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Learning Objectives Worksheet

Check one of “Met”, “Partially Met”, or “Not Met”. Provide specific assignment or
activity examples. You may refer to courses with the assignment or activity

I. Communication and Problem Solving

Sub-Objective Provide example of specific assignment or activity

Partially Met

Not Met

Use the √ My first year of college, I was an Art Therapy Major

expressive arts at Westmoreland County Community College.
as a mode of During this this it was not just recreation to express
inquiry or ourselves through art, but it was required for the
expression course. We don’t really know the true us until we
have learned to analyze a work of art we have
created. We learn how sensitive and vulnerable we
can be. I believe that everyone should have to take
and Art Therapy class, not only as a cleanser for
their mind, for college tends to be an overwhelming
experience at times, and art can help cope with that,
but learning about someone art helps connect to that
person. I find this especially useful as an Early
Childhood Elementary major. Children are very
creative and tell a lot through their works of art, you
get to see into their world and knowing about each
child can help me as a teacher shape my class to my
student’s likes and needs.

Demonstrate √ See website for details.

relational, and
consensus skills
Use √ During my first year at Seton Hill, one of the first
technological classes I took there was Principles of Instructional
skills to access Technologies. I had the pleasure of having Dr.
information, Monsour as the professor for this class and she
organize introduced me to a world of technology that I have
knowledge, and been using ever since her class. I learned how to give

communicate presentations using the IPad, and projecting it on the
projector, I learned how useful apps can be to a
classroom, as well as what kind of assistive
technology would help a student with a disability in
the classroom. By learning about all of these
technologies it has helped me organize the way I
used technology, and has opened doors beyond
presenting with PowerPoint. I learned how to tell if a
website is reliable to use when researching
something, as well as how to manage my personal
social media accounts to look clean and professional.

Propose new √ During my Family Involvement class, we were given

solutions to the assignment to pick an issue that we may face in
current issues the classroom and how to solve in. I wanted to focus
on inclusion in the classroom, because too often I
hear someone being discriminated against because of
the way they look, talk, dress, their family life, etc.
and I wanted to come up with ways now to face
those problems in my future classroom. I made a
presentation of how to include all families in the
classroom, including those who are LGBTQ, of a
different ethic background, religion, etc. I talked
about how we are all people and we deserve to be
treated equally. I will teach my class that we are all
equals and tell parents that in my classroom we do
not discriminate against one another, but embrace
that we are all humans with unique qualities that
make us individuals, which should be celebrated
every day. I want my students to be proud of exactly
who they are. In my classroom I want my students to
make “About Me” posters to keep in the classroom
throughout the year so that every day their lives and
families can be celebrated.

Express √ I am very much an advocate for play and creativity

arguments or in the classroom. During my time at Westmoreland
main points County Community College I had to write a paper
clearly, in and give a presentation on something that we
written and oral advocate for, in my Infant and Toddler Development
class. I chose to make my presentation on the
communication importance of play during the early years of a child’s
life. When children make art they are exploring what
they are capable of, they are using their imagination
and creativity, which develops their cognitive
development, which is crucial to problem solving in
their later years. Allowing a child to be creative also
allows them to build on their motor skills as well by
grabbing writing utensils and eventually learning the
correct way to use them. Andy Warhol said, “Earth
without art is just eh”. I do not want the future to be
just “eh”. I want it to be bright and colorful and I
truly believe this creative spark is lite at infancy.

