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Pharmacy Elective

Summary of Student Evaluation of the Resident

Resident: Elizabeth Young

Please complete the following assessment items to provide feedback to your resident about
his/her teaching skills.

Strongly Agree (SA), Agree (A), Undecided (U), Disagree (D), Strongly Disagree (SD)

Feedback Item Spring

1. The resident was readily available to assist me when I needed. 4.63
2. The resident provided me with constructive feedback to help me learn. 4.28
3. The resident motivated me to improve my performance. 4.06
4. The resident allowed me to express my opinions and raise questions. 4.58
5. The resident did an adequate job of facilitating discussion, explaining 4.32
concepts related to the topic, and answering questions.
6. The resident is an excellent role model for students. 4.37
7. Rate the resident’s overall teaching skills. 4.16
N = the number of total feedback sheets received and compiled
Strongly Agree (SA)=5, Agree (A)=4, Undecided (U)=3, Disagree (D)=2, Strongly Disagree (SD)=1
Question 7: Excellent=5 Poor=1

Please list 2 areas of strength for the resident

 Presentations & Quizzes.
 Lots of detail & Good explanations/applications
 Good explanations & cute animal pictures
 Info was really well presented & I felt I learned a lot
 Good job with the note cards to have us practice checking prescriptions
 Presentations contain good info
 Liked the notecards to help us practice
 I think the resident did an excellent job at getting back to us when she was not sure
about something
 The pace of the lecture was perfect and every week I learned something very interesting
 Very fair and reasonable with quiz questions
 Loved the examples and pictures in lectures
 Good organization of lectures
 Good variety of topics and case example integration
 Presentations were well prepared
 Answered questions and open class for discussion
 Always upbeat & helpful
 Very informative
 Great relatability to practical examples and therapeutics
 Nice PowerPoints and presentation style
 Made point to research questions that she didn’t know the answer to
 Really accommodating to requests/concerns
 Helpful explanations
 Answered every question thoroughly
 Always encouraged us to ask questions and to have discussions
 Readily answered questions and clarifications on material

Please list 2 areas for improvement for the resident

 Be more prepared for questions
 May be too much detail for this class
 Consider more application and practice questions
 Don’t be so apologetic – I felt like you apologized a lot during lecture – this improved as
the semester went on
 Quiz questions – maybe don’t do the circle multiple answers for multiple choice
 Try to make the presentation more interactive
 Get to know the students during breaks.
 Incorporating a speaker such as a veterinarian would greatly complement lecture
 Offering more extra credit opportunities would also be a good addition to this course.
 Be more confident in explanations
 At times lecture was just like reading a list
 Learning objectives could be a bit more specific
 Sometimes confusing for what specific information wanted us to learn/memorize
 It’s hard to know what she expected us to learn/know
 Needs to adapt teaching to an easier understanding
 Provide the PowerPoint sooner
 Maybe more around the room to provide interactivity
 Degree of difficulty started out a little harder than expected but got better as class
 I enjoyed the activity the first day where we submitted answers to the screen and
discussed the questions but never did it again