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Modular instrument clusters

Attractive, well-structured solutions to keep the driver informed,

available off-the-shelf
Continental Instrument Clusters 2

Continental Instrument Clusters – ­

All necessary infor­mation in premium quality.

The instrument cluster is the main source of information for drivers. ­Particularly
in commercial, industrial and special purpose vehicles the i­nstrument cluster
is exposed to high demands and therefore, it must be extremely resistant.
The information provided needs to be clearly structured, easy to read and
fit customer specific requirements – that’s why our instrument clusters offer
premium image quality and allow a wide range of user-customizable options
in appearance and software.

We hold the essential expertise for instrument clusters operating world­

wide and our scalable automotive solutions are quality certified. Supporting
different technologies, such as augmented reality and optical bonding, our
displays and microcontrollers completely fulfill the needs of our customers
with regards to technology, cost and development time. With our software
tool chain we offer an easy and unified interface to configure and program
our instrument clusters .

Our automotive qualified products offer a high-­value appearance in

color, brightness and surfaces with 2D and 3D dials in advanced printing
technology. Moreover, we offer our customers the possibility to adapt our
platform products individually to their needs, for example by changing dials,
customize telltale symbols or colors. With this large and exactly matched up
portfolio we o­ ffer full services in the area of instrumentation.
All solutions at a glance 3

All solutions at a glance.

The main characteristics and scope of use for each of our off-the-shelf
platform products:

MultiViu®Professional12 1) BusIC
is the most innovative stand-alone instrumentation display is our multiple-purpose product for bus, coach and s­ imilar
product. It provides high-quality presen­tation of pictures, ­vehicle applications available as stand-alone or combined with
2D / 2,5D-graphics and videos with high flexibility through the body controller CBCU3 ­system. It is programmable via
a fully programmable 12.3" wideview colored TFT display. KIBES®-32 and grADI.
Thanks to its customizable modular concept with a separate
­telltale module and touch buttons it can easily be adapted to CIMOT
the dashboard geometry. The MultiViu®Professional12 is is an ergonomically designed and qualified off-the-shelf stand-
­programmable via KIBES®-32 and CGI Studio. It is compatible alone instrument cluster for resistance, functionality and reliabil-
with Continental's Driver's Workplace systems. ity. It is programmable via KIBES®-32 and grADI.

FlexCluster MOKI3
is a sturdy and compact stand-alone instrument cluster is our high-end instrument cluster and part of the KIBES®-32
­providing high flexibility based on a customizable dot-matrix multiplex system. It provides customized solutions and is
display and maximum protection against water and dust. It especially suitable for bus applications. It is programmable via
is the ideal cluster for agriculture and construction applications KIBES®-32, CAVTAN or grADI.
and easily programmable via KIBES®-32 and grADI.
CB500 is our fully programmable display multiplexer and an integral
is an analog and very sturdy stand-alone instrument part of MOKI3. As a special feature DMUX3 is able to show
cluster for agricultural and construction vehicles. Its housing up to three different camera pictures. It is programmable via
is c­ ompatible with FlexCluster and it is only configurable. KIBES®-32, CAVTAN or grADI.

is a cost-optimized stand-alone solution for the construction
market and machinery in special vehicles based on its max-
imum protection against water and dust. All information is
clearly presented e.g. via gauges, telltales and the segmented
display. It is programmable by KIBES®-32.

Stand-alone Integrated Display Dimensions Software tool

operable (w x h x d)
MultiViu®Professional12 1)   12.3" wide-view color TFT-LCD 414 x 220 x 66 mm KIBES®-32 + CGI Studio

FlexCluster  115 x 145 pixel monochrome dot-matrix LCD 290.6 x 143.5 x 72.5 mm KIBES®-32 + grADI

CB500  1.6" segmented LCD 291 x 144 x 69 mm CentroWin

LoaderIC  3.5" segmented LCD 404.5 x 195 x 98.2 mm KIBES®-32

BusIC   166 x 128 pixel monochrome dot-matrix LCD 411 x 199 x 100 mm KIBES®-32 + grADI

CIMOT   320 x 240 pixel monochrome TFT-LCD 381 x 181 x 51 mm KIBES®-32 + grADI

MOKI3  DMUX3 414 x 220 x 88 mm KIBES®-32 + grADI or CAVTAN

DMUX3  320 x 240 pixel color TFT-LCD 173 x 140 x 68.7 mm KIBES®-32 + grADI or CAVTAN

1) MultiViu® is a registered trademark of Continental.

