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Career/Personality Assessment


Career/Personality Assessment

Individuals need guidance identifying careers that suits preference, values, ability and

personality. Understanding yourself and knowing yourself is critical when choosing or changing

career. Career assessments are tools that are designed to help individuals understand and find

professions that fit based on interest, skills, values and personality. It is designed to help

individuals with career choice and career transition by looking at abilities, personalities and

interests. Career assessments uses different tool and measures such as measure of interest,

measure of personality and measure of ability and aptitude. Measures of interest is used to helps

to identify career options consistent with career to achieve greater job satisfaction. Measure of

personality is used to assess a behavior and personality that is a good fit for a career path.

Measure of ability and aptitude is used to assess prior learning and skills for a career path. I have

taken three different career assessment test Strong Interest Inventory, Myers Briggs Typology

Inventory and NEO-Five Factor Inventory. They are measure of personality and measure of


Test results

Strong Interest Inventory.

The Strong Interest Inventory is an interest test that is used in career assessment. It only

measures interests and not abilities and aptitude. It measures interest in a broad range of school

subjects, work activities, leisure activities, people, characteristics and occupations. It helps

individuals understand their work interests and exemplify different work place which they might

be most satisfied working. The questionnaire consists of 291 items with six sections that

represented each team. The questionnaire had list of occupation, subjects and activates such as

‘Manager of chamber of commerce, Accounting mountain biking on rough terrain’’ where you

answer with liker scale from strongly like to strongly dislike. The test takes about thirty to forty

minutes to complete. The results were scored and sent to the professor.

The results are described in interest, potential skills, personal values and work activates

in six broad areas: social(S), Artistic(A), Realistic(R), Conventional(C), Investigative(I) and

Enterprising(E). Social is descried as jobs that requires caring, helping, being responsible, kind,

generous and cooperative. Realistic is descried as jobs that requires working outdoors,

computers, athletics and machines. Investigative is descried as jobs require being thoughtful,

analytical, intellectual, self-motivated and curious. Artistic is descried as jobs require being

creative, self-expressive and passionate. Enterprising is descried as jobs require leadership,

entrepreneurship, competitiveness and risk-taking. Conventional is descried as jobs require

origination, data management, systematic and precise.

My top three General Occupational Themes were Social (SS=66) with interest level very

high and was the only theme with very high interest level, Artistic moderate (SS=49), Realistic

moderate (SS=47) followed by the other themes Conventional moderate (SS=47), Investigative

moderate (SS=46) and Enterprising moderate (SS=46). My top five interest areas are Counseling

& helping (S), Teaching & Education (S), Military (R), Law (E) and Human Resources &

Training (S). Serval suggested occupations were Speech Pathologist, Social worker, Special

Education Teacher, Occupational Therapist, Elementary School Teacher, Secondary School

Teacher, Facilities Manager and Career Counselor.

It was reassuring that Social Worker was one of the top 10 suggested occupations. This

semester is the second last semester to finish my Bachelor’s degree. I have been thinking to get

my Master’s degree after finishing my bachelor’s degree. The two top occupations that I have

been thinking about was Maters of Social Work and Positive Psychology. My decision weights

mostly on Social Work but I have been very unsure. It was suppressing to me that Speech

Pathologist was the top suggested occupations. I have never thought about Speech Pathologist

before but I would like to look more into it. Teaching was suggested three times in my top 10

occupational suggestion. I have thought about doing tutoring at Palomar college but I have never

thought about being a teacher. It was interesting and reassuring to see my results.

Myers-Briggs Typology Inventory.

