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The world’s first ink made out from air pollution
Aulia Fajar Rahmani (17642321)
Master 1st Year – Hosomi Terada Laboratory

high-quality. unburned carbon soot coming out of the exhaust pipe of cars.What is AIR INK? • AIR-INK is made from particulate matter. water resist. refillable. or generators. chimneys. . • Safe. • 30ml of AIR-INK = 45 minutes worth of pollution.

global warming. • The particulate matter can float in air and enter respiratory system and settling in lungs. it stops the pollution to float in air. • By binding the captured pollution into inks. . air pollution causes health problems.Why capture. and spend a lot of cost. not bury it? • Worldwide.

.Capturing the pollutant • A capture unit was set at the end pipe (pollution source).

Capturing the pollutant (2) • The capture unit consists of filters and sensors. and wall flow filtration. . • The capturing method is combination of electrostatic filtration. achieving the desired filtration granularity. depth filtration.

. Purification process dust Heavy Purification oils metal VOCs Gravity based separation (for high-mass particle) RECOVERED SOOT CAPTURED POLLUTION To make a homogenous By Grinding particle size products (as good as ink pigment) Waste management company for sorting and recycling • The final result is not harmful and safe to use like usual ink available at the market. But it still need a test to declare it safe for children below 6 years old.

• Potential to be sold and distributed in larger scale.AIR-INK’s superiority • The process of making Air Ink not only eliminates soot from polluting the air. . but it also doesn’t burn extra fossil fuels that making regular ink does. and give another idea to make it useful for aesthetic purpose. • Solve the air pollution problem by simple technology.

. • By the cost 9215 USD.Selling and distributing • Products range price starts from 5-1000 USD. people can request to be visited by the team to collect pollution in their country.

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