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Template for study plan, financial plan and admissions essay

PPLE Admission, early bird 2018 intake

In the second step of the admissions procedure, all applicants have to write a financial plan, study plan and
admissions essay. PPLE applicants participating in the early bird round should write the essay, study plan and
financial plan at a time of their choosing between Friday 19 January 20.00 CET and Tuesday 23 January 20.00

The study plan and financial plan have to be submitted together with the essay using this template.

Important instructions on how to send us your document:

 Log in to with your personal UvA-net ID and password.

 In the overview on the right (Your applications) you will find your admissions request
B Politics, Psychology, Law and Economics
 Next to the admissions request B Politics, Psychology, Law and Economics, you will find a paperclip.
With this paperclip, you can upload an additional document.
 Write down essay_[your last name] in the subject header. E.g. essay_Johnson.
 Upload the correct document in Word or PDF format and name it essay_[your last name]

Make sure to upload your document to MyInfo before the deadline of Tuesday 23 January 2018, 20.00 CET.

Please note that PPLE College will only accept complete submissions that are sent to us according to the
above mentioned instructions. Submissions that are incomplete and/or use a different format or do not
include this template for the essay, study plan, and financial plan, are not taken into consideration.

Good luck!
Study plan
PPLE is an intensive study programme and requires at least 40 hours a week of your time. Writing a careful
and realistic study plan makes you aware of the amount of work and dedication that is needed to successfully
complete the bachelor programme. It shows how the 16 hours of lectures/tutorials and the 20 hours of self-
study per week may be combined with your other activities, such as sports and/or working. Self-study
includes, among other things, reading the assigned literature, writing summaries, completing assignments,
writing papers, studying for exams, etc.

All prospective students need to submit a detailed example study plan for one week (wk 1-7) out of a study
block of 8 weeks. In this block students will have to follow 2 courses and will have to adhere to the following
schedule for tutorials and lectures:

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday

11-13 Doing Research 9-11 Doing Research 9-11 Politics, Power & 11-13 Doing Research
tutorial lecture Governance lecture
15-17 Politics, Power & 17-19 Politics, Power & 15-17 Politics, Power &
Governance Governance 13-15 Doing Research Governance
lecture tutorial tutorial tutorial
This schedule runs for seven weeks. In week 8 the exams are scheduled.

Please note that your schedule changes every block, i.e. every 8 weeks, and that your lectures and tutorials
may be scheduled on Mondays to Fridays, from 9.00 till 19.00. This may affect your availability to work, play
sports and participate in other activities.

Write your study plan here

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday



09- Doing Politics,

10 Research Power &
lecture Governance
10- Doing Politics,
11 Research Power &
lecture Governance
11- Doing Doing
12 Research Research
tutorial lecture
12- Doing Doing
13 Research Research
tutorial lecture
13- Doing
14 Research
14- Doing
15 Research

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15- Politics, Politics,
16 Power & Power &
Governance Governance
lecture tutorial
16- Politics, Politics,
17 Power & Power &
Governance Governance
lecture tutorial
17- Politics,
18 Power &
18- Politics,
19 Power &



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Financial plan
Students must have sufficient means to finance their living expenses as well as their tuition.
All applicants need to submit a realistic financial plan.

The Dutch government requires all non-EU/EEA students to prove that they have sufficient financial means
for their stay in The Netherlands. The minimum amount for living costs required by the Dutch governments is
approx. EUR 1,000 per month (EUR 12,000 a year)*. Please note that this amount does not include the tuition
fee and is for living costs only. Although official proof is not required for EU/EEA students, this amount is a
reasonable indication of the minimum living costs in Amsterdam.

Therefore, both EU/EEA and non-EU/EEA prospective students need to submit a careful and realistic financial
plan: a balance overview of income and expenses per month, covering all living expenses.

Please see our website for a detailed breakdown of the estimated study- and living costs and the 2017-2018
tuition fees.

*Amount is subject to change

Write your financial plan here

Expenses € Source of income (e.g. loan, €
salary, scholarship, etc.)
tuition fee**
transport (buying a bike)
phone credit/plan
(add leisure activities /

Total expenses Total income

**For calculation purposes please use 1/12 of the annual tuition fee.

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Please check our website for further essay instructions

Write your essay here

You will receive your essay question via email on Friday 19 January, 2018 before 20:00CET

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