Myers-Briggs Typology Inventory is a test that measures different type of personality that

can be used in career assessment. It helps individuals understand their work interests and

exemplify different work place which they might be most satisfied doing. It looks at eight

different personality preferences and natural personality strengths to find a career path that fits

them. The eight personality characteristics that are measured are extraversion, introversion,

sensing, intuition, thinking, feeling, judging and perceiving. Judging and perceiving are how you

interact with the world around you. Judging people like structured and organized life whereas a

perceiving person likes flexible and spontaneous life. Extraversion and introversion are how

people engage and recharge energy from the world. Extraversion people are expressive and

outgoing whereas introversion people are reserved and are more conferrable alone. Thinking and

feeling are how we make decisions. Thinking people are logic whereas feeling people make

decisions based on heart and social considerations. Sensing and intuition are how we receive and

process information. Sensing people goes by senses and are present whereas intuitive people are

future focused and imaginative.

The questionnaire consists of 62 items with three parts that represented three different

topics. Part A has statements such as ‘’choose the words or phrase that describes you better,

tender-spirited or strong-minded’’. Part B has statements such as ‘’Choose the word or phrase

you personally find more appealing, sensitivity or intelligence. Part C has statements such as

‘’Choose the answer that describes you better, make the first move, or hold back a little. The test

takes from ten to fifteen minutes to complete.

My four-letter code was INFJ. I stands for introversion (clear) and means that I am

reserved and are more conferrable alone. N stands for intuition (between somewhat clear and

clear) and it means that I am future focused, imaginative, deep and receive information through

internal world. F stands for feeling (very clear) and it means that I make decisions based on heart

and social considerations. J stands for Judging (somewhat clear) and it means that I prefer

structured and organized life. The results also indicated that INFJ people are quick to understand

people and express themselves through organized and quiet caring for other. They are good at

communicating concepts, like to assist other through talking and honor career that will honor

their inner values. Career such as teaching, religion, and counselling occupation field for INFJs.

Being introversion (clear) would be useful in a career as a social worker because

introversion people are familiar with self-care. They more comfortable alone and like interacting

with small groups or one on one. There are different branch arias of social work that best suit for

introverted people. Social worker can work with people one on one or in a small group. It may be

hard to work with extrovert people but introvert person can choose to work with people who

want to get help one on one. Being intuition (between somewhat clear & clear) would be useful

in a career as a social worker because being deep and receiving information by questioning why

things happen the way they do can help them observe and understand people. They can spot cues

between line to find meaning when helping individuals. Being judging (somewhat clear) would

be useful in a career as a social worker because they have to plan, evaluate and organize client

treatment progresses. They also have to assist other communities and companies by making

database or files and being organized is needed to complete such task. Being feeling (very clear)

would be useful in a career as a social worker because social worker has to work with individuals

or group who are facing problems. Being able to be passionate, warm and careering for other is a

key when helping and giving individuals social support.

NEO-Five Factor Inventory.

NEO-Five Factor Inventory is also a test that measures five personality traits. It can help

individuals for greater self-understanding that can help with career choices. The five personality

traits that are measured are Extraversion, Openness, Agreeableness, Conscientiousness and

Neuroticism. Extraversion personality is how outgoing and social a person is. Openness

personality is how curious and open-minded a person is. Agreeableness personality is how caring

and cooperative a person is. Conscientiousness personality is how thoughtful and goal-directed a

person is. Neuroticism personality is how emotionally instable a person is.

The questionnaire consists of 60 items with 12 items per personality trait. It had list of

different statements that covered each personality domain such as: I am not a cheerful optimist, I

never been to be able to get organized and I am intrigued by the patterns I find in art and nature.

The responses were reported by five-point Likert scale; strongly disagree, disagree, neutral,

agree and strongly agree. The test takes from ten to fifteen minutes to complete.

My strongest trait was Openness high (T=61), followed by Agreeableness high (T=56),

Consciousness high (T=56), Extraversion average (T=55) and Neuroticism low (T=37) compared

to college women. This results indicates that I am adventurous, open to trying new to try new

thing, enjoy having a set schedule, feel empathy and concern for other people, emotionally stable

and somewhat are outgoing.


Being average extraverted will support social work because it will be easy to

communicate with clients. They can get a lot done when there is a lot going on around them

because they will recharge from it. They will enjoy working in teams and find it easy to be

talkative with their clients, in return the clients will feel comfortable to be open. Being an

average extraverted can also help to work in a quiet room and work with clients with one on one.

