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April 2018 — Volume 12 , Issue 4
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PROMOTING THE VISION: “By the Year 2020 more visitors will be attracted to The Bahamas by Bahamian Art,
Culture and Heritage than by merely sun, sand and sea.”


The 4th Annual Woodturner‟s
Exhibition opened to an en-
thusiastic crowd on Sunday,
April 15 featuring the works
of four wood artists: Robin
Hardy, Jeremy Delancy, Kim
Deveaux and Quentin Minnis.
The Exhibition‟s theme re-
flects the diversity of wood
artists working in The Bahamas and examines different tech-
niques and material than those used in previous shows. This
year, the group welcomed two new artists into the collective.
Kim Deveaux specializes in exquisitely detailed engraving and
carving, her preferred media being local woods and coconut
shells. Quentin Minnis uses found wood to make frames that
allow his Bahamian themed paintings to expand beyond their
Jeremy Delancy, the group‟s organizer, stated: “Robin Hardy
and myself have presented in all of the exhibitions to date, but
we felt that inviting new artists will open new dimensions in
how our audience sees and ex-
periences wood as an artistic me- IN THIS ISSUE
Group Wood Show Opening 1
The Exhibition will be on display
until May 4.
Doongalik and Creative Nassau News 2 & 3
Who Moved My Corned Beef? Thoughts on the new
National Breadbasket
The only constant thing in life is change, and the time for changes
to our approach for improving our nation‟s nutrition status is now!
Last week, in the good company of numerous community mem-
bers, civil society partners and other public health stake holders, I
attended The Ministry of Health‟s Town Hall Meeting at the Theo-
dore Grant (TG) Glover School. The setting for the meeting ush-
ered in a sense of pride, not only because the evening‟s backdrop
paid homage to a formidable educator, but also because it was
carried out in a space where our most impressionable citizens are
being academically nourished for their roles in the future Baha-
….continues on mian landscape. The Minister of Health, Dr Duane Sands, Health
the Doongalik Research, Policy and Planning representative, Dr Cherita Moxey
porch each Satur- and the country‟s Chief Nutritionist Carmelta Barnes unveiled
plans for changes to The Bahamas‟ National Breadbasket items
day from 9am— for the first time in over 40 years.
1pm—please join
us for healthy food The Minister and his team provided a historical perspective on
price control and the National Breadbasket. Highlighting our
and interesting alarming nutrition and health statistics, they discussed how Bread-
products! basket modifications and a nutrition taskforce could serve to im-
NUTRITION & ALL IN THE FAMILY. prove health statistics. The goal of the 2018 Breadbasket changes
is to provide access to more affordable healthy food choices. The
...and speaking of healthy food….Doongalik and Creative message was clear, the Government of The Bahamas is making
Nassau would like to highly commend the Minister of Health, the nutrition and health of the nation a top priority. With our high
incidences of diabetes, steadily increasing rates of certain can-
Dr Duane Sands and his team, for their new Initiative on Nu-
cers, and other chronic issues like high blood pressure, over-
trition with recommendations to change the country‟s Bread-
weight, obesity and heart conditions, we can no longer underesti-
basket items to more healthy alternatives.—a programme we
mate the role of prevention vs. cure! Nutrition is medicine, and the
are fully supporting, and urge earlier we introduce the benefit of healthy nutrition practices, the
the Bahamian public to do the better. The Breadbasket changes will take a huge amount of nutri-
same - the health of a nation tion education, stakeholder support and nationwide marketing. It
is the wealth of a nation! can be done! Consensus amongst all in attendance was that to
As chance would have it, a re- truly shift the nutrition and health paradigm, we ought to begin with
cent visit by cousins, Hannah our littlest citizens! Yes, our babies and children! There is enough
Adams, who is our youngest research to suggest that what we eat is not only influenced by our
author in the Gallery with her immediate environment, but also by what our mothers ate while
book The Fish Story, stopped we are in the womb!
by as usual when visiting from
New York, along with her mom , As a Bahamian Nutrition and Dietetics practitioner working at Me-
Dominique, who is a practicing morial Sloan Kettering Cancer Centre in New York, I am encour-
Nutritionist there….off we went aged by the Ministry‟s agenda. An even further commitment to
to attend the Ministry‟s Town developing more nutrition education curriculums for lactating
mothers, early childhood, school aged children and our adult and
geriatric communities would be beneficial.
the follow-
ing eve- While the Ministry has outlined plans to solicit further feedback
n i n g from families within the communities of New Providence, they
where she were reminded to be cognizant of the nutrition and health status in
was happy the family islands. Our Family of Islands are faced with similar
to share health issues. Accessibility to nutrition and healthy eating informa-
her ideas tion is needed. Allocating a nutrition task force for the entire Baha-
with the mas is a crucial component to ensure that we avoid nutrition edu-
Minister as seen in this photo, published by kind courtesy of cation disparities while implementing Breadbasket changes.
photographer Derek Smith. Her Letter to the Editor follows: (cont’d on page 3)
In my experience, when motivating people to embrace nutrition and
lifestyle changes, accessibility, affordability and culturally relevant JOIN US NEXT
nutrition options are a must. So, while some core Breadbasket SATURDAY,
items like corned beef, full fat milk and sugar have been modified, I April 28 from
was encouraged that the alternative options included foods that are 2pm—10pm in
already a part of the Bahamian diet. Common healthy fish food
items, fresh fruits, vegetables and whole grains will still secure the
the Marina
benefit of price control. The most current population-based re- Village at
search continues to show that a diet of highly ultra-processed foods Atlantis,
can be a direct risk for certain cancers, obesity and heart disease. Paradise Island
The Ministry of Health ought to be commended for addressing this to experience
issue. The time to prevent and correct nutrition related diseases in
our country is now.
the work of
talented artists,
I encourage every nutrition and health professional to attend the
upcoming Town Halls and offer their expertise. Attendees at TG
artisans, farmers
Glover had many important nutrition questions. Promoting good and musicians!
health and nutrition for our country‟s children and adults certainly
require that we are all at the table. With the support of concerned
parents and care givers, the Ministries of Health, Education, Agri-
culture and Fisheries and our civil society partners, I am up for the
challenge and look forward to contributing with my fellow Dietitian/
Nutritionists on the ground in Nassau and in our family of Islands.


of the Bahamian character,
Percy the Potcake, is moving
from strength to strength! He has
just delivered his latest addition:
the „Percy the Potcake and His
Bahamian Adventures‟ children‟s
display from Mon, May 7—Opening May 11

CN Radio welcomes Bahamian filmmaker TRAVON PATTON to the
airwaves this month to talk about his creative talents and vision

Pam recently shared The Creative Nassau Story with the ladies of the
Interact Club at the Nassau Yacht Club