I. COURSE OVERVIEW India is at the cusp of a marketing revolution, one that will allow industries to move rapidly up the value chain and unlock huge brand potential. This will empower consumers by providing them with a wider choice of better products and will act as a catalyst for the growth and development of several major industries. All this will require enormous commitment from marketers to develop world class marketing in India. This further entails a deeper and empathetic understanding of customers in the very many tiers that exist in India. II. LEAR NING OUTCOMES 1. To introduce India & its people to students 2. To understand the nuances and various facets of India: urban & rural; rich and poor; literate & illiterate; secular & religious: political & social & past & the future 3. To help the students to understand the psyche of the Indian consumerspecially in Tier II & Tier III cities 4. To help the students apply this understanding in decision making about business & marketing in India. 5. To understand models that work in Tier II & Tier III markets

III. SESSION DETAILS Session 1&2 Topic India and its People Readings • India from midnight to the millennium : Shashi Tharoor • The Indians: Portrait of a people : Sudhir Kakaar • We are like that only : Rama Bijapurkar • Consumer market demographics in India : S L Rao. • The Marketing whitebook: Business World


India Demographics

Rao Publisher: NCAER Marketing to the Indian Youth:Trends and Opportunities Author: Amitabha Ghosh Publisher: ICFAI University Press The Marketing Whitebook Author : multiple author Publication : Business World India from Midnight to the Millenium Author : Shashi Tharoor Publication : Arcade Publishing . BOOKS AND REFERENCES We Are Like That Only: Understanding the Logic of Consumer India Author: Rama Bijapurkar Publisher: Penguin Books Consumer Market Demographics in India Author: S.L.5&6 Socio – Economic classification Agricultural/ Rural/ Industry Schizophrenic India: Many Indias evolving differently • We are like that only : Rama Bijapurkar • The Marketing whitebook: Business World • Imagining India : Nandan Nilekani • We are like that only : Rama Bijapurkar • Inspite of Gods: The rise of India : Edward Luce • We are like that only : Rama Bijapurkar • India Unbound : Gurcharn Das • Inspite of Gods: The rise of India : Edward Luce • Fortune at the bottom of the Pyramid : C K Prahalad • We are like that only : Rama Bijapurkar 7&8 9&10 Logic of Indian Consumers 11&12 Business Models that work in Tier II/ Tier III IV.

K.In spite of Gods : The rise of India Author : Edward Luce Publication : Anchor Books The Indians : Portrait of a people Author : Sudhir kakaar Publication : Anchor Books India Unbound Author : Gurucharan Das Publication : Anchor Books Imagining India Author : Nandan Nilekani Publication : Penguin Books The Idea of India Author : Sunit Khilnani Publication : Farrar Straus Giroux Discovery of India Author : Jawahar Lal Nehru Publication : Anchor Books The Fortune at the Bottom of the Pyramid Author: C. social and cultural change Social structure Indian culture and Authority The web of family life . Prahlad Publisher: Wharton School Publishing Session 1-2 India and its people India as nation – its myth and idea.pre and post 1991 India Impression of Indian Society and culture today Major themes of independent India Political and Economic.

Session 3-4-5-6 Demographics and socio.spending patterns across SECs .ubiquitous middle class India --young India .Urban – rural market and differences -rural consumer India .economic classification -trends in demographics in last 30 years .Demographic determinants of consumer India -Rural society and urban prosperity-poverty line -Migration and consumption -consumption data vs income data -demand structure of consumer India Session 7-8 Many Indias evolving differently ← ← ← ← ← -the changing face of consumer India .11-12 Business models that work in Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities -Understanding the “bottom of pyramid “consumer India . women India Session 9-10 Logic of Indian Consumers A mosaic of tradition and modernity Amalgamation of the old and the new Consumer India ‘s confluence of change The DNA of Indian Consumer This as well as that also Change with continuity The liberalization’s impact on India’s culture Indian and western values India is a multi-tiered and multi-layered Market Session.

-Characteristics of the BOP consumer ← .

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