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General Computer Studies Questions

Computer Studies 1½ Hours.
Instruction: This paper consists of sixty (60) multiple choice questions. Answer each question by shading the box that
corresponds to the option you have chosen on the provided OMR sheet

1. Which arrangement best represents storage devices B. Random method

when sorted in order of increasing access speed? C. Sequential method
A. CD, RAM, Magnetic tape, Hard disk. D. Serial method
B. RAM, Hard disk, CD, Magnetic tape. E. Sorting method
C. Hard disk, CD, RAM, Magnetic tape. 6. The first successful high-level programming language
D. Magnetic tape, CD, Hard disk, RAM. is
E. Hard disk, tape, RAM, CD. A. Ada
B. Pascal
2. Broadband network connection means C. Fortran
A. more bits of data are transmitted per second. D. BASIC
B. thicker cables are used. E. Java
C. more cables are used.
D. fibre-optic cables are used. 7. What is RSI?
E. an illegal network connection. A. Random Sequence Isolation
B. Runtime Sequencing Infringement
3. Which one of the following is a computer C. Repetitive Strain Injury
professional body in Nigeria? D. Relative Stress Injury
A. NBA E. Random System Injury
C. NCS 8. Which of the following buttons will you use to
D. NMA retrieve a document from a location?
E. ICAN A. Edit
B. Open
4. A network topology that has each computer and C. Save
network device interconnected with one another is a D. View
A. Bus topology. E. Locator
B. Mesh topology.
C. Ring topology. 9. Which of the following software will be loaded first
D. Star topology. to the memory when the computer is switched on?
E. Network topology. A. Spreadsheet
B. Word processor
5. Which of these is not a method of organising files on C. Operating system
a disk? D. Web page browser
A. Indexed Sequential method E. Windows

D. a friend’s birth date.

10. In a spreadsheet, a good example of a label is E. a test score.
A. the formula to calculate an employee’s monthly
gross pay. 11. Which input device is most convenient for a visually
B. the fourth month of the year. impaired person to enter data into a computer?
C. a candidate code number. A. Standard keyboard
B. Microphone 16. In a filename, the file extension usually helps one to
C. Magnetic Ink Character Reader know the
D. Optical Character Reader A. person that created the file.
E. Mouse B. date and time the file was created.
C. date and time the file was modified.
12. Resetting the computer means D. program that the file was created in.
A. turning it off. E. size of the file.
B. cold booting it.
C. warm booting it. 17. The commands that produce duplicate copies of a
D. disconnecting it. selected block of text are
E. rearranging it. A. cut and paste.
B. drag and drop.
13. Which of the following arrangements has units from C. copy and paste.
the largest to the smallest? D. select and delete.
A. Kilobyte, gigabyte, bit, byte, megabyte E. duplicate and drop.
B. Gigabyte, megabyte, kilobyte, byte, bit
C. Bit, byte, kilobyte, megabyte, gigabyte 18. The following are common types of utility programs,
D. Byte, but, kilobyte, megabyte, gigabyte except
E. Terabyte, byte, gigabyte A. file copying.
B. file merging.
14. The word that best describes ROM is C. file representation.
A. volatile. D. file sorting.
B. temporary. E. scandisk utility.
C. rewritable.
D. non-volatile. 19. The following are types of database models, except
E. variable.
for the
A. object-oriented model.
15. John was asked by his computer studies teacher to
B. network model.
centre the title of his short story, justify all the C. national model.
paragraphs and underline certain words. The best D. relational model.
word to describe these commands is E. hierarchical model.
A. editing.
B. viewing. 20. An error in a computer program is known as a
C. retrieving. A. bioc.
D. formatting. B. bios.
E. storing. C. bug.
D. debug.
E. syntax plug

22. The diagram below represents a(n)……… logic gate.

21. The maximum number of worksheets in a workbook
is ______ .
A. 300
B. 259 A. AND
C. 255 B. OR
D. 251 C. NOR
E. 190 D. NAND

23. Which of the following truth tables is derived from
an AND gate which receives two inputs A and B? 25. In a spreadsheet, cell C12 contains the value 6, D12
A. contains the value 12 and E12 contains the value 10.
INPUTS OUTPUT Cell F12 contains the expression = C12*D12-E12.
A B What is the value displayed in cell F12?
1 1 1
1 0 1
A. 62
0 1 1 B. 12
0 0 0 C. -12
D. 8
1 1 1 26. Why is it a good idea NOT to open emails from
1 0 1
0 1 0 unknown sources?
0 0 0 A. Opening them will lead to more junk emails.
C. B. Opening them will waste space on the hard disk.
C. Opening them may reveal passwords.
A B D. The emails may carry viruses.
1 1 1 E. Disk defragmentation may occur.
1 0 0
0 1 0
0 0 0 27. Select a combination of software that could be used
D. in the creation of mail-merged letters.
A. Database and spreadsheet.
A B B. Graphics package and word processing
1 1 1 C. Presentation package and word processing
1 0 1
D. Word processing and database
0 1 1
0 0 1 E. CorelDraw and MS paint

28. In an algorithm, some statements may need to be

executed repeatedly until a set of conditions is met.
24. Which two input devices can be used to transfer Which of the following program constructs does not
images into the computer? require repeated execution of statements?
A. Touchpad and keyboard A. WHILE………… WEND
B. Microphone and scanner B. DO…………… LOOP
C. Scanner and digital camera C. IF………… THEN ……… END IF
D. Digital camera and touchpad D. FOR………… NEXT
E. Monitor and printer E. FOR…………. GOTO