MultiViu®Professional12 4

With the MultiViu®Professional12 we offer the most a­ rchitecture. Its warning and status telltale
innovative off-the-shelf instrument cluster. It is fully ­module, fulfilling ASIL-A requirements, is highly
­programmable to different needs and ­requirements reliable. ­MultiViu®Professional12 is programmed
and supports the trend towards a larger and by a p­ erfectly matched software tool chain using
more ­colorful display with its 12.3" full-color TFT KIBES®-32 PLC and the automotive high-end
display. The MultiViu®Professional12 provides graphic implementation software CGI Studio.
maximum freedom in HMI screen design and easy Furthermore, it provides a modular structure with
­implemen­tation of video and camera pictures. a main display module that can be integrated into
Additionally the MultiViu®Professional12 can different front frames to seamlessly fit the vehicle
be quickly integrated into the existing ­vehicle cabin design.

MultiViu®Professional12 Advantages at a glance

−−Innovative stand-alone display product

available for all customers
−−Super wide-view, high-contrast,
true-color 12.3" TFT display
−−Model based design system: software
for application programming and soft-
ware for graphical HMI programming
−−Wide variety of interfaces to integrate
it easily in the vehicle architecture
−−Modular product concept with custom-
izable telltale module and front frame
−−Can be integrated into Driver's Workplace+
−−LINUX and OSEK based 2 microcontroller
offering higher performance

Specifications and features Description

Dimensions 414 x 220 x 66 mm
−−Display: super wide-view, high bright-
Operating voltage 9 V ... 16 V or 18 V ... 32 V
ness contrast, true color 12.3" TFT
Operating temperature -40 °C ... +70 °C display, normally black with resolution:
Protection degree IP 54 (front), IP 30 (rear and laterally) 1,440 x 540 pixel
Wake up via digital inputs or CAN buses
−−Telltales: optional telltale module with
EOL programming and diagnosis via UDS on IP and UDS on CAN 11 telltales on top of the display, dual
Analog input (resistive / voltage) 5 x voltage input, 2x resistive input (thereof 1x for fuel sender) color LEDs
3x low-active, 3x high-active, 6x quasi-analog input, −−HMI-control: optional button module with
Digital input
diagnosable, level programmable
up to 4 capacitive buttons ­integrated into
Frequency input 1x PWM for illumination control
the front frame e. g. for trip reset and
Output 1x sensor supply: 5 V ­illumination setting below the display
Audio Internal loudspeaker plus 1 interface for an external loudspeaker
−−LIN for sensors and switch connectors
Video 3x analog video input

3x high-speed CAN; EasyLink for gauge (CVSG) connection;

LIN with 12 V signal level; high speed interface for data download

Connectors Rosenberg connector, BNC connector

FlexCluster 5

With its compact design, durable housing and a­ pplication-specific protocols. This enables ­flexibility
flexible programming the FlexCluster provides great in use and ensures that all important data and
reliability and flexibility especially for agriculture ­information can be internally applied or transmitted
and construction markets. The layout of the high to other devices such as round satellite gauges.
quality central monochrome dot-matrix display is
fully customizable and can be programmed to show Thanks to the KIBES® software, the FlexCluster can
personalized icons, corporate logos, bar graphs and be programmed and configured to precisely meet
different mask layers with the grADI software. any customer requirements. For added convenience,
the self-explanatory software allows customers to
The various interfaces allow data to be pro­
­­ cessed implement changes themselves if and whenever
from two separate high-speed CAN buses running required.

