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MCT/MST Lesson Observation

Feedback to student teacher

Student teacher’s name: Reem Naser Observer’s Name: Dr. Neil Satoquia
Unit/Lesson: Newsflash Grade Level: 2
Date: March 14, 2018 School: Al Mamoura

Competency Area F D C B A
Commitment to the Profession X
Planning for learning X
Managing Learning X
Implementing Learning X
Assessment X
Reflection on Practice X

Strengths of the lesson:

1. The teacher asked the students to read the learning outcome for the day. This is
2. The teacher used the spider diagram to make the students generate their ideas and
eventually sequence them later as they write.
3. It was good that the teacher used a video clip of two kids delivering a newsflash. This
makes the students that they too could do it.
4. The teacher’s voice is well modulated that it can be heard at the back of the
5. The teacher was moving around to monitor students doing the different tasks.
6. The objective of the lesson was achieved just based on the last activity.

Areas for development:

1. The topic on nouns, adverbs, verbs, and advert are not appropriate for the lesson. It
only consumed and wasted time. Instead of these topics, the teacher could have
prepared another video clip of a newsflash. Two video clips of a newsflash could have
been used. In the first, the teacher could just have let the students view it; after which,
she could just have made the students do free talk---anything the students could say
about the video clip. However, the teacher should be able to introduce the word
newsflash and elicit from the class its possible meaning. A second video clip of a
newsflash is needed to focus on its content. In which case, the teacher could ready
possible questions to ask whose answers are drawn from the second clip. This would
call the students’ attention to the possible content of their newsflash to be produced
later on. Then, she the spider diagram could be introduce here to simply model to the
students how the ideas are organized.
Bad English
What else we need?
What we see in the Youtube?
You are going to making a newsflash.
King Loin
Good English
What else do we need?
What do we see on Youtube?
You are going to make a newsflash.
King Lion
3. You should have a way of recording the scores of the students because you will need
them in computing the average score of the whole class. The average score will tell
you the confidence level you need in relation to the students’ mastery learning of your
lesson. The average score or mean percentage speaks about how far you have achieved
your objective--- the main essence of your teaching the lesson.

A = Exceptional, B = Very Good, C = Satisfactory, D = Marginal and F = Unsatisfactory