, after three years of active military service, his M.A. at San Francisco State University in, respectively, Classics (Greek and Latin) and Comparative Literature. From there he went on to doctoral studies at the University of Michigan, from which he received his Ph.D. in Comparative Literature in 1985. Although prompted by personal interest to study naturopathic medicine and psychology for a few years, he has spent the last 20 years devoting himself to the teaching and study of literature, drama/film, education and Englishlanguage instruction at National Kaohsiung Normal University, a teachertraining college in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. He has written original scripts for, and directed and adapted, numerous student performances. He has also often been invited to judge speech contests, both local and national. Dr. Ohlander is English Secretary for ROCMELIA and is a member of the Founding Committee of APAMALL (Asian-Pacific Association for Multimedia Language Learning), both of which are dedicated to the teaching of English through multimedia instruction. As a professor and a board member of ROCMELIA, he has been invited to speak at various conferences in Taiwan, China and Korea on literature and English-language instruction. For the last half-dozen years, Dr. Ohlander has also been learning about Austrian Economics and investing. His other interests include holistic health and fitness, music {especially piano}, and running an online business. Dr. Ohlander enjoys near-fluency in French, makes heroic efforts in Mandarin, and has a good foundation in German. He has often traveled to Europe and visited many countries in Asia. Dr. Ohlander has published books and articles on literature, drama and film, psychology and English-language teaching. He also writes, and has published, plays, poetry and fiction.

Minister of Foreign Affairs:
Vacant – 06-16-03


Member of the Board of Governors Minister of the Interior Mr. Kimball attended Worcester Polytechnic Institute with majors in Computer Science and Electrical Engineering. Has held positions in computer security, programming, and design and was formerly the V.P. of Engineering of a small computer company. Also holds commercial and amateur radio operator's licenses and has worked in commercial radio. Is a licensed Emergency Medical Technician. Serves or has served as secretary, treasurer, member of the board of directors, and chairman of the board in several non-profit organizations. Is an avid motorcyclist and sportsman active in gun owner's and motorcyclist's rights organizations. A certified ultralight aircraft pilot. And last but not least, a no-holds barred, unapologetic capitalist!

Minister of Tourism and Gaming
Vacant –06-16-03

Minister of Patents Dr. Skolnick graduated from the University of Utah, BS Physics (Honors) 1956. Cornell University, MS, Physics, 1959 and Ph.D., Theoretical Physics, 1963 , University of Houston ,JD, 1986. He is CEO of CytoGenix, Inc. in Houston, TX. He is also Adjunct Professor, School of Public Health At the University of Texas Health Science Center, Houston. He is a Licensed Attorney Texas State Bar, a Registered Patent Attorney U.S. Patent & Trademark Office and licensed for Basic and Advanced Mediation Training; Dr. Skolnick has held many prestigious posts and positions and is a member of many related organizations, a few of which are, American Bar Association, American Intellectual Property Law Association, and American Society of Law & Medicine. The list of his awards, honors and publications are very

extensive. We feel most fortunate in that he has elected to accept this post


Member of the Board of Governors Minister of Science and Technology Mr. McDonnough, has distinguished himself in business as a renown futuristic technology researcher while being the sole proprietor of Advanced Research Projects of Greenville TX, then went on to become a partner in TekSphere International Inc. a PC equipment marketing company and IT consulting firm. Currently he is President of Betavoltaic Industries Inc. and directs research into advanced energy conversion technology and propulsion concepts.

Minister of Cultural Affairs Barbara Todd was Born and raised in Chicago, Illinois. Presently lives in New Orleans, La. Where she has been active all of her adult life in theater, choir, music, prop and costume design. Some particular achievements include: Set design, as well as design and creation of costumes for: Alice in Wonderland, The Music Man, The Best Little Christmas Pageant Ever, Christmas with Disney, Daisy Mousetrap, Texas Country Jamboree and Opry, and others… She has been a singer and actress. Model for runway and print work. Writer and performer for radio and television commercials on State and local levels. Pageant consultant and competition wardrobe design for 10 years. Charm School instructor of social graces, modeling and dance for Teens and preteens. On a personal level of achievements, Ms Todd worked with victims of Domestic Violence and Child Abuse for 16 years as a volunteer and founded a Victims Assistance Shelter. She has been active in Girl Scouting, serving as leader for 7 years. Active in PTA, serving as Board of Directors Historian for six years. Things like live stage performances, original artwork, culture and heritage, in our fast-paced world, are taken advantage of by some and are completely foreign to others. It is her hope to help in bringing some of these things to this wonderful new country and in doing so, set a framework so that those that follow us can expand their horizons with the natural gifts and beauty that we all possess. It’s our duty to share this part of ourselves with our future generations…

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