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Practice Number: 55

Season: Non-Conference
Age/Level: College Students
Total Time: 11:15 a.m. to 12:05 p.m.
1. Jacob A
2. Zach A
3. Russell D
4. Brody H
5. Austin H
6. Brandon H
7. Conor H
8. Brandon L
9. Matthew L
10. Jay M
11. Jacob S
12. Bradyn S
13. Taylor P
14. Dr. Nichols
1. Volleyball Net
2. 2 Volleyball Poles
3. 10 cones
4. Volleyball cart
5. Pinnies/Jerseys (used to identify teams)
6. Score Keeper (Flip Chart)
Practice Objective:
1. To understand the 3 of the basics of volleyball such as passing, setting, and serving
2. To have the ability to play in a game like situation such as in 5v5.

Time Description Diagram

Warm Up -2 laps around the volleyball court They will be choosing their partner for ball
11:15- 11:25 to get their feet and legs moving warm ups
10 minutes -grab a ball & a partner (begin to The diagram only represents two pairs of
This will be warm up their arms and hands for partners, there are going to be seven pairs
lead by passing and setting) spread around the court.
Passing -drill is help with controlled Starting Spots
drill- passing Tossers-
-Remember to stay low and to be 1.Jacob A
in ready position 2.Zach
-Tossers-On one side of the net 3.Russell
6 minutes
there will be 2 players each having 4.Brody
Bailey will
a ball (they will be overhead Passers
give the
tossing the ball to one of the two 1.Austin
passers on the other side, they will 2.Bradon H
and the
then follow the play and go into 3.Conor
demo for
the passing line) 4. Brandon L
this drill
- Passers- On the opposite of the Target
net there will be 2 players on the 1.Matthew
assistants of
court waiting to pass the ball 2.Jay
(there goal is to pass the target at Passers waiting
the net, which ever player passes 1. Jacob S
the ball will now become the new 2.Bradyn
target) 3.Taylor
-Target- The target at the net will 4. Dr. Nichols
be standing a few feet off the net (2 waiting in each line)
waiting to catch the ball that is All spots besides passers will be marked
passed to them, then they will then with cones)
move to the next tossing line and
then toss the ball to the other set
of passers (which will be marked
with cones) The target will
always be the player that
catches and shags the ball after
each play
-This drill once once it completed
will have looked like butterfly
Coaching Cues:
1. Passing- keeping your platform
2.Swiper no swiping- saying used
for telling player to not jump or
swing their arms once they get to
pass the ball
3. Facing your tosser and moving
your feet to the ball
4. COMMUNICATION talk with
your teammates

Setting -Players and their partners will be Partner groups

with a able to understand the basics of Group 1
setting Zach & Brandon H
-There will be one player standing Group 2
11:34- 11:39
at the net and their partner will be Jacob A & Dr. Nichols
5 minutes
a few feet away from them (facing Group 3
Bailey will
their partner, horizontal) Russell & Austin
give main
- The player that is at the net is the Group 4
cues for
target and will be tossing the ball Brody & Conor
setting as
to their partner Group 5
well as the
The partner will need to get 15 Brandon L & Jay
sets back to the target (if they over Group 6
Carsen will
set the ball over the net they must Matthew & Braydn
explain the
start the count over) Group 7
-Once the player has made their Taylor & Jacob S
15 sets they will switch (target to
setter and setter to target)
-Once each player has made both
of their 15 sets they will then need
to get 15 sets back and forth
without dropping the ball (a
player can pass the ball if the set
is to low but does not count as
one of the 15 sets)
Coaching Cues:
1. Keep your hands shaped as the
ball and use your fingertips to set
the ball
2.Bring set down to your forehead
and push the ball forward
3.Keep that Superman Finish to
your partner “No Aquaman
Hands” (this is a saying used
when the player finishes by
flicking their wrist out after setting
the ball)
4. Strong and confident hands
when pushing the ball to the target
Yahtzee -The players will be in pairs, and They will choose their own Partners
serving each player will be standing on 10 seconds to pick
11:41- 11:46 either side of the net
5 minutes or -the idea is to have the players
shorter stand in 3 different spots (after
depends on each ball that is caught the partner
team speed must stand in a different spot
Bailey will when their partner goes to serve
be going again)
over basics -Both players must have served
for and caught 3 balls before they can
overhand finish The diagram represents one pair of
and -Once a ball has been caught the partners. Each pair should be following
underhand players must shout “yahtzee” this model.
serving as - Once a team is done hustle over
well as a to the coach and cheer for the
demo teams still playing
Carsen will Coaching Cues:
be going 1.Remember the keys of your toss
over the and the follow through
drill 2.Make sure to not toss the ball to
far behind you
3.Aim for your target and follow
4. Keep a nice strong hand when
hitting the ball over

5v5 game -Two teams will be on and the Teams for 5v5
play first team that makes it to 7 will Teams 1&3 will be playing first
11:47-12:00 stay on the court
13 minutes -For the team that lost the game Team 1 (Yellow Jerseys)
Bailey will will rotate with the team that is 1. Zach
be going waiting 2.Brandon H
over who -Players will now be able to use 3. Jay
are the all skills that they have learned 4. Russell
teams and and now be able to apply 5. Conor
how the -The player that is on the right Team 2 (Blue Jerseys)
scoring is hand side of the court will be the 1.Taylor
going to setter for that round, and when 2. Dr. Nichols
work roatining the next player in that 3. Jacob A
spot will become the setter 4. Bradyn S
Coaching Cues: 5. Austin H
1.Remember to keep your Team 3 (Regular Shirts)
platform low and in ready position 1.Brody
in order to move to the ball faster 2.Brandon L
2. Keep your hands strong when 3. Mathew
setting or serving the ball 4. Jacob S
3. Talk with your teammates and 5. Either Bailey or Carsen (to even out the
be ready for anything to come teams)
over the net

Rapping -talk about what we have learned

Up -how could we improve
12:00 to -any comments that Dr. Nichols
12:05 has
5 minutes
Talking will
be Bailey,
Carsen, Dr.
Nichols, as
well as