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Trysha Hicks
University of Arizona
Direct Patient Care Abilities
◦ Personal Strengths ◦ Goals
◦ Communication ◦ Short term: (now-2 years)
◦ Compassion & Empathy ◦ Nurse Residency position
◦ Advocating for patients ◦ Gain confidence as a new nurse
◦ Strong desire to learn ◦ Orient successfully to the unit
◦ Opportunities for improvement ◦ Improve delegation,
◦ Time management prioritization, and time
◦ Prioritization
◦ Long term: (3-5 years)
◦ Delegation
◦ Transition to an ICU role
◦ Confidence
◦ Become critical care certified
◦ Clinical skills
Unit Leadership Abilities
◦ Personal Strengths ◦ Goals:
◦ Efficient team member ◦ Short term:
◦ Effective interprofessional ◦ Learn the roles and responsibilities
communication of the charge nurse
◦ Conflict resolution ◦ Act as a student nurse preceptor
◦ Diligent, hard worker ◦ Be a role model for holistic patient
◦ Opportunities for Improvement
◦ Long Term:
◦ Delegating appropriately
◦ Join a hospital-wide committee and
◦ Assertiveness
participate in QIP projects
◦ Recognizing over-commitment
◦ Become a Charge Nurse
Professional Development
◦ Short Term Goals (Present-2 years)
◦ American Nurses Association
◦ Play an active role in Sigma Theta Tau International
◦ Subscribe to an evidence-based nursing journal
◦ Volunteer in the NICU
◦ Long Term Goals (3-5 years)
◦ CCRN certification (after transferring to ICU floor)
◦ Look into option for NP or PhD programs and opportunities
◦ Growth opportunities-charge nurse, committee member/leader
The Gifts of Imperfection, Brené Brown
◦ How the book complimented my own strengths/
◦ Being confident in my own, unique person
◦ Recognizing the “shame factor”
◦ Chose this book as it applies to my approach on life in
general, with extensive overlap into my actions in a
professional setting
◦ Beneficial to my Professional growth
◦ Encouragement to “choose authenticity”
◦ Showing excitement for opportunities
◦ Brought awareness to aspects of life/decisions that are
not frequently addressed
Leadership Shadowing Experience
◦ Charge Nurse (CN): Northwest Medical Center
◦ Rationale for Experience:
◦ Appreciation for CN roles and responsibilities in everyday unit activities
◦ Understanding of expectations of the position in the future
◦ CN was dedicated to educating and teaching
◦ Charge Nurse Role:
◦ Admitting/discharging patients
◦ Unit ratios
◦ Communicating with hospital management/supervisors
◦ Sometimes in ratio as well
Professional Activity
◦ Activity: Western Institute of Nursing Conference participant and
◦ Impact on my career:
◦ Illumination of future career options
◦ Networking with other nursing professionals
◦ Experience as a poster presenter
◦ Attended various “State of the Science” and symposium discussions on
current evidence-based research in the professional nursing field
Educational Plan
◦ Short term goals (now-2 years)
◦ Personal aspirations ◦ CE credits from WIN
◦ ACLS training ◦ Dedicate time for NCLEX review,
◦ Enter into everyday with a positive especially medications
attitude ◦ Review common unit specific
◦ Make personal connections with information
coworkers and patients ◦ Medical Spanish Classes
◦ Potential opportunities ◦ Long term goals (3-5 years)
◦ Grow within the unit: Charge ◦ CCRN
Nurse, Student Nurse
◦ Attend WIN conference again
Preceptor, hospital committee
◦ Look into graduate school for PhD
and NP programs
4-5 years:
Timeline 3-4 years:
Become a
Look into
PhD or
Charge DNP
2-3 years: Nurse, programs
Transition possibly following
into the consider extensive
ICU and travel experienc
2nd year: become e
1-2 years: Become a ACLS
Student certified or
1st year: Professional Nurse
Join a nursing pursue a
Preceptor CCRN
Nurse journal,
Residency pursue CE
Present: Program, credits, take
Graduate successfully medical
&pass the complete Spanish
NCLEX orientation courses
◦ Brown, B. (2010). The gifts of imperfection: Let go of who you think you’re supposed to be
and embrace who you are. Center City, MN: Hazelden Publishing.