Transfer √ See website for details.

knowledge and
values into
sound decision-

 Historical, Cultural, and Global Awareness 

Sub-Objective Provide example of specific assignment or activity

Partially Met

Not Met

Communicate in √ During my Fall 2017 semester at Seton Hill I took

a second Spanish II. In this class we were given the challenge to
language at the talk to our peers in Spanish as well as write papers in
introductory Spanish and take tests in a different language. From
college level the start of that semester I was very happy with how
far I came in developing a new language. Though I am
not an expert I am happy for the learning opportunity
taking this class has given me. I feel more prepared for
my future classroom if I do have a student who speaks
Spanish. I am also comfortable with teaching my
students some basic Spanish so that they can grow and
develop on the language. I found it really fun to be
able to talk to a peer in Spanish and have a full
conversation with them to the best of my ability.
Analyze the √ See website for details.
impact of
geography, and
dynamics on
from a variety
of disciplinary

Analyze current √ In my Western Cultures I class we learned about

and historical historical events and how they shaped the world that
events through we live in today. One of the assignments was to take
the lens of information from Leviticus and Exodus and relate it to
spirituality and the laws that we have today. Though some of the laws
faith from the scriptures are not followed like they once
were like; “…do not tattoo yourself” there are still
some that we follow because it’s just what a good
person would do like; “You shall treat the alien who
resides with you no differently than the natives
born among you…” we should always treat others
the way we want to be treated. It was very
interesting to learn about what laws were like
hundreds of years ago and how we have shaped
them or got rid of them completely through history.

Assess privilege √ See website for details.

and oppression
from the
perspective of
culture, race,
class, and

 Multiple Modes of Inquiry 

Sub-Objective Provide example of specific assignment or activity


Partially Met

Not Met
Generate and √   Through my time at Westmoreland County
analyze Community College and Seton Hill I have taken
numerical and Elementary Mathematics I and II as well as another
scientific data 300 level math class at Seton Hill. I have taken
Biology and a class for teaching science to elementary
school students. Through these classes I have learned
new ways to teach math and how to make math and
science fun and interactive.

Locate and √   Giving students the chance to be create in class, is

analyze something I feel often gets looked over in today’s
expressive world. This is an issue because students need to be
media to gain given the opportunity to express their selves to avoid
information or early burnout. During my time at WCCC I had the
comprehend the opportunity to visit the Reggio Emilia exhibit when it
significance of came to Pittsburgh. I learned new and inventive ways
an issue or an for children to be expressive and use their
event imaginations in class. This is something that I would
like to apply to my future classroom. By doing this I
hope to influence other teachers to allow a creative
twist in their classroom.

Organize and √   See website for details

resources in a
creative way to
achieve impact

Find, evaluate, √   See website for details

and apply

Interpret √   In my Western Cultures II class I had to write a paper

quantitative and about the Industrial Revolution and what were the
qualitative main causes of it. I took the information I learned in
information to class and what I researched, as well as the resources
present a logical the teacher provided to come up with my argument
argument based and the points I wanted to get across through my
on supporting paper.

IV. Self Reflection and Assessment

Sub-Objective Met Provide example of specific assignment or activity

Partially Met

Not Met
Demonstrate √ In my Senior Seminar class one of the assignments
ethical was to take an ethical issue in our major and come up
decision- with solutions to the problem. I took the teachers Code
making of Ethics and applied that to this paper. I think that it is
grounded in important that everyone knows the code of ethics in
philosophical their major so that it can help them be the best they
inquiry can be in their career field.

Apply Catholic √ In Senior Seminar we had an assignment to take a

social teaching social issue and apply catholic social teaching to the
to the analysis social issue. I picked pollution and related it to the
of catholic social teaching theme of “care for God’s
contemporary creation.” It is important that we take care of our
social issues world, whether someone is religious or not we are all
living on the same planet and caring for it is
something that should be considered a priority in our
everyday lives.

Recognize the √ In my Faith, Religion, and Society class we learned

value of diverse that religion is not just one thing, it could mean
spiritual and something different to everyone, which is important to
religious being able to relate to your fellow person. Everyone
perspectives has different views, and that is one of the things I
learned in this class. We were all able to discuss our
beliefs in a nonjudgmental zone and it was nice to see
how we each can relate to one another and accept our
differences and embrace them. There are different
kinds of spirituality and every person has their own
perspective of the world. That class is very important
and taught me a lot about the world in such a short
period of time.

Integrate the √ See website for details.

practice of
charity with the
skill of justice

Exercise √ See website for details.

freedom and
based on an
informed value