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health care.

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2011 Trip Guide
What are you doing
with your LIFE?
How would you answer that question? Would you say you’re
making a difference in the world?

Would you like to be a part of something bigger than you?

Well, we’d like to help you do that. We’re an organization called Word
of Life, and we tell young people about Jesus. Believe us, there is nothing
sweeter than seeing someone come to know Christ. It’s life-changing...
both for them and for you.

Imagine being a part of a team that is changing peoples’ lives by sharing

Christ. Pretty cool thought?

Well, now imagine that you are a part of that team, sharing Christ, seeing
peoples’ lives changed, but you’re doing it on the other side of the
world. Different language. Different culture. Different food. Different...

Now you’re thinking

short term missions.

Why should you
Word of Life? CHOOSE
Our trips strive to be three things:

Who ever said that going on a missions trip needs to be complicated?
Whether you represent a group or are an individual, we can help you
get to the mission field in a way that’s just plain easy. We’ll be right there
with you, from the time you fill out an application to when you’re back in
church reporting on your awesome ministry experience. Whoever you
are, we have trips already planned that will be perfect for you.

One of the unique things about Word of Life is that we have full-
time ministry happening all over the world. Because of this, we can
accommodate most of our teams on our own properties, in a much more
comfortable and controlled environment. In addition, all our trips are
hosted by someone who’s “been there, done that.” Our trip hosts are
very experienced and know how to handle whatever is thrown at them.

Since most of our trips go places where we already have ongoing
ministry, these trips do much more than just provide a great experience
for you and those to whom you minister. They are also a huge help and
encouragement to our full-time ministries, offer you a great opportunity
to rub shoulders with full-time, real life missionaries, and often help set up
our ministries for greater work in the future. 2
Student Fusion
Make friends. See the world. Share Christ.
So...what are you doing this summer?

Working? Taking a vacation? Catching up on your sleep?

You could do that. If you did, you’d be able to look back and see that you
made some money, saw Mickey Mouse, or spent an amazing amount of
time on the couch.

But what if you looked back at your summer and saw that you did
something amazing? Something epic. Something that helped change the

Our Student Fusion teams want to help you do that in a big way.

Each team takes students just like you, puts them through a week
of intense training, and then launches them out to a foreign country.
Different language; different food; different everything! It’s just you and
your team, put there with the awesome task of sharing Christ. Sharing
Christ with people who probably can’t go to the type of church you can.
Can’t flip past nineteen Christian stations on the radio like you do. These
people are lost, and nothing’s going to change that until someone like you
does something about it.

So...think about it. What are you doing this summer?

2011 Locations Include:

El Salvador and Dominican Republic/Haiti

Ages 16-22 4
Health Care
Using medicine as a means of ministry
People all over the world have needs so great that we have a hard time
even comprehending them. Imagine getting sick but having no access to
a doctor. Imagine breaking your leg and having no ability to see anyone
for the pain. Imagine being forced to let it heal wrong because nobody
was there to properly care for you. Now imagine that all this happened
to you in a little village that didn’t even have a church...because there were
no Christians either. That’s the real world that so many people live in.

Our Health Care teams travel across the world to set up free clinics.
People come to the clinics because of physical needs, and they leave with
those needs met, in addition to a clear understanding of the Gospel.

Yes, these teams do need doctors, but not just doctors. Most teams
need medical doctors, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, RNs, LPNs,
dentists, dental assistants, optometrists, chiropractors, and non-medical
support staff. We also need people to hand out medication and to talk to
the people waiting in line. In other words, you don’t have to be a medical
professional to have a place on a Health Care team.

Would you consider joining us in one of these countries? God has

given you specific skills and wants to use them for His glory.

2011 Locations Include:

Costa Rica, Mexico, Romania, Brazil, Ukraine, Nigeria, Haiti, and Chile

Donations of the following are also greatly appreciated: prescription and non-prescription
medications, salves, ointment, bandages, children’s and adult vitamins, aspirin, ibuprofen,
and other medical supplies. See our website for details. 6
Group Ignite
Get your group fired up about missions
If you have a group from your church, youth group, sports team, school...
or really any other group of people who are passionate about going on
a short term missions trip, Group Ignite is for you. Through this unique
program, we take care of all the boring, tedious, and overwhelming details
that go into planning a trip, and leave you with what you’re really after in
the first place: an awesome ministry experience.

Coordinating all the details for a missions trip can be a nightmare. There
are so many people who are counting on you to make things happen, so
many things that could go wrong, and so much pressure to make things
go right. The participants are expecting the experience of a lifetime; the
donors sacrificed so much to let you go; the last thing that you want
to have is a failure. But, if you don’t know what you’re doing, one lost
passport, health issue, visa problem, or travel hiccup can leave you and
your team stranded on the other side of the world, wasting precious time
and money. Nobody wants that.