FlexCluster Advantages at a glance

−−Ergonomically designed, compact

and resistant stand-alone solution
−−115 x 145 pixel monochrome
dot-matrix LCD display
−−Indication of many parameters
in a compact space
−−Convenient product design
−−Several customization options
(e.g. display HMI, dial, bezel)
−−Monitoring of many parameters
in a compact space

Specifications and features Description

Dimensions 290.6 x 143.5 x 72.5 mm
−−Display: large monochrome dot-matrix
Operating voltage 9 V ... 16 V or 18 V ... 32 V
LCD display, white backlight and red
Operating temperature -40 °C ... +75 °C colored display illumination, dimmable
Protection degree IP 67 (front and rear) with resolution: 115 x 145 pixel, available
Wake up CAN or terminal 15 as transmissive or transflective
EOL programming and diagnosis UDS on CAN −−Gauges: 4 gauges – 2x large, 2x small
Analog input (resistive / voltage) 6 (e. g. speedometer, tachometer, fuel level,
Digital input 24 (HSS/LSS can be freely configured with parameters) coolant temperature)
Frequency input 4 −−Telltales: 24 + 2 for small gauges
3x 500 mA output can be used as frequency or digital output (indication symbol)
(low side switch)
−−Many inputs and outputs plus
External buzzer output 1
­high-speed CAN
2x high-speed CAN (ISO 11898)
1x EasyLink for additional gauge satellites (CVSG)

Connectors 2x Tyco Super Seal 835 pin and 23 pin

Centrobase CB500 6

Centrobase CB500.
With the Centrobase instrument cluster all ­relevant The Centrobase instrument cluster is continually
engine data are presented clearly (analog and adapted and expanded to meet changing c­ ustomer
digital), thus ensuring greater convenience and requirements and can be configured to meet
­enhanced ergonomics in the driver’s cabin. Its ­customer-specific needs thanks to the special
­housing is compatible with the FlexCluster. ­CentroWin software.

Centrobase CB500 Advantages at a glance

−−Analog and very resistant stand-alone

instrument cluster
−−Fixed segment display
−−Durable and compact design
−−87 numeric segments can be
­configured to meet customer

Specifications and features Description

Dimensions 291 x 144 x 69 mm
−−Illumination: green backlight (LED) and
Operating voltage 12  V
amber colored display illumination
Operating temperature -30 °C ... +70 °C
−−Gauges: 4x analog indication:
Protection degree IP 65 (front side), IP 30 (rear side)
1x large, 1x medium, 2x small
EOL programming and diagnosis K-line
(e. g. speedometer, tachometer,
Input 2x frequency, 3x resistance, PWM fuel level, coolant temperature)
Output C3 speed signal
−−Display: digital indication of e. g. hour
Integrated warning buzzer 1 counter, odometer, trip odometer,
trip hourcounter, clock and gear shift
−−1.6" segmented LCD
(87 numeric segments)
−−Telltales: up to 15 (indication symbol)
LoaderIC 7

The Loader Instrument Cluster is an off-the-shelf By module design concept, we supply a mature
platform cluster for the loader market and ­machinery traditional cluster for different vehicle configurations
in special vehicles. This resistant i­nstrument cluster and a broad range of requirements. The Loader
controls up to 24 telltales. Various inputs / outputs can ­Instrument ­Cluster is very durable and optimally
be used for telltales, sensors and gauge control. protected against fluids and dust. Thanks to the
KIBES® software, the LoaderIC can be programmed
and configured to precisely meet any customer

LoaderIC Advantages at a glance

−−Highly resistant stand-alone solution

for special vehicles in the machinery
and construction markets
−−There are two types of displays
available that can be chosen by
the customer
−−Optimally protected against fluids
and dust
−−Cost-optimized product solution
−−Dial, telltale symbols and color
−−Multi-gauge / multi-telltale solutions

Specifications and features Description

Dimensions 404,5 x 195 x 98,2 mm
−−Illumination: orange scales, red pointers
Operating voltage 24 V
and orange display illumination
Operating temperature -30 °C ... +75 °C
−−Gauges: 5 gauges
Protection degree IP 65 (front side), IP 30 (rear side)
(e. g. tachometer, coolant temperature,
Wake up via digital inputs or CAN buses
air pressure, en­gine oil and transmis-
Analog input (resistive / voltage) 7 (5x resistive input / 2x voltage input) sion oil t­ emperature)
Digital input 20 (HSS/LSS can be freely configured with parameters)
−−Telltales: 16 or 24 (high or basic)
3x (vehicle speed signal, engine speed input,
Frequency input
reserved frequency input) −−Push-buttons: 1 (to change display
Output 1x frequency output; 4x power output (2x 5 V; 2x 12 V) content of LCD and interrupt buzzer
Interfaces 1x high-speed CAN interface (follow J 1939 protocol)
Connectors 2x common 32 pin, 2x AMP connector
BusIC 8

