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DSpace Workflow for the photographic collection American Pets

Members of the LIS 60631 Digital Preservation group 2 Spring 2018 and the public may submit
their pet photos to the collection “American Pets”.

Pre-requisites to submission:
● Submitter must be the original copyright holder or have explicit permission from the
original copyright holder.
● The photo must be of pets which reside in the United States of America.
● The primary subject of the photo should be animals and faces of people should not be
● The photo must be in JPEG format.
● The photo may be “born digital” or digitized from film, but the submitter must be able
to provide the required metadata.
● Submitter must attach any required or extraneous metadata that was not covered by
the DublinCore questions asked during the submission process.

Required metadata
● Title ● processingRationale
● Creator ● processingActions
● Description ● preservationLevelValue
● dateTimeCreated ● messageDigestAlgorithm
● fileSize ● messageDigest
● formatName ● petType
● processingAgency

The submitter must select the appropriate collection and follow the required tasks. (XMLUI).
1. Locate the collection “American Pets”
2. Begin submission process

Choose any descriptions which apply to your submission. You do not have to select anything if
nothing applies. If the image has been published on a website or shared on social media
(Facebook, Instagram, etc.) please select “The item has been published or publicly distributed
before”. Move on to the next step.
3. Begin entering metadata. Author, Title, and Type are required fields. Please choose
“Image” for Type. Leave “Series/Report No.” and “Identifiers” blank. You may leave the
language “N/A”, as images are being submitted.
If you selected “The item has been published or publicly distributed before”, you will have a few
extra forms to fill. For “Publisher”, please give either the name of the publisher. This may
include social media websites

Continue by using the “Next>” button. Continue to describe the item. Provide at least one
Subject Keyword, this not only helps describe the item, but is a search aide.
4. Upload an image by selectin “Choose File”. Only images in the JPEG format will be
accepted into the collection, images in another format will be rejected.

5. In the next step you will review the submission. You may correct any mistakes at this
6. To complete your submission, you must grant the license.

After a photograph has been submitted to the collection an administrator will approve or reject
the submission. This is the Approve/Reject/Edit Metadata step in the workflow.
Reasons for rejection:
● missing required metadata
● metadata is invalid (ex. image format is not a JPEG)
● image does not meet standards in quality or subject
● image is a duplicate
● submitter is not the original copyright holder or does not have the correct permissions.

To Approve a submission, an administrator should locate the submissions button on the

navigation bar under “My Account”.
Select the item you would like to approve. First, select a task from the pool. Then you may edit
tasks you own.

At this stage you can review the item and either Approve, Reject, Edit Metadata, or Return to
Task Pool. If you choose to return the item than another administrator will have the
opportunity to review the submission for approval.
After the submission has been accepted, the image can be viewed in the collection and
associated metadata is available. Collection administrators will need to add NISO and PREMIS
metadata manually. To do so, first navigate to the collection and select the item you will be
Once you have selected your item, find the “Edit this item” button in the Context navigation

Select the “Item Metadata” Tab.

Here you can add metadata elements by selecting the Name from the drop-down menu, and
filling in the Value box with the appropriate words, numbers, or sentence. You may then select
“Add new metadata”. Do not delete any DublinCore elements.

You will receive notice the metadata has been added.

If you scroll down the page you can view all the metadata for the item, including the newly
added data. Do not delete any DublinCore elements.
To locate the information for premis.messageDigestAlgorithm and premis.messageDigest, you
can look at the metadata in dc.description.provenance to find the checksum.

If you select the “View Item” tab, you can view the submission. Select “Show full item record”
to view all the metadata.
To view the image, you can select “View/Open” under Files in this Item.