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10 Of The Most Bizarre And Secure

Prisons Around The Globe That You

Need To Probe For Yourself
Some of the most unusual and peculiar prisons around the world are the most secure places on
God’s green earth.

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1. Eastern State Penitentiary- Philadelphia,


Located in the Fairmount section of the city, Eastern State was operational from 1829
until 1971. From its gloomy high stone walls, crumbling corridors, and stark cells that
once housed thousands of hard-core criminals like Al Capone and Willie Sutton. Eastern
State Penitentiary has a 142-year history of suicide, madness, disease, murder and torture,
making it easy to imagine the spirits of troubled souls left behind to roam its abandoned
2. Alcatraz Federal Penitentiary- San Francisco Bay, California
Located on an island in the San Francisco Bay, Alcatraz incarcerated some of America's
most dangerous criminals between 1934 and 1963. Known as one of the meanest and
toughest prisons to escape from, for its surrounding water typically reaches below 60
degrees F with its treacherous currents and tides. Many have lost their battle to the prison;
9 people were murdered by inmates, including a guard, 2 died from the escape attempt of
1946, and 5 inmates committed suicide.
3. Old Salem Jail- Salem, Massachusetts

Once the oldest operating correctional facility and residence in America. In 1884-1885,
an addition to the jail increased its capacity to 150 offenders; this would be the last major
upgrade made to the facility until it closed in 1991. A notable visitor included magician
Harry Houdini, who used the facility to stage an escape show in 1906.
4. Moundsville West Virginia Penitentiary

The period of significance for the penitentiary is from 1866 to 1939. This particular
prison has been listed on the top ten list of the Department of Justice’s as one of
the “most violent”. It’s known for a particular haunting referred to as the “Shadow
Man”. Composed entirely of dark, ominous shadow, he often lurks the halls and cells in
the structure, casing his shade.
5. Rikers Island- The Bronx, New York

New York City’s main jail complex, established in 1932 and still in use today, is known
for its well-known and longstanding: bureaucratic brutality, corruption, pain and injury
inflicted upon inmates, and its nickname “Hell’s Gate”. Back in the day, New York City
was experiencing a rapid influx of new immigrants, and to keep the city safe and sanitary,
those with communicable diseases were quickly rounded up and forcibly taken to the
island, where they mostly lived in grunginess.
6. ADX Florence Facility- Fremont County, Colorado

An American supermax prison for male inmates only, and its also known as “Alcatraz of
the Rockies”. It holds the male inmates in the U.S. federal prison system that are deemed
the most dangerous and in need of the utmost security. Inmates spend 23 hours a day
locked in their cells and are escorted by a minimum of three officers for their five hours
of private recreation per week.
7. La Santé Prison- France

Known as one of the most infamous prisons in France, with both VIP and high security
wings. Almost 40 prisoners met their demise in this place, and it was also the 2nd to last
site that held a public execution in France. The Vocoret brothers were the first criminals
to be guillotined inside the prison in 1940.
8. Federal Correctional Complex- Terre Haute, Indiana

Another U.S. federal prisons complex for male inmates only, it can hold federal death
row for men, meaning if you are in there, you’re not getting out. In 1943, a decision was
made to use prisoners as volunteers for gonorrhea experiments. A total of 241 prisoners
were used in the experiment, which eventually ended in 1944. There has only been one
recorded death in the facility, and it was an inmate on inmate first degree murder crime.
9. Kangdong Concentration Camp- South Pyongan, North Korea

According to a former prisoner, about 500 prisoners die annually mostly because of
waterborne illness. The high death rate is also due to its numerous human rights
violations, work accidents, malnutrition and disease. Their food rations only consist of
2 oz of corn and wheat and some cabbage soup per meal. To top it off, a former prisoner
who defected witnessed eight public executions during the eight months he was held in
the camp.
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