The BusIC Instrument Cluster is available as stand- Application and ­func­tional HMI are programmed
alone variant or system variant controlled by with KIBES®-32 and the ­graphical HMI with the grADI
CBCU3. With the module design concept, we supply software in order to fulfill a wide range of different
a high ­flexibility for different vehicle configurations. requirements. It is the ideal instrument cluster for
The BusIC is available in two different modern customized Driver's Workplace and citybus dash-
stylings – for Driver's Workplace+ application with flat board.
frontglass or as a dual voltage (12 V / 24 V) variant.

BusIC Advantages at a glance

−−Available as stand-alone or controlled

by CBCU3
−−Monochrome dot-matrix display with
a resolution of 166 x 128 pixel
−−Individual programming of the ­
functional and graphical HMI
­application configurations
−−Additional variant for Driver's Workplace
−−Smart design

Specifications and features Description

Dimensions 411 x 199 x 100 mm
−−Display: 5" dot-matrix display, full yellow
Operating voltage 12 V / 24 V
backlight technology with resolution:
Operating temperature -30 °C ... +75 °C 166 x 128 pixel
Protection degree IP 54 (front), IP 20 (rear)
−−Gauges: 6 gauges or 2 gauges with
Wake up via digital inputs or CAN buses
4 LED bar graphs, dial customizable
EOL programming and diagnosis UDS on CAN
−−Telltales: up to 50 telltales
Analog input (resistive / voltage) 8 (3x voltage input, 5x resistance input)

Digital input 50 (HSS/LSS can be freely configured with parameters) −−Push-buttons: 2 rotatable push-buttons
(to change display content and illumi-
2 (vehicle speed sensor signal input;
Frequency input nation)
engine speed sensor signal input)

Output digital, power output for 5 V & 12 V, B7, B8

Interfaces high-speed CAN interfacing with or without CBCU

Connectors 3x JAE connector (2x 30 pin, 1x 22 pin)


The CIMOT is a cost-optimized stand-alone instru- differently illuminated (red and yellow) for errors and
ment c­ luster solution (which could also be used in warnings. The remaining layout of the central mono-
combination with an enhanced body controller). chrome TFT display is customizable and can be
It has two major and four minor gauges, a set of programmed to show customized icons, corporate
telltales and a monochrome TFT d ­ isplay for d
­ rivers' logos, bar graphs, texts, different masks and layers.
information and onboard d ­ iagnosis. Within the All flexibly programmed by KIBES®-32 and grADI.
TFT-LCD there are two specific areas which can be

CIMOT Advantages at a glance

−−2x major gauges: tachometer,

−−4x minor gauges: coolant temperature,
air pressure 1&2, fuel level, battery
voltage or customized
−−Mono TFT display with a resolution
of 320 x 240 pixel, two specific areas
with different illumination for errors and
warning indication
−−2x high-speed CAN interface
−−Protection class: IP 54 front and
IP 20 rear

Specifications and features Description

Dimensions 381 x 181 x 51 mm
−−Illumination: LED green scales,
Operating voltage 16 V ... 32 V
red pointers, white backlight
Operating temperature -30 °C ... +75 °C
−−Gauges: 2 major gauges and 4 minor
Protection degree IP 54 (front), IP 20 (rear side)
gauges, configurable RPM ranges via
Wake up via digital inputs or CAN buses
colored LED bands!
EOL programming and diagnosis UDS on CAN
−−Display: monochrome TFT display
Analog input (resistive / voltage) 9

Digital input 46 (HSS/LSS can be freely configured with parameters) −−Display resolution: 320 x 240 pixel
Output PWM output signal , Operating voltage: 24 V −−Telltales: 38
Interfaces 2x high-speed CAN
−−Push-buttons: 2
Connectors AMP connector
MOKI3 10

Apart from the actual vehicle design, the information of small gauges or the design of dial, pointers and
interface and the entire dashboard are the elements display HMI. It is the best-selling off-the-shelf instru-
that immediately strike the observer. They provide ment cluster for city coaches in Europe.
vehicle manufacturers with scope in designing and
the opportunity to make an individual impression. The MOKI3 platform is fully programmable via the
KIBES®-32 + grADI or CAVTAN software tool and is
The MOKI3 platform offers a large number of fully equipped with DMUX3 high-end display multiplexer.
customizable components such as telltales, number