Being highly open will support social work because being open to meeting new people and face

new changes is good quality in social work. Social workers work with different people, being

curious and imaginative can help find new ways to help their individuals. It can help them come

up with new creative ideas to help their clients. Being high on consciousness will support social

work because being motivated, goal directed and dependable is needed not only when doing

social work but also in variety occupations. When helping individuals, being motivated in what

you are doing and always showing up to work with best performance can help client receive the

help they need. Being high on agreeableness will support social work because being helpful,

flexible cooperative when working with other people is a good. Agreeableness personality is also

prized in variety occupations. Friendliness, being trusting when helping individuals can make

clients feel safe when sharing their personal issues. Being low on neuroticism will support social

work because when working with people, being emotionally stable will help them block negative

emotions and resist stress when at work place. Social workers work with other people

individually or with a big group. Being able to control their emotions would help them focus on

their clients.

Integration and Synthesis

One of my top three General Occupational Themes was Social and is consistence with

my two personality test results agreeableness on NEO and feeling on MBTI. People who work in

social occupations have interest working with people and helping others. They usually have

listing, showing understanding and people skills. An agreeable person care about others, have a

great deal interest in worker with other people and enjoy helping people. A person who is high in

agreeableness correlates with feeling personality. A person with Feeling personality is passionate,

warm and careering. An individual who have feeling and agreeable personality could have high

interest in social occupations.

Realistic is my third top three General Occupational Themes. This is consistent with my

two personality traits Conscientiousness on NEO and Judging on MBTI. Individuals who work

in Realistic occupation have interest working with computers, machines and building. This kind

of occupations have high interest in people who are organized and like planning. Both

conscientiousness and Judging personality like planning, organizing and enjoy having a set


My second top three General Occupational Themes was Artistic. Artistic is also

consistent with my two personality trait Openness on NEO and Intuitive on MBTI. People in

Artistic occupations are interested in self-expression, like creating art and appreciate art. People

who are high in openness and people who have intuitive trait are very creative and imaginative.

This kind of individuals would have high interest in artistic occupations where they can express

their personality.

My strongest trait on NEO-Five Factor Inventory was Openness high (T=61) and

Extraversion average (T=55). One of my personality trait on Myers-Briggs Typology Inventory

was introversion (clear) and I scored very high social on Strong Interest Inventory. There are

some discrepancies among this test results but it is not a strong discrepancy. The two most

discrepancies test results are that I scored average extraversion on NEO and introversion (clear)

on MBTI. This could be due to because I may be extravert in some situations and introvert in

some situations. This can explain that I am flexible and adapt to situations easily. This can also

explain my score on openness. I scored high on openness and that shows that I enjoy change,

open to new experience and adventurous. This can be an explanation to why I scored introverted

(clear) on MBTI and average extroverted on NEO. Being very open can make me open to try

new thing and also adapt to new situations. Being introverted does not also mean I dislike

connecting with people and being outgoing. Scoring high social on SII correlates with my

Agreeableness personality. I scored high on agreeableness and that means I care about others,

have a great deal interest in worker with other people and enjoy helping people. These are social

occupation potential skills. Being introverted does not mean I do not enjoy helping people. I can

help people individually and recharge my energy from it.


The assessment was strongly accurate in describing me and was very consistent with my

career plans. Both the personality test and the interest test described me and my plans very

accurate. It was reassuring that Social Worker was one of the top 10 suggested occupations. I

have always wanted to be therapist or a counselor to help people individually but I did not know

what to do for my masters. As my senior year started approaching I strongly started thinking

about getting my master’s degree and become a social worker but I was very unsure. After taking

the personality test and the Strong Interest Inventory my thought has been secure. The Myers-

Briggs Typology Inventory also suggested consoling and teaching. Taking these assessments

have reassured my study and occupation path.



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