With Group Ignite, we’ll take care of all the details, set you up with a trip
host, provide a place to stay, coordinate transportation, provide ministry
opportunities, get translators, and figure pretty much everything else out.

You’ve got the people. We’ve got the experience. Let’s put them

2011 Locations Include:

Costa Rica, St. Martens, Trinidad, Honduras, Peru, Kenya, Anguila, Jamaica,
Spain, and the USA 8
Work Teams
Building with a purpose
Some people seem to really love public speaking. They can stand up in
front of crowds and just captivate them. However, not everyone is made
that way. In fact, most people aren’t...and that’s okay. God made us all
different in order to use each of our abilities for His glory.

Our Work Teams, both domestic and international, head out with one
mission: to help the Gospel to go out in a big way. The team members
are not necessarily the ones on stage sharing the Gospel, but they are the
ones who help make the stage ministry possible. Hey, they might have
even built the stage!

Past teams have travelled around the world, helping rebuild after fires,
constructing new buildings, paving basketball courts--all kinds of projects
have been completed to help the name of Jesus go out.

But, you don’t have to be a professional builder to be a part of a team!

We need people of all skill levels to help build, pave, carry, wire, dig--
whatever needs to be done.

Come build something that makes a difference in eternity!

2011 Locations Include:

Guatemala (electric & other), Honduras (sprinkler system), Costa Rica (sidewalks),
France (renovations), Peru (building), Austria (renovations), Canada (roofing &
siding), Mexico (drywall, electric & other), Brazil (renovations), Romania (building),
Bolivia (rock walls), Portugal (landscaping), Chile (remodeling), El Salvador
(building), the Dominican Republic, and the USA 10
A few months to make a difference
The Launch program is designed to put you on the mission field,
whatever your situation might be. We have identified key areas around
the world that desperately need short term missionary help, and we want
you to fill one of those needs. Lengths of service can range from 1 or 2
months to 2 years. You choose which opportunity and time frame is
right for you. We’ll help you get there.

In the past, students have gone to Europe to help run summer camps,
young adults have gone to Africa to see if full-time missions might be for
them, and adults and retirees have gone to Asia to teach English in schools.
People have preached, taught, built buildings, ran programs, cooked,
cleaned, and designed websites--all just a few examples of the hundreds of
ways Launch has helped normal people use their skills for God’s glory on
the mission field.

So, are you interested in missions but not sure how your abilities can be
used? Do you have some time that you would like to devote to missions
work? Are you interested in (but still unsure about) full-time missions?
Launch could be just what you are looking for.

2011 Locations Include:

All around the world! Visit for a current opportunity list.

Ages 17+ 12
Trips for Individuals
Student Fusion
El Salvador 06/18 - 07/09 $1,239
Dominican Republic & Haiti 07/16 - 08/06 $1,329
Health Care
Brazil (Amazon River) 03/10 - 03/20 $1,646
Mexico March (see website) $749
Romania 05/13 - 05/22 $1,632
Costa Rica June (see website) (see website)
Ukraine 09/30 - 10/09 $835
Nigeria 10/13 - 10/23 $1,392
Haiti (see website) $698
Chile (see website) $892
Work Teams
Guatemala 01/21 - 01/29 $739
Honduras 02/04 - 02/12 $695
Costa Rica 02/25 - 03/05 $696
France 04/01 - 04/09 $927
Peru 04/15 - 04/23 $699
Austria 05/13 - 05/21 $891
Canada 06/11 - 06/18 $649
Mexico 06/17 - 06/25 $669
Brazil 06/17 - 06/25 $986
Romania 07/15 - 07/23 $867
Bolivia 08/05 - 08/13 $858
Canada 08/20 - 08/27 $649
Portugal 10/14 - 10/22 $782
Chile 10/14 - 10/22 $699
El Salvador 11/11 - 11/19 $684
Dominican Republic (see website) (see website)
USA (New York) (see website) (see website)
Other Ministry Trips
Kenya 05/28 - 06/06 $996
Brazil (Amazon Fishin’ Mission) 09/09 - 09/17 $1,942
Brazil (Amazon Fishin’ Mission) 09/17 - 09/25 $1,942

13 2011 Trip Guide

Trips for Groups
Group Ignite
Jamaica 06/11 - 06/18 $756
Costa Rica 06/17 - 06/24 $756
St. Martens (see website) $939
Trinidad 06/24 - 07/02 $939
Honduras 07/02 - 07/09 $667
Peru 07/02 - 07/11 $893
Kenya 07/07 - 07/16 $1,109
USA (Philadelphia, PA) 07/09 - 07/18 $499
Honduras 07/09 - 07/16 $667
Honduras 07/16 - 07/23 $667
Spain 07/29 - 08/06 $860
Anguila 07/30 - 08/06 $756

Can’t join a team?

