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Goal    ​Decrease suspensions and expulsions related to defiance and disrespect by 25% by the 18-19 school year 

Lessons and Activities Related to Goal:

Will Be Process Data Perception Outcome Data
Presented (Projected  Data ​(Type of  (Achievement, 
In Which ASCA Domain, number of  surveys/  attendance and/or 
Grade Class/ Standard and Curriculum and Projected students  assessments  behavior data to be  Contact
Level Lesson Topic Subject Competency Materials Start/End affected) to be used) collected) Person
Data should 
be 100% of 
through the 
use of this 
 3. Social and  Start:  guidance 
Emotional  The  lesson. This  Pre-post 
Development:  beginnin would be  survey on 
6-8 The student: 1.  g of the  measured  knowledge 
articulates socially  2nd  by the  of 
appropriate  quarter  number of  curriculum 
Social  emotional  End: The  pre/posttes and a 
Emotion  Studies  reactions of self  Volcano  end of  ts collected  screener on  Number of 
Regulation classroo and others in  worksheet &  the 2nd  from  emotional  Suspensions and  School 
 6-8     ms  various settings;  activity   quarter  students.  regulation   Expulsions  Counselor 
Start:   Process  Pre/Post  Number Of  School 
Handout-  Beginnin Data should  Survey on  suspensions and  Counselor 
B-SMS 2.  “Steps to  g of 4th  be 100% of  knowledge  Expulsions     
Demonstrate  Resolving a  quarter   students  of the     
Conflict”    through the  conflict     
self-discipline and 
  End: End  use of this  resolution  Number of   
self-control  Blank paper  of the  classroom  process   Behavior   
ELA  B-SMS 7.  to write  4th  guidance    Logs/Discipline   
Conflict  classroo quarter   lesson. This    Referrals   
Demonstrate  down 
 6-8  Mediation  ms    would be       
effective coping  thoughts    measured       
  by the       
skills when faced  and feelings 
  number of       
with a problem      pre/posttes      
B-SS 5.  Writing    ts collected       
Demonstrate  utensil    students.   
ethical  Survey (Pre     
decision-making  and Post) 
and social   
B-SS 9. 
social maturity 
and behaviors 
appropriate to the 
situation and 
 Process   While the 
Data should   Perceptio objectives of this 
be 100% of  n data  lesson are 
students  would be  primarily 
through the  collected  perception-base
use of this  through a  d, outcome data 
classroom  pre/posttes could come as 
guidance  t in which  part of a larger 
 S.M.S.2  lesson. This  students  unit in which 
Demonstrate   Begin would be  answer the  students then 
self-discipline and  ning of  measured  following  are taught how 
self-control   Powerpoi the 1st  by the  questions  to regulate their 
S.M.S.7  nt with faces,  quarter  number of  with a 5  emotions once 
Demonstrate  Zones, and  until the  pre/posttes point likert  they have 
effective coping  Bingo Topics.  end of  ts collected  scale from  identified them 
 Zones of   Scien skills when faced  Bingo  the 1st  from  Strongly  and what they   School 
 6-8  Regulation  ce Class  with a problem  Cards  quarter  students.  Disagree to  can do when  Counselor 
Strongly  others might be 
Agree:  feeling certain 
1) I can  emotions. This 
always  outcome data 
name the  could then come 
emotions  through behavior 
that I am  referrals and 
feeling.  detentions/suspe
2) I can  nsions. 
figure out 
causes me 
to feel a 
3) I can 
always tell 
else might 
be feeling 
 Students   Disciplinary 
 Process  will have a  infractions 
 ​B-SS 1. Use Data should  better  related to 
effective oral and Post-it notes/
blank scrap be 100% of  understandi disrespectful 
written students  ng of how  behavior will 
communication paper*
White Board through the  to  decrease for the 
skills and listening use of this  demonstrat 2018-2019 
skills Markers classroom  e respect  school year. 
B-SS 9. guidance  verbally, 
Demonstrate social   lesson. This  visually, and  90% of middle 
Paper and Beginnin would be  will  school students 
maturity and g of the  measured  understand  can name 3 ways 
behaviors 4th  by the  what it feels  that they can 
Respect: quarter  number of  like to be  show respect to 
Self-Respe appropriate to the Looks Like, until the  pre/posttes respected.  others and 3 
ct and  situation and Sounds Like, end of  ts collected  ways they  School 
respect for  Englis Feels Like the 4th  from  A pretest  receive respect.  Counselor
environment Worksheet 
6-8   others  h Class   quarter  students.  will be    
B-SS 2. Create administere  
d with the   
positive and
supportive during the 
relationships with first 2 
weeks of 
other students school via 
B-SS 3. Create Google 
forms. A 
relationships with post test 
adults that support will be 
success-SS 1. Use d to 
effective oral and students 
written after the 
communication lesson via 
skills and listening forms. 
B-SS 9.
Demonstrate social
maturity and
appropriate to the
situation and
B-SS 2. Create
positive and
relationships with
other students
B-SS 3. Create
relationships with
adults that support
will have a 
B-SS 9.  ​Post-it better 
notes/ blank understandi
Demonstrate social ng of how to 
scrap paper*
maturity and White Board demonstrat
e respect 
behaviors White Board verbally, 
visually, and 
appropriate to the Markers
situation and Butcher understand 
what it feels 
environment Paper and like to be 
B-SS 2. Create Markers respected. 

positive and Respect: A pretest 

supportive Looks Like, will be   Disciplinary 
Sounds Like,  Process  administere infractions related 
relationships with Feels Like Data should  d with the  to disrespectful 
other students Worksheet be 100% of  students  behavior will 
students  during the  decrease for the 
B-SS 3. Create through the  first 2 weeks  2018-2019 school 
use of this  of school via  year. 
relationships with
classroom  Google 
adults that support guidance  forms. A  90% of middle 
post test will  school students 
success lesson. This 
be  can name 3 ways 
Beginnin would be 
administere that they can 
g of the  measured  d to  show respect to 
3rd  by the  students  others and 3 ways 
 Respect  quarter  number of  directly after  they receive 
for Adults  until the  pre/posttes the lesson  respect. 
& Peers  end of  ts collected  via Google 
(known and  Math  the 3rd  from  forms.     School 
 6-8  unknown)  Class    quarter  students.    Counselor