MOKI3 Advantages at a glance

−−Part of the KIBES®-32 multiplex system

−−Equipped with high-end display
­multiplexer DMUX3
−−Three video inputs for monitoring blind
spots, e. g. door or reversing camera
−−Fits into Driver's Workplace+

Specifications and features Description

Dimensions 414 x 220 x 88 mm
−−Display: DMUX3 with 5" colored TFT-dis-
Operating voltage 21.5 V ... 32 V
play, LED backlight, dimmable with
Operating temperature -20 °C ... +70 °C ­resolution: 320 x 240 pixel
IP 43 front side-mounted
Protection degree
IP 20 rear side-mounted −−Gauges: 2 large gauges; max. 4 small
Wake up 8 inputs
EOL programming and diagnosis KWP2000 on K-line −−Telltales: max. 26
Analog input (resistive / voltage) 4 (MOKI3), 2 (DMUX3) −−Push-buttons: TCO and dimming,
Digital input
max. 24x diagnostic input (MOKI3) max. 6 integrated push-buttons
max. 68x diagnostic input (DMUX3)

Pulse input 2x pulse input for speedometer and tachometer

Video input 3 (PAL / NTSC, CVBS, 1 Vpp, 75 Ω)

12 (MOKI3)
28 (DMUX3)

instrument high-speed CAN (ISO 11898)

Interfaces mobile communication high-speed CAN (ISO 11519)
reserve high-speed CAN (ISO 11898) optional

Connectors ITT Canon Trident connector

DMUX3 11

The DMUX3 is the third generation of display multi­ c­ onnections for all dashboard switches, infotainment
plexers and is used as an integral part of MOKI3. In ­devices and to the ZR32. The DMUX3 display is ­fully
addition to typical display masks like menus, text and programmable via the KIBES®-32 + grADI or CAVTAN
symbol masks it can also show up to three camera software tool.
­pictures. ­Additional inputs and CAN interfaces offer

DMUX3 Advantages at a glance

−−Integral part of MOKI3

−−5" QVGA digital true color TFT display
with a resolution of 320 x 240 pixel
−−DMUX3 is equipped with 3 video inputs
−−More inputs are available e. g. for
connection to dashboard switches
−−HMI programmable with CAVTAN
or grADI

Specifications and features Description

Dimensions 173 x 140 x 68.7 mm
−−Display: 5" QVGA digital true color
Operating voltage 16 V ... 32 V
TFT display
Operating temperature -20 °C ... +70 °C
−−Display resolution: 320 x 240 pixel
Protection degree IP 20 (front), IP 20 (rear)

Wake up input 8 −−Telltales: with the additional 28 outputs

EOL programming and diagnosis KWP2000 on K-line
it is possible to activate e. g. the function
lights of the switches or control telltales
Analog input (resistive / voltage) 2

Digital input 68 −−3 analaog video inputs

Output 28

External speaker output 1

instrument high-speed CAN (ISO 11898)

Interfaces mobile communication high-speed CAN (ISO 11519)
reserve high-speed CAN (ISO 11898) optional

Connectors ITT Canon Trident connector

Software solutions 12

Software solutions.
The Continental software solutions allow the instrument clusters to be pro-
grammed and configured so as to perfectly fit any customer requirements.
Application programming can be done by c­ ustomers, Continental or certified
third parties. Continental offers individual trainings for the software tool
chain – the training catalog can be ordered separately. The continuous sof-
ware tool chain for application and HMI programming software tool are fulfill-
ing s­ tandards and using reliable existing software solutions. We offer regular
­software updates via our online platform KIBES® Center.

CGI Studio

CGI Studio is a professional software tool to create a premium

HMI with high definition graphics. It is compatible to the
MultiViu®Professional12 and is adapted to the KIBES®-32
software which controls the instrument cluster functionality.
With CGI Studio you will receive brilliant looking HMIs displayed
with the MultiViu®Professional12.

