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Trysha K.


April 18, 2018

To whom it may concern,

I am extremely interested in pursuing a position in the Critical Care Nurse Residency Program as a new
graduate nurse.

I am motivated to pursue this position as I am eager to learn and grow as a nurse in this dynamic
patient-centered environment with a focus on improving lives and connecting the continuum from
health to healthcare. I embrace the exposure from this training program that I know will be essential to
shaping my successful career as an RN. I know firsthand the significant impact that nurses can have on
the hospital visit of a patient or loved one. I would be honored to be given the tools and training to
make a meaningful difference in the lives of my patients and positive impact at the hospital.

I believe that my externship and clinical experience make me an excellent candidate for both of my units
of interest: Cardiothoracic ICU and Surgical Specialties. I would relish the opportunity to begin my
nursing career as a critical care nurse; however, I would also embrace the chance to build a strong
foundation through the surgical specialties unit. This Fall 2017, I invested 270 hours throughout various
Intensive Care Units at Banner University Medical Center in Tucson, Arizona. Specifically, I spent three
12-hour shifts on the Cardiothoracic ICU. It was on this unit that I discovered my passion for pursuing a
career in intensive care with a cardiac focus. From taking care of patients immediately after a coronary
artery bypass graft to interacting with a patient with a total artificial heart to witnessing the start of
extracorporeal membrane oxygenation on a patient, I learned so much in such a short amount of time,
but I know there is so much more to learn. My interest to pursue a critical care nursing career was
furthered after my 188-hour preceptorship on a Medical-Surgical Intensive Care Unit at Northwest
Medical Center. During this senior practicum, I continued to grow as a nurse and expand my skills
repertoire. These extensive clinical hours throughout the demanding environments of the ICU, have
thoroughly prepared me to take the next steps in a Nurse Residency Program.

This past summer I spent 400 hours alongside an RN Preceptor on a Medical-Surgical Orthopedic Unit at
the Veterans Hospital in Tucson, Arizona. The unique Veteran community that I served during this
rewarding clinical experience ignited my interest to pursue a career working with adults. Through these
clinical rotations, I realized that I am drawn to working with patients in the critical and acute care
settings where they are at their most vulnerable, as I know I can make a positive impact on their hospital

Thank you for your time and consideration of my application for a position in the Nurse Residency
Program. I look forward to speaking with you regarding the next steps in my application. Please let me
know if you have any questions.


Trysha Hicks
(707) 484-6568