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about infiniti

we help enterprises PLAN RUN ANALYZE better

Enterprise Financial Planning & Analysis
Our proprietary Enterprise Planning & Analysis tool certified by SAP AG

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Our proprietary Analytics tool with seamless integration with SAP
the challenge


Planning and analysis SAP ERP has limited Plans created outside
a critical function of an planning capabilities SAP, in Excel sheets.
enterprise Lack of visibility into
move out of XL

Prebuilt planning
Seamless integration with templates
your SAP ERP

Prebuilt analytics

unlock value from your SAP Investments

the solution

planA leverages your SAP master data to carry out financial & operational planning
02 Reduces planning effort by >75% and analysis effort by > 95%

Helps you unlock value from SAP ERP Investments

03 Integrates with any version of SAP B1, ECC (on any DB) and


is one of the few product ideas selected by SAP’s EPIC academy

is validated & certified by SAP on HANA

modules - planning

Financial planning Inventory planning

Opex, Capex, profitability planning @ GL level Inventory planning for all material types

Costs planning Production planning

Overhead Plan, Project Cost Plan where both Product Costing Planning with BoM & Routing
Quantity & Values needs to be planned at where Cost sheet needs to be planned
Material, GL or SKU level

Capacity planning
Sales planning Production planning calculation at Plant level for
Customer wise Sale Quantity & Price planning & Capacity Optimization
Revenue planning by customer

Maintenance planning
Procurement planning Plant & Machinery Maintenance Planning,
Vendor wise Material Quantity & Price planning Material, Labor Quantity & value planning
& Purchase cost planning by vendor

Project planning Workforce planning

Specific to EPC industry –Project Cost & Workforce Planning including Headcount &
Profitabilty planning by projects Payroll Cost
features - planning
Collaborative planning
Annual / Periodic plans
Involve all your departments in planning –
Ability to plan for the next year or years and
planner & approver roles – workflows for
also for different periods

Automation between Value & Qty plans Planning based on previous plans / actuals
Algorithms that automate Qty plans into value plans Makes planning faster by 80% and more
– integration between operations & finance accurate

Multiple plan versions

Pre built planning templates
Ability to help you analyze which plan
All planning templates are pre built so you
version worked best
don’t have to design them.

Forecasted planning
planA can forecast plans using what-if Planning Monitor
analysis based on previous years’ actuals Monitor the status of your plans &
features - analysis

Pre built analytics Reconciliation with raw data

150+ prebuilt analytics that help you know Ability to reconcile the analysis with the raw
variance between plans & actuals data (entered in the base system)

Value vs. quantity variance Impact analysis

Know what didn’t work at a quantity level Prebuilt analytics that show the impact of
variance on your Trial Balance, P&L,
Analysis between multiple versions Balance sheet, Financial Ratios
To help you know which plan worked the
best + become more efficient for the
subsequent planning cycles. Fine grained access control
Control who can access what

§ planA is a hosted offering – separate instance set-up for every customer

§ deployment in just 2 weeks

§ your SAP can be on any database

> 60% lower TCO > 75% implementation time with Single pt. of contact for product +
little or no business participations Implementation + Support

Subject matter expertise SAP ERP Expertise Improve Returns from SAP
in Planning & Analysis Investments
Thank you