B. Laser printer
29. Which field would be the best choice as the key field C. Dot-matrix printer
of a student’s performance record system in a D. Inkjet printer
school? E. Character printer
A. Student surname
B. Student admission number 31. In an expert system, searches, comparisons and
C. Date of birth deductions are performed by the
D. Birth entry number A. knowledge base.
E. Score in best subject B. knowledge acquisition program.
C. user interface.
30. Choose a printer that is most suitable for producing D. inference engine.
monthly electricity bills by an electricity company E. expert base.
with thousands of customers.
A. Line printer
32. A set of instructions specifying how records would be A. Game Using interface.
extracted from a set of records is known as a _____ . B. Google User interface.
A. table C. Graphical User interface.
B. query D. Graphical Unique interface.
C. report E. Give Up Immediately.
D. macro
E. field 39. An example of a peripheral device is the
33. Which of the following strategies cannot effectively B. LAN.
prevent a computer from being infected by viruses?
A. Use virus scanning programs. D. Scanner.
B. Refuse to use pirated software.
C. Switch off computers that are not in use.
40. Which of the following is a correct cell address for
D. Do not open emails coming from questionable
the first cell in the fourth column of a worksheet?
A. A1
E. Use up-to-date antivirus program.
B. A4
C. D1
34. An encoding system for changing numbers and
D. D4
letters to binary is E. C4
C. ROM. 41. The feature in word processing that enables users to
type words continually without pressing the ENTER
E. Bits.
key when the cursor reaches end of each line is
35. The local hard drive is the A. find.
A. A drive. B. replace.
B. C drive. C. word-wrap.
C. H drive. D. mail-merge.
D. S drive. E. stopline.
E. B drive. 42. The acronym SQL stands for
A. Standard Query Language.
36. A manager wants to project profit for next year. B. Sequential Query Language.
C. Standard Question Language.
Which of the following programs should he use?
D. Structured Query Language.
A. Spreadsheet
E. System Queue Learning.
B. Word processor
C. Graphics package
43. Which of the following field types, in database, can
D. Presentation software
E. Profit Projector only have two possible values?
A. Text
37. The function =AVERAGE(B2:B8) in a cell B9 has been B. Date
C. Number
copied and pasted to cells C9 TO K9 in spreadsheet.
D. Boolean
Which of the following formulas would be displayed E. Alphanumeric
in cell D9?
A. =AVERAGE (C9:K9) 44. An internet user is worried that his files sent over the
B. =AVERAGE (D2:D8) internet are being intercepted by hackers or
investigators. What would you recommend to reduce
E. =AVERAGE (B2,B8,C9,K9) the risk of this invasion of privacy?
A. To use encryption techniques during
38. The acronym GUI stands for transmission.
B. To change his ISP regularly.
C. To set the browser to disallow cookies. E. 11111101
D. To increase the level of security settings on the
browser. 48. A diagram that represents an algorithm is called
E. To call in the EFCC. A. a program flowchart.
B. a system flowchart.
45. A temporary holding area for data, application C. a sequence flowchart.
instructions and the operating system is the ______ . D. an entity relation diagram.
A. RAM E. a pseudocode.
C. Register 49. Sam wants to enter Computer Studies tests marks in
D. Hard disk a spreadsheet. Which of the following keys will make
E. CD-ROM the data entry faster?
A. Control keys
46. A company provided its users with a network that B. Function keys
can be accessed from all its offices worldwide. This C. Document keys
network is D. Numeric keypad
A. a local area network. E. Ctrl+Alt+Del
B. a metropolitan area network.
C. a wide area network. 50. During the running of developed programs, it was
D. an intranet. discovered that the programs did not produce the
E. a special network. expected output. To correct the problem, the
programmers needed to
47. When the denary number 19 is converted to its A. check the programs for syntax errors.
binary form and represented in 8-bit format it B. change program translators.
becomes______ . C. check hardware for errors.
A. 01010011 D. test programs for logical errors with test data
B. 10011011 and compare outputs with expected results.
C. 00010011 E. service the computer.
D. 10010011

B. Digital computer machine

51. What button do you use in MS Excel in order to find C. Direct data capture machine
new formulas? D. Digital data capture machine
A. copy E. Fax machine
B. fx
C. autosum 54. Charles Babbage is considered the father of the
D. paste computer because
E. cut A. he built the difference engine.
B. he built the analytical engine.
52. The speed of a computer can be measured in ______ C. of his concept of input, mill and output.
. D. he built the first computer.
A. MB E. he programmed the first computer.
C. MHz 55. A 32-bit microprocessor has a word length equal to
D. Gigs ______ .
E. kmph A. 32 bytes
B. 16 bytes
53. Which of these electronic machines is used by INEC C. 8 bytes
for registering legitimate voters? D. 4 bytes
A. Analog computer machine E. 2 bytes
56. Why is it a mistake to use a text data type to store
money values?
A. The naira sign cannot be displayed.
B. The decimal place cannot be displayed.
C. The calculations cannot be performed.
D. The data cannot be sorted.
E. The text is too long.

57. Which of the following files is an image?

A. rain.jpeg
B. image.doc
C. picture.exe
D. project1.xls
E. image.txt

58. What is the file name for C: \ myfiles \ cs \

A. cs
B. doc
C. myfiles
D. application
E. c :

59. When installing a peripheral, which is not a plug and

play, you usually need to install a
A. port.
B. server.
C. password.
D. driver.
E. printer.

60. What is a computer network?

A. A group of computers that share the same power
B. Two or more companies connected together to
exchange data and programs.
C. A computer that is used by many different
human users.
D. A computer that can run many programs from its
hard disk.
E. A complicated computer.