−−Highly intuitive software tool with a fast learning Curve

−−Drag and drop scene editor
−−Time and curve editor for keyframe animations
−−Multiple rendering modes
−−Advanced graphic tools (e. g. shader editor, render time ­analysis)
−−Benefits from Continental widgets set
−−Multi-language support (Texteffect Widget, UTF16)
−−Intuitive GUI for HMI implementation


The KIBES®-32 software is used for creating the application

program on a graphical level according to standard IEC 61131.
It offers additional features like automatically generated
documentation, an online and offline simulation, a comfortable
configuration manager, download etc. A patch generator
provides flexibility in module linking according to the vehicle
functions. A quasi-multi-tasking operation supports the
separation of time-critical and standard modules to run.

−−Reduced development time and risk

−−Off-line simulation and online test
−−Integrated version and revision management
−−Easy to learn GUI for HMI implementation
−−Configuration manager
Software solutions 13


The grADI software is a tool for professional mask design.

It is available for many commercial vehicle cluster and display
products by Continental. It gives customers the possibility to
create their own graphical HMI and to react with high flexibility
to market demands.

−−Supports screen design of dot-matrix and colored TFT

displays up to WVGA resolution
−−Fits seamlessly to the KIBES®-32 software tool chain
−−Graphic objects and text files are created by a common soft-
ware tool like Adobe and can be easily imported into grADI
−−Multi-language support for international applications
−−Development tool based on CINEMA 4D
Instrumentation solutions for all markets 14

Instrumentation solutions for all markets.

For original equipment manufacturers, Continental offers instrumentation
solutions perfectly customized to their needs in design, function and
implementation. Our scalable instrumentation portfolio offers a variety of
solutions from best-cost up to premium products for all markets and vehicle
segments. Furthermore, we are always close to our customers since our
production, research and development teams are operating worldwide.

Instrumentation solutions for Agriculture Advantages at a glance

Image shows an example for instrument
clusters in the Agricultural segment. −−Instrument cluster solutions perfectly
fit to the vehicle's E / E-architecture
−−Display controller MultiViu® for a
­primary or additionally, secondary
­information source
−−Fully programmable Cluster (FPC) for
easy control of agricultural vehicles and
machinery: scalable solutions from 4"
over 7" up to 12" display sizes
−−Highly resistant clusters that give all
necessary information to the driver
−−Offering all needed interfaces
−−Fast boot solutions
−−Low volumes
−−High IP class

Instrumentation solutions for Construction Advantages at a glance

Image shows an example for instrument
clusters in the Construction segment. −−Re-use of truck clusters for e. g. dump
−−Sturdy solutions for e. g. mini-excavators
−−Compact designed instrument clusters,
also available as off-the-shelf solution,
e. g. FlexCluster or LoaderIC
−−Modern shaped display controllers,
e. g. display controller of the MultiViu®
product family

Instrumentation solutions for Truck Advantages at a glance

Image shows an example for instrument
clusters in the Truck segment. −−Truck market leader for instrumentation
−−Dedicated understanding, resources
and process set-up for automotive
projected business
−−Reliable products proven by millions
of series units
−−Time-to-market flexibility
−−Instrument cluster solutions for all
types of trucks: from light-duty
to high-duty trucks
−−Product stylings that fit perfectly into
customers dashboard design
−−High-volume business

Instrumentation solutions for Bus Advantages at a glance

Image shows an example for instrument
clusters in the Bus segment. −−Bus market leader for instrumentation
−−Comprehensive product portfolio for
city buses, commuters and coaches
−−Reliable and easy programmable
system solutions, optionally fitting into
Driver's Workplace for city buses
−−Instrument clusters communicating
with KIBES® multiplex system, used in
all kinds of buses
−−Dedicated understanding, resources
and process set-up for flexible bus
−−Time-to-market flexibility
−−Low volume products on a reasonable
price level

Instrumentation solutions for 2-Wheeler Advantages at a glance

Image shows an example for instrument
clusters in the 2-wheeler segment. −−Electronic cluster solutions available for
all bikes and markets worldwide
−−Product portfolio from single gauges
up to fully-fleged clusters or colored
display controllers
−−Different types of customized displays
−−Sturdy and stylish housing design
−−Fulfilling high EMC and environmental
−−Low to high volumes
−−All information a motorcyclist needs to
be shown in an easy way
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