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Waterlogic Firewall Tap 2.


An aesthetic addition to the kitchen, the Waterlogic tap 2.0 uses our unique FirewallTM technology to
wipe out impurities. It purifies your drinking water, cleansing the water to 99.9999% bacteria free, and
acts as a barrier, preventing back contamination from outside. With improved water quality and taste,
the tap 2.0 will bring an endless supply of pure water to your kitchen. Ambient, Cold and Sparkling
water options are available.

The Waterlogic Firewall guarantees

a microbiologically pure, fresh and clean glass
of water for every user throughout the day*.

Three Steps to Greatness

Your Waterlogic dispenser has 3 core technologies which mean that
what you get out of your machine is much better than what goes in:

1. Filtration: Our filtration technology is really good at taking the bad stuff out and leaving the good stuff in.
This stage removes chlorine and other water-borne tastes and odors*.

2. Firewall™: Next the Firewall UV purification will wipe out impurities, cleansing pathogens from the
water by up to 99.9999%. As an added layer of protection, the UV light keeps the dispensing nozzle from
becoming contaminated.

3. BioCote®: A third layer of defense, BioCote, keeps the dispensing area free of bacteria too.

The Waterlogic Tap 2.0

Comes in Two Options.
Option 1: With an additional under-counter chiller unit for either; Cold
and Ambient, or Cold, Ambient and Sparkling
This choice comes with a Firewall™ tap and full system which fits
neatly into your under sink space. This will filter, chill and sparkle
your water out of sight before you dispense it through the tap on the
work surface. Filters are mounted outside of the system for quick

Option 2: Without a chiller unit for Ambient water only

The ambient only option has a similar work surface tap but with a small
controller box instead which fits neatly under your sink. There is an
option for filtration and this can be sold as a new system or as an
upgrade to an existing filtration system so that customers can reap
the benefits of Firewall™ purification.
*Only when used with the UV sensor.
**Where applicable. Options available without filtration.
Performance Worthy of an Encore
Our Firewall™ technology is unique for 3 reasons:
1. Intense UV purity
The design allows for higher UV exposure which reduces bacteria, viruses
and parasites that may be in the water, purifying up to 99.9999% of any
pathogens 100% of the time.

2. Goodbye bacterial contamination

Point of dispense purification keeps the dispense nozzle free from external
contamination as well as purifying the water as it fills your cup, making the
freshest water possible.

3. Certified, twice
The Firewall™ technology has been tested and certified by the WQA to NSF/
ANSI-55 Class A UV and NSF P231 protocol, which is unique – no one else
has these together. This means that Firewall delivers the cleanest, clearest
water possible.

The Boring Bits

Water Options Technical Features

335mm H x 179mm D x 78mm W at top,

Tap 2.0 dimensions 13.2” H x 7” D x 3.1” W at top
Option 1 (full system):
467mm H x 365mm D x 300mm W
18.4” H x 14.4” D x 11.8” W
Under sink units dimensions Option 2 (control box only):
186mm H x 102mm D x 327mm W
7.3” H x 4” D x 12.9” W
Dispense area height
Option 1: 23-25KG
Option 2 (control box only): 3.5 KG
Standard filtration supplied 1 x Carbon Block (CBC)
Symbols UV sensor
Additional features Leak detection
Ambient water Filter timer

Cold water
Sparkling Tank: 1.6 Liter
Sparkling water Capacity Cold Tank: 2 Liter
The maximum dispense flow rate
is 1.6 liters per minute.

Compressor 230v (50Hz), 120V (60Hz)

Water temperatures Cold: 5°C

Tested and Certified Speak to a Water Expert

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