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THE UNIVERSITY 1225. Man me OF ARIZONA. += Tucson, AZ 85721-0203 Tel Gao aol College of Nursing January 2018 To whom it may concern: {1am pleased to recommend Ms. Trysha Hicks to you as @ potential nurse candidate. | was one of Ms. HHicks's faculty instructors while she has been enrolled in the Baccalaureate Nursing Program at the University of Arizona. To date, after completing several different clinical rotations, Ms. Hicks has provided excellent care for her patients and has been a very conscientious and diligent student. She integrates theory into clinical practice at the bedside, therefore enhancing both her academic and clinical performance. She came forward with a very high GPA with Dean's list distinction and has ‘maintained a high GPA ina very rigorous program. She is also enrolled in the U of A’s Honors College Some of the strengths that Ms. Hicks possesses are her ability to be very compassionate with patients and the ability to critically think through situations. She is also able to efficiently prioritize care for patients, She presents very professional in appearance, and has excellent written as well as verbal ‘communication skill. She eagerly accepts challenging situations, works diligently in all areas of nursing, and is self-directed. Ms. Hicks quickly acquires new skills and once mastered she is self motivated to learn more. She fully accepts the responsibility of advocating on behalf of patients and their familie. Ms, Hicks also participated in an Overseas Volunteer Nursing Program which has added to her level of comfort in delivering care to patients. She has taken initiative to participate in a variety of extracurricular activities which has added to her overall character. | support Ms. Hick’s application for a nurse candidate. | believe that if she is able to pursue her education, she will make significant contributions to the nursing profession. She has proven to be very ‘mature, a team player and supportive of others. | believe that she will also be leader in the area of ‘nursing she wishes to pursue. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have questions regarding her qualifications. 5 ’ Sincerely, Linda Peres, RUC Linda Perez, M. Admin, RNC University of Arizona, College of Nursing. 1305 N. Martin Ave. Tucson, Arizona 85721 520-591-9757