Pricing: Follow any trip on Twitter!
- Prices do not include airfare.
- There is a $25 application fee.
- A $200 Deposit is due 7 months from departure.
- 50% of the trip cost (including airfare) is due 4 months from departure.
- The full trip cost (including airfare) is due 2 months from departure.
- A late fee of $100 will be added to new registrations received within 90 days from

Trip Ratings:
Each trip is tagged with a trip difficulty rating of 1, 2, or 3 (see next page for details).

Need more info about

a trip? Our website
has it! You’ll also find register online:
pictures and video of
past trips, see other trips’
live Twitter updates,
stories of what’s
happening around the
world, and much more! 14
If you’ve never been on a missions trip before, a Level 1
opportunity is probably going to be right for you. These
trips are typically headed to countries which have food
and housing more like the USA, are closer to sea level,
have more mild climates, and are more family friendly.
Missions is never easy, but daily life on these trips will be
a little easier to adjust to than some other trips.

A Level 2 experience is going to be something to get

you out of your comfort zone. The food will be great,
but different than what you might be used to. The
climate probably won’t be extreme, but may not be
as mild as what you might be used to. Your housing
probably won’t be air-conditioned and may be dorm-
style. Travel times could be longer and a greater skill
level may be required for work projects.

A Level 3 trip is going to be an epic adventure. Trade in

your waterbed for a hammock and your air-conditioned
SUV for an off-road Jeep. These trips are sure to get you
well outside your comfort zone. Expect greater travel
requirements, unique food situations, and more extreme
work projects. These trips are not recommended for
families or anyone with certain health concerns.

Trip ratings are provided to help you pick the trip that’s right for you. We
take things like a location’s temperature, living conditions, food, physical
demands, and other factors into account and give a rating to help you
anticipate how intense the experience is going to be. For more details on
each trip, visit our web site.

Trip Ratings
Choose the experience that’s right for you
Personal Conduct and Standards: Short term trip participants are part of a team
representing Word of Life. The team will minister together and must be consistent
in presenting a good testimony. Trip participants must be modest and neat and not
offensive to the host culture. The use of drugs, alcohol, or tobacco products is not
allowed at any time during trips.

Participation: Word of Life reserves the right to decline acceptance to any individual
as a trip member for any reason whatsoever. Participants under eighteen must have
parental consent.

Trip Funds & Passport: Any support raised for a mission trip is a donation to Word of
Life, with a preference for your participation in this trip. Donations to Word of Life are
tax deductible as allowed by law. In the event that a trip is cancelled, you are unable
to participate, or the trip is over funded, any remaining funds will be used to support
the missionary work on the field to which the trip ministered. In no case will funds be
refunded to individuals or applied to future mission trips. Word of Life is not responsible
for any expenses incurred by trip members in preparation for the trip, including
vaccinations, special clothing, passport fees, or other trip related expenses. Participants
are responsible to apply for passports. Passports must be valid for at least six months
after the trip returns (

Cancellation: Word of Life reserves the right to cancel a trip before departure for any
reason whatsoever including too few participants or logistical problems such as political
unrest, strikes, wars, acts of God, or any other circumstances that may make operation of
the trip inadvisable.

Travel Costs and Currency Fluctuation: In order to keep rates as low as possible we
do not build airfare into the trip cost. Group travel will be coordinated through Word
of Life. Estimated airfare costs are provided for each trip and specific amounts will be
communicated to trip participants. As currencies fluctuate around the world and travel
costs change, it may be necessary to change the price of the trip.

Medical Information: Participation in a Word of Life short term missions trip requires
that you be in generally good health. It is essential that persons with any medical
problems or dietary restrictions make them known to us well before departure. We can
counsel you on whether the trip you have selected is appropriate for you. We advise all
participants to follow the immunization recommendations from the Center for Disease
Control and Prevention (

Terms & Conditions Because everyone loves fine print 16
Summer Training Corps

• Serve at summer camps in either New York or Florida

• Spend your summer serving the Lord
• Summer missions program: get paid through support
• Make new friends
• Over 500 students participate each year
• Opportunities for ages 14 and up
• Be challenged to grow spiritually

Type of Work Opportunities:

Lifeguard, Boat Driver, Bookstore, Maintenance, Housekeeping,
Day Care, Culinary Services, and more...

Other Opportunities
to serve
National Volunteer Program

• Volunteer at a Word of Life facility in the USA

• Use your gifts, talents, and abilities for the sake of
the Gospel
• Group & individual opportunities
• Equipment donations
• Weekend work retreats
• Optional sightseeing

Type of Volunteers Needed:

Housekeepers, Grounds Keepers, Mechanics, Nurses, Carpenters,
Plumbers, Electricians, Roofers, Kitchen Workers, and more... 18
Word of Life Fellowship
PO Box 600
Schroon Lake, NY 12870
(518) 494-6338

Word of Life Missions

PO Box 600
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